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Russian Defense: (Unedited): 22 Oct 2015:

By 2025:
Russia will need 12-18 active overlay-ed large arrayed Radar systems similar to the ones in which they had during the cold war years. But, modernized.
Russia will need independent power plants for each facility. The sustained power output shall be far greater than the radar requirement. There will be a future defensive/offensive attachment.
These new radar stations will also need to evolve in directed energy weapons platforms in the Megawatt ranges. If and when these Megawatt directed energy weapons become reliable and coupled with the new ballistic missile radar systems. The Russian Ballistic missile shield will be effective.
First radar systems shall be seen as defensive. In which they are. Radar systems do not attack. They are just the eyes. I saw three Lasers in a triangle. Miles/KM's apart.
Second is power generation. Which must exceed needed requirements. The math just won't add up. Military requirements, commercial requirements and civilian requirements.
Third is the Megawatt LASER's installations.
Forth. To be followed up with typical military re-enforcement's. Hardened. 
Russia will need to master on demand satellite movements. By creating satellites with the ability to see and range with other satellites. Then to be able to park right next to them or on them and just launch darts into them or to grapple or to just suicide. For future collisions.
Russia will need to continue to up-range and increase the speed of their long distance cruise missiles. By placing several hundred at their new military facilities in the Arctic Islands and on the Siberian side of Alaskan coast. Beware, Russia wants Alaska back and will get it back. I see a flat building with a thousand skylights. They are not skylights.
Russia will need a reliable 5th generation fighter plane. That completes the thought of old school fighter airplanes. Speed, maneuverability, range and payloads. Yet, can still be easily serviceable by typical knuckle dragger military personnel (Meant with respect). It looks like Russia is getting very close and is most likely vastly/infinitely superior to the F35 and moderately superior to the F22.
The F35 news may be all negative propaganda for the benefit of the Americans. SunTzu comes to mind. When your numbers are low build more fires. When your numbers are high build fewer fires. (Paraphrase). Maybe, the F35 is a genuine superior awesome machine. But, then again. I think the bad news in regards to the F35 is all very accurate including the trillion dollar price tag. 
Russia will need a new armor platform. The T14 Armata tank platform. Looks superior to any other tank on Earth. Except one broke down while in a parade. A reminder of old soviet reliability issues.
I guess the big question. Is there a cause and an effect? Is the actions of the USA since the Iraqi invasion 25 years ago and the USA is still at war in the middle east. Why? Once you think about 25 years. Why? ISIS today is portrayed as the new enemy and the American government is financially supporting them? Is this true? the common American civilian may never know as the entire American news media seems to be controlled by corporations and the government. Yet, in response to Russian actions in Syria. The USA drops weapons, ammunition and grenades to Syrian rebels who are ISIS, ISIL or IS. Is the USA starting a war with Russia and China?
In the world today the USA is the biggest player or bully of them all. In prophecy the USA is not clearly identified. Which May or (most likely) mean(s) the USA is no longer in existence or is no longer an important player in the world. Either way the American civilian population seems to be the ones who shall soon suffer greatly. Just as the wealthy and politically powerful will live comfortably in their COG Doomsday shelters. Just as they are proclaiming all of those doomsday preppers as crazed lunatics and outlawing their essential human rights of survival. Even to gather rain water.
Anytime you cause unto others disability, death, destruction and disease. That is what you will always get in return. What you sow is what you shall also reap. A man who plants tomato seeds. Will not expect cattle to grow out of the ground in its due time.
Added on 30 Oct 2015: Russia and President Putin. 
You need to study strategy and tactics in regards to the letter "C".
Once you know them all. You will see just how "Confused" the media are in relation to the news reporting of "Cables".
Do Not Underestimate or question the resolve of President Putin. While the Bully American politicians want to play ignorant political games with Putin. He will knock the whole of America out. You need to understand "MAD" The whole of the USA is absolutely helpless. No one is investing in anything defensive for any civilian or even for any military base/post.
Oooops. Back to the Letter "C". Command, Control, Communications, Coordination, Civilians. (There are more I just forgot them.)
In warfare of any you must control/limit or destroy all of the enemies "C's" while at the same time magnifying your "C's". In doing so you will "Conquer" your enemy.
So lets look at the underwater cable paranoia propaganda that Russia is conducting against the USA. It is all about Communications. So President Putin's actions is all about a strategy of preparation for actual warfare. Russia is actively preparing for war with the USA as is China. But, this is about Russia. Not China.
Remember those die hard movies. It's always about the Cash or the Control of energy and the conversion/denial of US Currency in energy transactions.
So Russia will plant themselves into Syria as they have done in Crimea. The target will be the new energy resources of Israel. They may be able to limit or completely stop. But, Israel will have that new resource. Which at this time is still unknown, not found and most likely not Conceptualized. The target is Israel. By Creating energy uncertainty. Russia makes more money in energy. Thus, completing the building and modernizing of their entire military and space military programs.
Added on 09 Nov 2015: 
Russian military Coalitions are coming together. Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Turkey?, India?, Syria, Cuba and certain South American Countries.
It seems Americans think That India is our friend. When you look at the military contracts with Russia. This is direct evidence of A very tight relationship.
India is also buying military equipment from the USA.
I think the US military is run by insane persons. Meaning why would you launch a Trident Missile at night close to your own shore and not warn your local lawmen and the civilian airspace controllers?  Isn't that unnecessarily risking civilian lives? Which means they will push your buttons to cause you to launch your nukes. OR? is the American government so irresponsible and apathetic towards the civilian population? That it would Nuke it's own city like new York City and blame who? Russia You probably should count your nukes. That the Clinton's helped you build.
Added on 12 Nov 2015: Russian news.
Well Russian Military personnel accidentally and briefly released classified information on a nuclear torpedo on National Media.  Yea Right!!!. This is part of the game which is being played. The USA launches 2 Trident missiles in full view of millions of Americans and called it classified. The USA flies 2 B52 bombers near newly created Chinese islands. Expect a likewise response from China soon. Back to the nuclear torpedo. I think the idea has been around since the 1950's. Tactically could be used to eliminate Aircraft carrier battle groups. Underwater speed is said to be anywhere from 60mph to 200mph and run at a depth of several hundred feet. For tidal effects. Another use is in the attacks on naval bases as well as ports for civilian industry.  So could this be a possible future tidal wave event for New York city region? As discovered by Jonathan Kleck of the new US currency? Can the use of this giant nuclear super captivating torpedo be used against every civilian and military naval port in the USA @ once? Does Russia have that many and are they reliable?
Added on 22 Nov 2015: Jonathan Kleck tidal wave on the money? Maybe? Source?
Russian drone submarine. 10 MT nuclear warhead.
Think about this. The problem is fallout after any nuclear exchange or just a single sided delivery. Which poses the question. How would you occupy the country you have destroyed when radiation will kill your own troops and civilians? The answer could be. Allow the ocean to absorb the majority of the radioactivity while creating a tidal wave which may leave infrastructure behind. When the waters recede. So what would be the Russian targets against USA? All of the military and civilian ports. All of the military bases and posts which are in close proximity to the ocean. For instance. The complete destruction of New York city and Long Island. May require up to or more than 10 of these UUV drone submarines. Staggered x-miles/KM's  apart and maybe aligned in some way along the shallow deep water ridge.
Once detonated. The second incoming wave may be more destructive than the first.
Florida alone would require 20+ of these UUV submarine drones.
Maybe, one strategy is for the Russian military to focus nuclear strikes on fault zones and volcanoes.
Added on 12 July 2016: What you the reader may not know. Is that there are usually precursors or signs before any war goes hot.  1). Reject all lines of formal and informal communications. 2) Military movements. 3) kick out diplomats. 4) Modernize and modify all equipment for warfare right now. 5) Launch numerous satellites which are not scheduled. 6) Quickly plan war games with friends.
7) Last will need to be all submarines launch.
Here is a 2 year old story from list verse.
Here is another nearly two year old story.

I have been thinking about this today. The USA is not the same country or people they were in the 1940's. Since the 1950's the people and country has fallen away from their God and from their own families. The American person is now more self isolated than they ever have been. The American person no longer cares (apathy). Sure they may argue the point because they know the right answer to speak. But, in action the American person no longer cares. The American person no longer cares about righteous wisdom or the right way of thinking. Which translates into the right way to live your life.
So President Putin, is in trouble. How do you communicate with someone who doesn't care and the end result may very well be extinction?
To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish life. To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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