Wednesday, December 9, 2015

US Bases/Posts Prophecies: (Unedited): 09 Dec 2015:

It is my intention to reveal in order to prevent. This is the way all bad and sad prophecies are supposed to work. While all good and hopeful mentoring prophecies should be worked on continuously until they manifest into the persons, groups, nations or worlds. 
I do not want war, fighting, conflict of any kind. I am not suggesting for anyone to become violent in any way. I am also not so naive to think that this planet is at peace. This is a world war and it has already begun.
This is what I saw. It was very confusing because I was watching many things all at once and in many different places at once.
I saw in silence many teams of Islamic men. Getting access to many kinds of tanks. They were successful.
I saw in silence many teams of Islamic men. Getting access to hand weapons, ammunition of all kinds from many different places. They were successful.
I saw in silence many teams of Islamic men. Attacking military police units. They were successful.
I saw in silence many teams of Islamic men. Gaining access to fighter planes, Helicopters, missiles, fuel and ammunition. They were successful.
I saw in silence many teams of Islamic men. Hunt down sleeping soldiers and airmen who had no means of any self defense. Get gunned down. It was a panic and slaughter.
I saw many teams of Islamic men go into the officer residences and NCO residences and kill everyone. The entire family. I saw explosions.
I saw something involving surface ships. But, that was murky.
I saw the theft and use of nuclear ordinance. This one ended at the dropping of.
I saw all of the Islamic men and equipment they have taken put into motion. END.
It is my hope that this revelation changes everything and save lives.
Then this understanding hit me.
The political Excuse:
Because of the perceived failures in training of an Islamic fighting force for an independent Iraq. All to be blamed on the former administrations. The new plan will be put into place. To bring into the USA all perspective Islamic fighters into the USA for American military training. Safe and isolated from those who mean to do this Islamic fighters for Syria and Iraq. It seemed there was a lot of babble intertwined.
So from the White House. The decision is made to allow Islamic fighters onto every American base and post. To receive training on all of the equipment and weapons systems on those bases and posts. Once the Islamic fighters have sufficient numbers on each base and post. Once their Americanized training has been sufficiently completed. Then they all will attack in one night as a singular fighting unit. This may also correspond with the prophesied American Tet Offensive. In which Islamic civilians will go forth and conduct 100,000+/-  attacks in one night against the American civilian population.
Added on 24 Dec 2015:
Added on 13 Jan 2016: Islamic men on Us Bases within the USA and Canada??? There is not very many major News media source.
Added on 17 Jan 2016: Interesting. Revelation.
 To avert all bad and sad prophecies ever written or spoken, these purple words need to be those necessary outward and internalized expressions in everyone's life they live today.

To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish/respect life. 

To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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