Sunday, October 25, 2015

Extinction Begins: (Edited): 25 Oct 2015:

The extinction of humanity begins with you. 
What you do. 
What you have done.
What you haven't done.
What you will do.
But the continued existence of humanity also begins with you. It is our free choice. It is how we choose to live.
The religions and churches have fallen and are falling. The devoutness of the genuine are becoming a mere remnant of the whole. Isn't this prophetic? And yet those who have fallen seem to have become unable to change their ways. This is the passing of judgment, when sin is celebrated within the holy places.
If your church and religion teach one truth but expect you to follow another, you are facilitating the coming extinction. It shall be all your fault and not the fault of God.
Whose fault is it when you choose to hate others? It is your fault.
Whose fault is it when you choose to fight, go to war, promote and engage in conflict? It is your fault.
Whose fault is it when you act chaotically? Are entertained by others' chaos? It is your fault.
Whose fault is it when the laws of God are no longer of importance? When you no longer obey the Laws of God?  It is your fault.
Whose fault is it when you no longer consider becoming righteous or holy as something to actively aspire to? It is your fault.
Whose fault is it when the life of a human being no longer matters? When you actively agree with the right and freedom of abortion? It is your fault.
Don't blame God 
for the state of the world you live in. It is all your fault and the fault of your elders.
It is you who has lied, cheated and stole in your life in which you are solely responsible for.
It is you who has abused and tortured your own children and pets.
It is you who has done all of those sins in private and when you were caught, you decided to continue to sin at the total expense of your family and friends.
It is you who has murdered your namesake and genetic continuation of your blood line with your gay (LGBT) rights and legal freedoms. You have decided that.
It doesn't matter any more for all of you shall curse God and blame God for all that shall befall humanity. This is prophecy and was foretold. You have already been judged in this life. This is why apathy is spreading all across the world. Those who do not care have already been judged, even your children.
Think about this. Those who already have been judged have already celebrated sin within the holy places. Those who continue to remain in any church or religion which has accepted sin into their holy places are equally guilty of the desolation prophecy. They all will continue to sing, celebrate and be entertained even into their own destruction. They will know not why or even understand why God has done this to them. Maybe it was the god they choose to follow. The god of sin and of falling away. The god of this world system.
For those who have not been judged yet, the purple words are for you. There is a big difference between being merely religious and being righteous. Those who are religious pretend very hard to follow the purple words, while the righteous live the purple words, all without any threats, fears or intimidation.  If these words have shaken you into action of change, then do not follow me. I'm just a finger-pointer. Follow the Bible. Pray and meditate always. Clean up your life and walk away from all sin, even if that means walking away from your religion, church, family, friends, careers and the country you love. The word "remnant" does not mean many. You may find yourself alone with God.
(edited by RL)
To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish life. 
To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
Added on 26 Oct 2015: This work has been republished on #Prophecy Everyday.
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