Thursday, December 31, 2015

TSHTF: (Unedited): ?? Dec 2015:

This is Prophecy.
Through all of the celebrations, parades' games and parties. Sudden destruction comes to the land of the free. When TSHTF. This will be the the saddest in which all suffering shall begin and prolonged until absolute anarchy is established.
There is no spiritual or wise quote here. Only emotion. 
07 Jan 2016: Added on.
Just have been thinking about this. When have I left a writing so incomplete as this one? What comes for the land of the free? 
What comes of all of this anxiety I've been feeling for the last couple of months. Shall it begin with the Super Bowl or will the time wait for the enemies holiday?
Nobody sees this coming. Worse than Pearl Harbor or 091101. Where all of the powers of the world will come forth with violence, chaos, death and destruction.
So much confusion and mistrust that no one will know who or what to trust.
(To get %$#@!@)
The evil of the world uses everything at their disposal even songs. In a multitude of ways. The lies and deceptions to get a woman into a mans house. For some alone time and all for his pleasure. Is the same thing in all of the world to lie and deceive to twist and turn the truth. The whole of the world is run by satan and all the way down through his chosen human chain of command. A point comes when the power base of satan is so complete that. That no one can stand before him or even to make war with him. That all of the military forces of the world will come together as one cohesive unit against all that exists. Before that can happen. There must be a beginning and many will be Paul who become Saul. While only a few will be Saul who become paul. (Lower case intended).
The rise of the righteous lone wolves. Who wonder about the outer perimeter protecting the innocent ones within. Even they will die alone. For of the sword will rest upon a sword.
Yet I still know this. Everyone can still avert the coming disaster which begin the final extinction process of humanity. All you have to do is - love one another - live in peace - Exist in harmony - respect all life - obey the laws of God. This is all of humanity. Not just this group or that group. Even the Lord Jesus did not even call upon the angelic kingdom to save him from the cross and the torture which preceded.
 No matter what. Even if you become one of the martyrs at the Lords feet.
Just as the enemy has simply walked through your gate-less gates and wall-less walls of freedom. All the while pretending to be helpless and innocent. Their intent will become perfectly clear. To such a degree where government agencies and military forces will war from within. All with their own internal bloodshed. The good within will lose and be defeated. This is as prophesied.
Even local law enforcement agencies will suffer greatly when even they will know not who to trust and then want to desperately to trust those alphabet types.
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