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Prophecy 2017: (Unedited): 19 Sept 2015:

from the beginning of the Jewish new year 2016 through 2017.

A). Red Horse has already ridden or is riding now. 
B). Personal terrorism and random acts of violence. Shall evolve and become the beginnings of
       racial, religious and cultural wars in the USA, Europe. (I think still just birthing)
C). The evolution of street fighting cruelty. To kill a person is no longer the ultimate form of street
       respect or street credibility. To cause the person life long suffering through permanent disability
       will become the ultimate form of respect through fear. (Don't know how to really prove this one)
D). WW3 has already begun. Tiajin. (49 in jail. Fail)
E). Michigan begins political conversion into an Islamic State.
F). The return of runners for the delivery of non digital communications.
G). Cyber warfare and the covert incorporation of operating systems.
H). A European Refugee Crisis. Not what you think.
I).   Where Ross Perot failed. Donald Trump will succeed in transforming/ending the entire
        Republican party into a new Corporately run Republican party. (Ongoing Hit) How did I do this? Here I say Donald trump wins and on (K). Hillary Clinton wins? Odd.
J).  Christian Genocide and extinction in the Middle-East and into Africa. (Ongoing)
K). Hillary Clinton President (Big Surprise Miss). The Christians showed up and voted in Donald trump to formulate a corporate Oligarchy.
L). The Panama Canal effect. (Ongoing).
M). Racial specific organizations will begin accepting strange monies from those who will expect
       violence from them. They may also provide weapons, bombs and military tactical training.(Don't know how to prove this until it happens). Then it will be to late.
AA). The escalation of military buildups around the world will become astonishing. This is evidence
          that the Red horse has already ridden or continues to ride. No world leader will be able to
          consider peace as an option. The freedom to choose peace is gone from all men. For any man
          who chooses death, hate, chaos, conflict. This freedom to be able to choose peace shall be
          taken from them all and they will know not of it.
BB). Primarily Islamic Black men shall begin these things. Then the black street hoodlums will
         continue these attacks upon the helpless. Fair skinned females and fair skinned elderly shall be
         brutalized by these black men and nothing shall be done. There will be escalation as people will
         be shot for being white or black. Absolute racism will even affect the military, all law
         enforcement, all aspects of corporate America.
         This won't be just Islamic black men it will be all of Islam. Not just in the USA but all of
CC). Respect and credibility on the street means a life with minimal crimes against you. No one can
         go to any law enforcement person any longer for any kind of help. If you do. Then the entire
         community may/will retaliate against you. To the point that your entire family will have no
         peace within the community of the street hood life.
         When street fighting occurs. Death could happen. If it doesn't then the loser will suffer fights
         from many other persons. Because, they are seen as weak. So in order to get their street cred
         and respect back. They must seek ultimate revenge and not get caught by the police and go to
         jail. But, either way it is better for the person to go to jail then it is to live without any respect or
        credibility within the street hood community.
        In this new evolution of street fighting. Once the fight is over and you have won. The other
        person is defenseless. Now is the time to cause permanent brain injury and other permanent
        disability. So as to cause the loser to exist in a nursing facility for the rest of their lives. This
        will tell everyone who is watching that if you mess with me. This is what will happen to you. A
        fate worse than death. A new tattoo will tell everyone what you have done and all without a
        murder charge.
        The numbers of young men (Mostly) and women will populate the nursing facilities will
        continue to rise to more than 250,000+. Each with a life expectancy of more than 50 years.
        The vast majority of them will be long term and permanent Medicaid and Medicare recipients.
        As they will have no financial gain from civil lawsuits. States and the Federal Government will
        pass new laws in regards to causing permanent injuries. This will only limit the personal
        videoing and uploading to video sites like YouTube. This will also become a new business
        opportunity in healthcare in which shall be be deemed absolutely stable. Assuming the
        government doesn't begin euthanizing as a patients free choice/right. This will also evolve.
        Once this form of fighting becomes common place. The numbers of beds and rooms required to
        care for these young new patients will grow daily(literally).
        Look to street rap music to promote and popularize this new activity. The joy and happiness of
        beating helpless and unassuming people  just for fun will evolve into causing permanent injury
        and ruining another persons life. This kind of evil bolsters selfish pride, arrogance and more
        thirst for more power of any persons life. Fear of street hood retaliation will prevent any
        witnesses from ever coming forward to report any crime. Thus, causing the law enforcement
        personnel to become ineffective and nearly useless. Entire communities shall become absolutely
        lawless. Police will be regularly shot at for just entering certain street hood communities.
        Financial institutions shall receive zero monies for the homes which are occupied.
DD). WW3 is a slow burn fuse. To absolute extinction. Russia, China and Europe all preparing for
          war. President Putin is warning of Nuclear war and no one is listening to him. I believe him.
          Russia and China should be ready for war by around 2025ish. The next crucial event for the
          world will be in 2022. This will most likely be the harsh transition from a world economy
         based on the USA to a world economy based in China. That in itself can start wars.
EE).  "2019"??? Well, Now I don't remember why I wrote 2019???.
FF).  Minor problems and conflicts should always remain within your home. The word use of "home"
         represents your section, area, department or college within a college. The digital footprint can
         be seen by anyone in authority or even by those who are not in authority. There are no secrets in
         the digital universe. Which means
         uncomfortable situations can arise when difficulties between two adversary's long forgotten are
         brought to light in a future time. Even after everything has been resolved and the two are now
         brothers. Hand written notes placed in old time physical mail boxes. Shall be renewed. New
         corporate and governmental rules for generalized non digital communications. Shall be
GG). A windows, Unix, Apple operating systems, may include military pass through. For instant on
          of modems and computers. Research Zombie computers. In cyber warfare. The total number of
          computers used against your enemies is crucial. So how many residential, corporate,
          governmental and educational computers are in the USA? In which if they were all tasked to
          attack, gain access to and to override foreign computer networks. Their systems would be
          overwhelmed by the sheer volume. The only way to stop this kind of new generation form of
          attack. Is to physically cut the underwater Communications and network cables. Remember the
          Russian underwater news of 2015? The next level is to embed secret hardware inside of CPU's,
            GPU's and APU's. As well on the Mother board's them self.
HH).  A European Refugee crisis. This is not the Islamic refugees war fighters who have come to
           invade. The new refugees are the European civilians who shall flee to Russia. While those
           with wealth will flee to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. It is to awful to
           describe. Hopefully President Putin will have heart. When the Europeans begin to flee.
            President Putin should prepare for this eventuality.
II).      The Republican Party will end as it has been known. The ending of the Christian Conservative
            Republican Party ended some time before the Republican National Convention in Tampa
            Florida. The new Republican Party will have no connections to any Christian, any
            conservative or any individual civilian. The New Republican Party will solely have support
            for only corporate entities. Donald Trump will succeed where Ross Perot failed. Just as the
             Democratic Party is now only for special interest groups and certain morally offensive
             groups. Now the two leading political parties in the USA will no longer offer any support
            function to individual civilians. Depending on which new Political party wins the house,
            senate or the White House. All laws passed will be reflective upon which Political party wins.
             The Typical American citizens has lost their Country and no longer has any real support with
             anyone who holds any office at any level. The only way an individual American citizen to
             gain the ear and compassion of the Government is to have a corporation or special interest
             group who is in favor of the Government to support their individual needs or concerns.
             Especially, if they are cute.
JJ).        Christians will disappear from the entire Middle-East region and from most of the continent
              of Africa. Genocide and the extinction of Christianity will also go through Indonesia. South
             America and Europe. The big event will be when Italy is absolutely lost to Islam. The Pope
              shall even be executed or sacrificed upon his own alter. I do admit. This may be a few years
              in the making. The godless politicians who only want for their own selfishness and nothing
              more. Will drink and celebrate at the murders of Christians. While going on the news media
              and proclaiming what a shame it is. Then they will continue to do nothing. Allowing the
              murders to continue. Until the bold attacks upon Israel. Which will be after the loss of the
              USA. Without the USA, Israel will be vulnerable to attack and will have zero support from
              any other entity from the world. The blood of the Jews and of the Christians must all flow
              like fine wine onto the thirsty tongues of Islam.
KK).      Hillary Clinton President. This is so very murky. Either way the Common American will
              suffer and suffer badly. The Clinton family will become the worlds first trillionaires. Each
              with their own trillion dollars. Thanks to the American tax payer who will have to pay off
               all of that lost money with interest. All of this is from the learned lessons of Chavez.
               The democrats may win everything or gain control over both the house and the senate.
               All of this will happen if President Obama is as evil as many say he is. If he is a national
                emergency will occur. In which hundreds of thousands die all over the USA. Then by
                instituting national martial law. President Obama will remain in office and thus become the
               last president. He will become an American hero when he imprisons the Clinton family
               and everyone else who is a threat to him. This is why it is murky and I have not even begun
               with Donald Trump yet. Donald Trumps god is Apollo. Period. This is not also saying that
               Clinton and Obama god is satan. The only way president Obama will win if he is willing to
               kill and kill often. If he is willing to imprison those who are a threat to him. No matter how
               this election cycle works out. the American people will lose. Those who have the means to
               become ex-patriots with all of their family and wealth. Will need to do so asap.
               Additional Clinton Note. Prices for everything will rise and will be related to the pay to play
               schemes. Some will call it the Clinton Tax. Maybe 100% to 400%. It will be over time.
                Anything the private citizen does will be forced at gun point. Especially private and home
                farms. Will be criminalized. Guns will have to be outlawed first.
LL).        The Panama Canal Will be fully operational. The logistical wealth that is in California will
                begin to evaporate and materialize along the Gulf of Mexico and the entire Atlantic
                seaboard. This loss of wealth may just be enough to tip California's entire budget into
                default or bankruptcy. The loss of tax revenue will be hard. Logistics mean all aspects of it.
                From Marine port jobs, Warehousing jobs, Transportation jobs. That is only the beginning.
                Commercial and residential real estate defaults. Businesses leaving. All aspects of
                California tax base will go down. If you are in any aspect of logistics in California. Your
                time to seek a corporate transfer is now and leave the state. Because, eventually the
               corporation you work for will be forced to lay off workers.
MM).      The racial violence card is out of the bag. The Dallas police shooting is the starting point.
                But, something else happened and I think it is tied to whatever evil deal Bill and Hillary
                 Clinton made with the Attorney General, FBI and President Obama. I have much respect
                 for President Obama. I just cannot see how the President could or would support this train
                 wreck that is Hillary Clinton. If she becomes president and she turns out to be the Christian
                 Prophesied harlot of Babylon. Well, any one whom she has a dislike for will die and
                 disappear. This will include former Presidents. Countries who are enemies or even
                 friend/enemies do support those organizations which disrupt any aspect of civil and
                 peaceful processes. Even starting civil or any other kind of wars within that targeted
                 country. The USA will suffer in that regard. Other countries and other religions will
                 finance and conduct activities in order to provoke violent responses. When everyone
                 begins seeking their own defined revenge. Especially when justice is dead or just plain
                 unfair. Everyone stops looking for peace.  The laws of the animal kingdom shall dominate
                 the consciousness of humanity as they all begin to De-evolve down to that basic
                 animalistic behaviors.

Added on 08 July 2016: Prophecy has become a source of entertainment or is a source of pride for those who want to cheer they were right first. It just doesn't seem that any of humanity is listening and making those needed changes in their lives to avert all of the coming bad and sad. Read the purple words below. I just do not see the sense in this anymore. The political leaders of the world are robing their own people and building their war machines. It seems all of the political leaders have learned from Chavez and are doing the robing their own ways. 

All of the prophecies of the bad and sad can be averted/prevented if all of humanity looks to one another as brother and sister.  
Obey the Laws of God.
Loves one another. 
Exist in harmony. 
Lives in peace. 
Revere/Respect life. 
Updated on 22 March 2017: All red words.
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