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Mark of the Beast: Enslaved Freedom: (Edited): 09 Jan 2016:

Get your Bible and verses together. Get all of your reference materials together. Be sure you pray, meditate and contemplate on this subject matter before you even go any further. There are no answers here. This is for those who are more knowledgeable than I.
This writing is ongoing. Dates from 07 Jan -15 Jan 2016. 
Those leaders and teachers who are from the world will speak in regards of the world to those souls who are already trapped in the world. They are all anti-Christs.
The anti-Christs who have already been present, who are here now and who shall also follow, who have and are already leading and teaching the multitudes of souls the benefits of remaining within the world system of things, all pretend to be Christ-like and want you to logically assume that they all speak for the Christ which has come and who will come again. In the time of the Christ's second coming, all of humanity will come against him because they all have chosen or were forced to take on the mark of the beast.
Satan, his devils and demons are all lead by the supreme fallen one who held the position of Lucifer. Hundreds of millions of these angelic beings shall come again, all pretending to be followers of Christ the Messiah, the prophets of God. It shall be enough to completely deceive the whole of the world.

Before the Mark of the Beast is to be instituted, those reverent souls who are righteous in the eyes of  the true and most real and only God, who have actively live their lives always and continually expressing love for one another, who live in peace, who exist in harmony and who respect life shall be tortured, beheaded and lose their lives in a variety of ways. For they will be resurrected and it is they who will have life. This will happen, it is happening right now and has happened in the past during the Roman reigns. All of true, devout righteousness shall be purged from the Earth.
As the mark of the beast is instituted, it shall have its own wonderful name with amazing never-before-seen benefits. The words "mark" and "Beast" shall be omitted, as well as any connection to Holy Bible Prophecy or any other unaccepted prophecies. We all know what the mark of the beast will do physically for all of humanity, as well as the permissions it gives to all who have this unknown mark.

The big question is what is the mark of the beast. Is it really the Catholic conversion from worshiping from the seventh day to the first day of the week, thus breaking the ten commandments? Is the beast the evil catholic church? Is the beast the 666 names of all of the human created gods of this earth? Is the beast the Verichip or RFID technology? Or is it some other unknown thing which has of yet to even come into the minds of any human being great or small of mind?
So what is the mark of the beast? I do not know what it is. But, what do we know of what the mark of the beast does?
1). Those who choose to take the mark and those who are forced to take the mark shall experience eternal death.
2).  Wrath of Judgement while still physically living.

What do we know? Satan believes he has suffered greatly because of us, the human man-apes, who God has created to be over all of the Angels. Thus the angelic rebellion begins. The fallen angels lose and lose badly. Anyone who loses suffers from that loss. Just as the evil criminal who never repents of their crimes while in prison, it is he who seeks retribution once he is freed. So too is satan and all of his fallen angels. So it is not enough for satan to merely behead or to imprison the devout believers of the true God. Once his presence as god incarnate is known to all of the world, no one will be able to stand against him or to even war against him. It is about this time when the mark of the beast shall be established. Everyone will be made or forced to take the mark. The conclusion of this action by choice or by force is the consequences by the one true God of all as has been revealed in the Holy Bible.

1). Humanity is made in the image of the one true God. So the mark in the hand (DNA) may be represented as an alteration to the human genome sequence to become in the likeness of satan.  Can the alteration of the human genome permanently bind the human spirit to the physical body? That is way above my pay grade. I doubt there is anyone on this planet has that kind of technical know-how. 
2). The mind of man can become likened to the mind of the one true God or not and this is by one's own free choice. So, marking the mind of man will mentally separate the mind from the one true God. The marking in the mind of man may also imprison the mind under the absolute control of the anti-Christ who embodies satan. Taking away a human being's free ability to choose freely is absolute mind control.
3).  This is something no one seems to want to discus. Without all of those fears of getting new agey, the human body is a receptacle for the human spirit. So, maybe the alterations and control of the human genome and the human mind is enough to corrupt and contaminate the human spirit, to cause the human spirit to lose its divine connection to God, to force God to refuse that human spirit in heaven. After all, the body only lives for a hundred years, while the spirit is eternal. This would also prevent any use of the spiritual gifts.
So what is the mark of the beast? It's a weapon. A Trojan horse.
I suspect this thing or substance or mark will affect every person's spirit, mind and body all at once. Satan and all of his fallen angels want nothing more than for all of humanity to become extinct. This is the ultimate goal. So of course in the beginning of taking the mark of the beast, everything will be wonderful and everyone will be happy and content and at peace. Celebrations everywhere. Then the genetic timer goes off and begins unraveling the human genome until human extinction occurs and all that is left is raw genetic material. Read the wrath of God poured out.

1). The word use of "evil" is meant not to be serious. It is a reference to those sources which I have read in which refers to the catholic church as evil. I do not know if the catholic church is evil. I do know that many of their historical deeds were evil. I do know that hiding away child molesters is evil.
2). The term one true God is the God of Abraham, Jehovah, Yahweh.
3). This is for those who know way more than me. You have to separate what is ideal for everyone and what is gonna happen to everyone. I have seen in places where the mark of the beast is a free choice. The Bible is clear. It is not a free choice. It may be preferred to be a free choice. It isn't. Better hope and pray the rapture is not a false interpretation because there is that "endure unto the end" thing. Or is that two options?
4). Jonestown comes to mind. But why? What is the connection? How is it connected? Red-herring?
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Added on 13 Jan 2016: The defined word for "sea". This is a stretch, but in ancient history does humanity have a word for space travel as we do now? More stretching coming. In space there is no up or down. From the perspective of space in comparison with scuba diving, from under the water you come up out of the water. In the depths of space do you gaze upon a planet? I just do not know but I write this any way. From the perspective of living on a planet, we look up because we have gravity and we all know that up is, well, up. So something which comes out of the heavens comes down upon us all.
Is this prophetic?
Added on 15 Jan 2016:
"Gems are Great Gifts"
Genetic Editing and Modification Systems.
Genetic Re-compiling Editing Automated Technology.
Genetic Information Financial Technology Systems.
*Note* I do not think I have ever written acronyms before. I wonder if this is important in relationship. Or is the point that there will be a medically assigned acronym to the coming devices? Because simple revelation changes everything or just some things, even the small things, especially if you alter the acronym to be remarkably cool in order to enhance marketability worldwide.
Can these be possible acronyms for future medical and informational products? A medical device which can be implanted into the hand and/or forehead of everyone could be a possibility.

The most powerful group in this world is not governments, religions, corporations, special interests  or political groups. It is the common people. It is these common people who have been divided and subdivided by the groups listed above to a degree that the common people are no longer a common decisive group worthy of anything.
So when the beast walks upon this Earth and is in control of everything, the Holy Bible says everyone will love him. From that love, will all of the people by their own free choice take on the mark of the beast? What will this mark of the beast be that people are freely choosing to take? Will it be like the lines for a new game machine or game or the opening of a new movie like Star Wars or Marvel?
Can the mark of the beast be actually 2 different items, one in the hand and one in the forehead? Could the poor have the one in the hand and the elites will have the one in the forehead? Can you have two, one in the hand and one in the forehead? Will that become the new cool?
What about those who refuse? Will they be regarded like those crazy people who wear aluminum foil hats or those homeless who hide in the trees?
............ How important is this gonna be?
............. Why is this a Gift or Gem or Great for every individual person?
I can remember in the Bible where a king looked up at all that he had created for himself. Then he grew feathers and ate like an animal. After a time he looked up and was made whole again. Go and find this story and read it for yourself.
So if a man can become a strange animal and then human again, couldn't that be evidence of editing or re-compiling a person's genetic identity? This is way above my pay grade.
All lies and deceptions:
1). Once integrated into the human body, a long-duration, genetic unraveling countdown begins when the chemical DNA timer reaches zero. This may be a slow genetic unraveling of the entire DNA strand to cause the most suffering.
2). Once integrated into the human body it cannot be removed. If damaged or removed, then a quickened genetic unraveling begins to occur, with a quick death.
3). Once integrated into the human body, the spirit becomes imprisoned/trapped and then corrupted by the Great Gems Gift device "forever".
 Humanity has a history of revolt, revolution, religious, political, ethnic and civil wars. If the common people were to be in agreement, then no political or religious power can stop them. So, if all of the common people on Earth were to revolt against something being forced upon them all by a single person, then there just aren't enough guns or bullets to stop all of the common people. It is my opinion that in the beginning of the Mark of the Beast program, it won't be called mark of the Beast. It will be very nice and cool. Everyone will want one, just like when the new I-Phones, Xbox, Sony PlayStation or game comes out. All of the people will just want one.
Why would people want to receive this technology upon their hands and/or foreheads? Could it be a new generation of medical devices which alters your DNA for optimum health? One may even alter or enhance your DNA to make you younger, taller, thinner, stronger or smarter if you pay just a little more for the extras.
The Bible says your financial history or legal ability to buy and sell goods is attached to the new device. Which one can assume your identity as well? Can we include your history, all of it? What about your current social status?
People will want this ultra wonderful thing.
You do realize that humanity has already sequenced and mapped the entire human genome. The next step is indexing, then editing and then writing your own genetic codes as you deem of importance.
Human Branding: Can the mark of the beast be an ultra modern device not even conceived of today? Either way. Just as you brand cattle or mark your own human slaves a long time ago. So to will all of humanity be marked in the future. Maybe? Yes? No?
Warning graphic information of children of the night.
Added on 20 Jan 2016:
Enslaved Freedom: (Unedited): 20 Jan 2016: 
The world is becoming absolutely enslaved with the pursuit of absolute freedom.  
When the entire population of the world is absolutely enslaved. The mark of the beast shall be wonderfully introduced to the welcoming masses of slaves who have become so diluted to believe they are free. 
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Added on 28 Jan 2016: The word "Mark" Defined.
Mark 1, 2b.
There are others which seem they could relate. i will leave them for you to discover on your own. If you think this of value.
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