Friday, October 23, 2015

Spiritually Real: (Unedited): 1? Oct 2015:

Many can be confused between what is real and what is imagined. Those who do make and maintain a spiritual connection with God shall never be confused.
The spiritual world is like that of the zero state of all things. They are both neither real in our physical dimension and are real.  They are neither positive nor are they negative. Yet they are still as they are.
Falsehoods shall not deceive you when they disobey the Laws of God. Which do include the obvious 10 Commandments as well as the purple words below.  If anything is presented before you and it disagrees. Then it is wrong. No matter how eloquent the speech or how convincing the argument. The fact that a person needs to argue or debate is evidence of some kind of deceit or an attempt to convince you to be less holy and righteous. This is of course if you are already living your mental, spiritual and physical life as how God has intended.
By keeping your focus on what is true and truth. You shall not be overcome spiritually or mentally. I know that is easier typed than lived. But through the struggle is where the reward is. What is the reward? Victory in itself. Any test of your righteousness and holiness in which you have become more resolved into being unchanged and UN-moving. Is a victory. Just keep your connection with God. Even though the world and religions around you have already become drunk with sin.
To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish life. To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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