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Worldly Way: Righteous Thirst: (Unedited): 26 Aug 2015

Worldly Way: (Unedited): 26 Aug 2015:
There will always be those who continually thirst for God within the Holy texts. Even though they daily allow themselves to be consumed by the world way of living. 
A person who hungers for all of the worldly things cannot or will not choose Godly things. Jesus Christ having everything. Gave up everything to be amongst us lowly humans.  No matter how much pride we have for ourselves and how much we think we have accomplished. It is nothing in the grand way of things. For the bottom line is this. We collectively murdered Jesus Christ. We did this. All of us. Just as we all continue to murder him daily by not showing actual compassion, mercy or kindness. The bottom line as to why we do not do as we should. Is because there is an absence of love within most of us. Would you allow your own brother and sister from your very same mother go hungry or homeless? In this day of age. Probably. Would you allow a niece or nephew go into  foster care? That is about 500,000 with the USA alone. The USA does not have a monopoly on child abuse. Child abuse is world wide. I only say this because the whole of the world declares racism is a truthful action from the truth of the races of humanity being separate. This is all a lie and a deception perpetuated amongst all of humanity. We all share more than 99.9% of all of our DNA. That is MORE THAN 99.9%. Can you understand that number and what it means? Or have you already been so consumed by your whiteness, redness, blackness or yellowness to see the truth that your brother is me. So who tortured and murdered Jesus? You did, I did. How? Because we all are the Jewish people and we all are Roman. When you live your life contrary to Love, Peace, Harmony, Law, and Life. You continue to murder Jesus. It matters not how you define Jesus Christ and what he represented. Today, Yesterday and tomorrow. If you act with Hate, Conflict, Chaos, Lawlessness, and Death. You are an anti-christ. You are an anti-prophet of God/Allah. You are anti Buddhism. You are anti anything which is good, just and fair.
This is a repeat to a degree. Recently written in similar form. 
You cannot live by the rules of the world and yet follow God.
You cannot have both. It is one or the other. Your life or your soul.
Righteous Thirst: (Unedited): 26 Aug 2015: 
By having a true righteous Godly thirst. Will force the world to consume you with vile hatred. 
By freely choosing to, and without any fears, threats or intimidation's, to live your life righteously as defined by God. The whole of the world ways shall hate you. because, you shall remind them all of their dirtiness and sinfulness. Just with your righteous presence. The genuine righteous person will not wear expensive or special clothing which is a human costume for appearance sake. Their righteous clothing will be known by all and be given from God.
For those of you who are completely sold on your religion. When you decide or some how just automatically choose to live your life righteously. You will begin to be excluded, limited and held back. Then you will feel like you no longer belong. Through your genuine righteousness as defined and accepted by only God. Will then the gifts of the spirit begin to flow through you. The Holy Spirit is an intelligent being. Which you cannot control, dictate or command. The Holy Spirit by it's own choice does as it wills, how it wills and when it wills. Because, the Holy Spirit may decide to flow into you, and through you. You will be seen as something greater than the leadership of your church, Mosque, Synagogue or temple. Thus you shall even be rejected from those places you most want to be.
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