Monday, December 28, 2015

Obsolete Wealth: (Unedited): 28 Dec 2015:

The current idea of physical wealth will become completely obsolete when humanities technological and scientific advancements gets to the point where molecular arrangement and subatomic/atomic programming/re-programming becomes a very real current reality. 
How will humanity respond when every job which is related to the creation of anything becomes NO MORE? How will humanity respond when every aspect of wealth becomes NO MORE? 
When a simple machine can recombine molecules into anything the human mind wants to re-create.
The idea of gold, Platinum, silver and copper which holds value of wealth becomes as common as sands on any beach.
The idea of precious stones like diamonds, rubies and emeralds which holds value of wealth becomes as common as glass where in any home.
What will become of any economy when there is no real exchange of anything and no possibility for the growth of wealth?
Does this sound like StarTrek. From your simple voice command you can get Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.
Into a predetermined cup size. I guess that would sound like consumerism.
Someone would have to buy the machine and at what cost. Then take it home and line your walls and rooms with gold bars. Create baseball sized diamonds more perfect then what could be naturally created.
All is not lost and once this capability becomes common for any and every person. Those things which were once important becomes re-discovered and learned. Like wisdom, spirituality and evolutionary goals.
Maybe humanity will begin to relearn that life is important and that the how to maintain life is more than just the correct amount of sun, water, earth, procreation and food varieties. That living is more than just the physical and that having a life with purpose and meaning is and can be for all living things when they reach that level of awareness. Where that maybe some life form somewhere will be able to see how the logical formula for life really is about the variables and how they could be arranged in a reasonable fashion. There are more variables which I believe is more positive words which support these primary words. This is the best I can do and maybe it is for someone else to further this concept.
Life = Love + Peace + Harmony + Law
and that the pursuit of anything which is contrary to these purple words in my incomplete and poorly arranged logical formula can lead you to contamination and corruption of the pure logical formula for life. Which then becomes translated into the logical formula for death. Just like the purple words above. There are more negative supporting words associated with these primary red words.
Death = Hate + War + Chaos + Lawlessness
I guess the big question is. Where and how do we evolve from here? Will we be able to evolve out of the selfish need for political and religious hatreds and the selfish thirsts for ever more power and wealth? Can humanity begin to love one another as Jesus taught? Can humanity live in peace as Mohamed taught? Can humanity learn to obey the laws as the Jews taught? Can humanity learn to live harmoniously as is taught by the Eastern religions? Who taught humanity the importance of life? Is it the Native or Tribal peoples of the world? Do they still have this wisdom which seems to be lost and forgotten in this modern day of humanity? 
A lot of questions. Which needs to be answered by the whole of humanity before we choose to extinct ourselves and all life on this planet.
The choices are really simple. Even though everyone thinks they are not. If you do anything in the red. Your wrong. You need to correct yourself. If you do everything in the purple. Well, You will most likely be killed by someone who lives by the red words. You Know Jesus, Gandhi, MalcomX, Dr. Martin Luther King and many many more. Throughout human history.
There is still hope for all of humanity and in you. That is until the final extinction events begin and in our current state of global activities. Humanity will cause their own extinction. There may even be some help from outside sources. When it is concluded that humanity is hopeless. Either way. It is not their  fault. All of the blames rests upon every single human being.
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