Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tigers, Bears and Black Cheetahs run together: (Unedited): 29 Dec 2015:

The tigers and bears run with one another with honor and respect. The black Cheetah will also run with the bears and tigers. But, only for a time. The Black cheetahs will always look down upon the Bear and tiger. The Black Cheetah knows enough to sit and learn. Until the time comes when the black cheetah will pounce upon them both. Thus, destroying them both. At a time when they both know that there is nothing to fear from the cheetah. For the coat of the Cheetah may be white and pure. But, in it's heart is black hate and black death. The coat of purity and righteousness can easily be thrown off.
Patience for the black cheetah is a crucial skill. For if one or even just a few more black cheetahs attack a bear or a tiger. Then they all will know what is to come for them both. After all, The great Eagle has lost it's honorable compass of direction and lost it's winds of righteousness. It is only now that the hungry and thirsty enemies of the now falling eagle lie in wait. When the eagle is finally in reach before it can even touch or crash onto the land. They all will pounce as one.
Even in the land of the bull. They have allowed 45+ million enemy combatants who have come to them and welcomed by them with feigned weakness. The 45 million will kill, destroy and eliminate from history all aspects of the bull. They will celebrate the capture and the blood sacrifice of all of the lambs dressed in whites, reds, greens and purples. All of the fish and sheep will also be sacrificed upon the alter of the one Lamb. Then this 45 million will look East and kill the bears. Once the bears are dead. They will look down and see those left who are truly less than they. The tigers are all but gone. That which remains are the flightless paper dragons of myth. They will be burned and erased.

The Bear and the Tiger will know what exactly is within their own fortresses. When the eagle, bull, beaver and horse are consumed.  More than 17 million enemy combatants for one. More than 20 million enemy combatants in the other. The Bear and the Tiger will finally know that they will have to kill everyone.
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