Friday, September 18, 2015

Soulful Enemy: (Unedited): 18 Sept 2015:

Insightful revelation is internally gleaned by the ones who are to become your deep soulful enemy.
The man or men who knows more truthful information about your history than you do. Knows how the decisions of your leadership was made and from all of those decisions of your past. Can it be extrapolated into what typical decision may be made in your future.
The most beloved country and people in the world. Is Israel and the Jewish people. This is taught by God and most likely had a deeper meaning than any human has ever tried to conceptualize. Instead of looking for the deeper loving truth. Humanity has thirsted for the destruction of the Jew and Israel. Humanity has chosen death instead of life. The refusal to see the truth. We are all Jewish and are all Israel. What is even more is that we are all one race of human beings. We are all from one family.
And yet we take our own jealousy and rage against some other who only appears differently than us. Without ever realizing that more than 99.9% of all of our DNA is identical. Which means we are all Jewish. It also means we are all African, Asian, European, Middle Eastern, Tribal, Hispanic and whom ever else I've forgotten.
The Holy Bible is supposed to be how to live your life. How we all can become a righteous and holy people as defined and recognized by only God. But, on the flip side. The Holy Bible is filled with stories on how not to screw up. The Jewish people are and were very good at screwing up. The Jewish people are the example of how when you allow or introduce sin within your people. You are destroyed and blown into the winds.
I've been researching Mr. Vladimir Putin,  It is amazing how much he knows about the USA. It is amazing how much truth he knows about the American history. I am of the conclusion. That peace is no longer possible with Russia. Which means that peace is no longer possible with China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and many other nation states. Peace has been taken from these world leaders. Peace has also been taken from the rest of the world leaders who are also actively modernizing their weapons of warfare.
Am I implying that Mr. Vladimir Putin is the bad guy? Of course i am. Does he want to me? In the beginning I do not think so. But early on he had a defined enemy. But, today, Mr. Putin must defend himself and his allies against the world bully that the USA has become. I am also, implying that the American leadership are also the bad guys. Just as the leaderships of all of the other nations are also bad guys. When the fires of World War 3 erupt into radioactive ash and heated winds with no heat. Waters that burn without boiling. All is lost for humanity. It doesn't matter how deep your hole is or how much you can filter the air or clean the water. To remain deep underground even for a few generations. May mean that your offspring may never be able to live or survive above ground.
Generally, people do not want war. But, they are taught to be war like from an early ages. People are taught that they are no options other than to fight and to go to war. Look at the games we all play. Look at the most popular games of the year.
Added on 24 Sept 2015:
Propaganda Trump card of truth:
 Who has this trump card? Russia, India and China. What is this trump card? The truth revealed of the continuing lies of NASA and of the USA. This revelation of on going lies and continuing deceptions will have a profound impact upon the whole of the world. To such a degree. That the USA will be forced out of any leadership role in the world. The truth of space and what is in, what was in it, it is that big. Since Great Britain and Canada are very close allies to the USA. They will be questioned on what they knew and when. They each will assign blame to the Bully Americans. Who only wanted everything for themselves.
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