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Pope Sacrificed Prophecy: (Edited): 31 Dec 2015:

This is Prophecy. It is my intention to save lives.
The blood sacrifice of a living Pope upon his own altar. Rome will be sacked, destroyed and burned. All inhabitants will be murdered.  All historical archaeology will be destroyed, unless it is a precious metal or precious stone that will be reformed and reused.
There will be a convergence in Italy of those invading forces, while Islamic leaders call their own people who are not within the confines of the Middle-East as their invading forces. The other countries around the world call them accepted citizens, working migrants, hopeful immigrants, helpless refugees or illegal aliens.
When the word of their decided day is given, a select percentage will begin to travel to Rome in secret. Along their journey they each will stop to pickup their cache of weapons. With their hidden cache of weapons they will cleanse and pray. Many will eat their last meals and obtain/partake of their awake drug cocktail. Then they will silently journey. They will focus all of their energies of hate, anger and rage of the infidel, their strength and longevity amplified by the drugs. Their blood lust will propel them through confused insanity and into a highly focused murderous being with only one intent in which nothing will stop them except with many bullets.
All of Europe erupts in violence. My focus is upon Europe only. (Deleted info).
The police forces and military forces are already engaged, leaving Rome relatively defenseless. Everyone dies. There just isn't enough trained men, guns and ammunition at the Vatican. The Vatican is the primary target. The Pope is the primary target.
Bad and sad prophecies of any kind can be prevented, altered and/or mitigated. Their time stamp upon humanity can be hastened or even pushed back. I refer to the story of Joseph and The Pharaoh. The story of Jonah and Nineveh. What still happens to Nineveh? There were a couple of others but I forgot them at the time of this writing.
It is my intention to save lives and to prevent through revelation, in the hope that those who are in authority will do those necessary things to prevent the event.
Once the blood letting begins, the purple words below will not prevent the rest of it. The purple words below will make you a willing martyr, for even the Holy Bible says there will be martyrs. Revelation 20, Mathew 24, John 16.
There is a much deeper message here that I'm only vaguely aware of. It is for that someone who knows way more than me and who is devout, righteous and holy in the eyes of GOD. Though close to the Vatican, this person may not wear a recognized Holy Cloth of any color. You already know who it is. Do not allow your pride to blind you unless your heart is so black that no amount of good light can be reflected.
There is also a social religious pretender whom everyone likes.
Added on 11 Jan 2016: 
Revelation can change everything and alter any unfortunate event. The first apostles had to flee many times. Their lives were continuously at risk and they lost their lives. So to go from losing your life to becoming at risk from threat is a change.
This is what I have seen since writing this.
Military forces numbering in the thousands with supplies and ammunition are dropped onto the Vatican. Outward Circles of strategies, with the Vatican as the central point, with each their own dedicated communications lines established.
Air assets firing upon angry men whom I assume are Islamic. Rockets fired at helicopters. Helicopters firing onto and into buildings.
Military men taking over every roof top, especially those with uninterrupted line of site to the Vatican. Military men firing down upon angry men.
Investigate those homes and apartments which are occupied by Islamic families and which have rooftop access and line of site to the Vatican. One or more may lead you to the weapons caches when they are dropped from the waters onto shore (in their time). If the timing is off just a little bit, then nothing or great violence. If they suspect any form of surveillance, then nothing and everything changes and not for the better.
Even right now I feel changes happening as I write this. Outlying and easy access into the Vatican apartments and homes of Islamic persons.
Victory is uncertain for either group in regards to the Vatican.
Added on 15 Jan 2016: A video making comparisons of a 100 year old book and the news of the day.
Added on 21 April 2016: Arms Cache found: The arms cache found. Looks like it is for a 2-3 person squad. Arms caches of this size can easily be moved from one place to another. By many different people. I suspect this is just one in thousands of arms caches all over Europe or is to be planned for Europe. The greatest of all deceptions is the total chaos of distraction. The great magician distracts those while he still does his trick even after he has already told you. The Vatican is the European Crown Jewel amongst many other jewels to be bagged. Search YouTube for yourself. Use search term " Islam threatens Europe"  -----------------
This was published before I wrote this. Also of note. This Prophecy is very old. From Islam and from other sources. I'm not the original source.
I found it interesting that the Islamic videos which profess that all of Islam is going to destroy all Christians and Jews. No matter where they are. That even the Islamic timeline is 2025 and that time line may even be pushed back. What is also interesting about the year 2025 is that Russia and China should complete their military modernization programs. Although, I've found news sources where Russia may push back their weapons modernization because of low oil prices. The next shemitah of 2022 may be very powerful. Although the news and political sources are now aware that the common peoples are aware of this shemitah thing. I've only myself have become aware that prophecies follow the Jewish Calendar and not any other. Maybe, even all prophecies no matter the religion or culture. Hence, to avert a financial panic. Keep it as much as a secret as possible. Which is what has occurred in 2015 financial downfall. In order to prevent a worse 2008 and 2001. Go and research the financial losses for 2015. Research Jonathan Cahn and his writings.
Added on 18 Jan 2016: This work has been republished on
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To avert all bad and sad prophecies ever written or spoken, even the ones in any holy document, these purple words below need to be those necessary outward and internalized expressions in everyone's life lived today.

To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish/respect life. 

To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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