Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fearful Faith: Genetic Corruption: (Unedited): 10 May 2016:

Faith which begins in fear only lasts until something more fearful is encountered. 
New people who come into the faith should never be taught hell fire and damnation. They not even be taught prophecy to any degree. That is until they have what is needed which births the faith within them. From that foundation can they then grow into mature people who continually walk in righteousness and holiness as only seen by God. 
Sure those are good tools to grow the congregation of any church and then lead into the tithes which will financially grow the church. But, how can you go from those teachings and into a loving God? When the new convert only became a convert based in fear of self. Doesn't the Bible teach us to be selfless?
Fear is a very good motivator. It can cause a person to choose to obey a command. That command will be obeyed until the person or person giving the commands disappear in some way or something more fearful assumes control. Either way the negative emotion of fear is maintained. That is until that which is more fearful is benevolent. What does the Bible say about living in fear. So what can you conclude about fear teachings?
Jesus Christ came and expressed love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness. Jesus came to show that we should serve one another in Love. Jesus was the example. He was also the completion to the covenant from God. Which gives those who freely choose to believe and follow Jesus on the path to righteousness. Why do you think Jesus often said to those he healed to go and sin no more?
In prophecy. There comes a falling away first. How can this be? If people who are genuine mature Christians and who are walking the same righteous path as Jesus. How can they just fall away from the faith? It has to be one of several reasons. 1) They are not truly Christian as accepted by God only. 2) Their faith originated in fear and remained in fear. Until something which seems more fearful presented itself. 3) They are not walking the righteous path in love.
Think about this. Sunday used to be owned by the Christian church. To such a degree. That businesses were closed on Sunday til about noon. You could not buy alcohol until noon  or a little after as well. There were even many counties which did not allow alcohol consumption at all. These were known as dry counties. 3 or 4 channels on the television. Which meant more family time and more time for prayer, contemplation on the bible. Sunday is now owned by sports of every kind. There is so much entertainment that no one has time to dwell into their own mind let alone within the spirit. Alcohol can be gotten anywhere and almost at any time. Drugs can be purchased nearly at any street corner in spite of how illegal it is. So is the proof of the fallen away.
Those that do fall away shall be prevented their possible return through a great delusion. From this great delusion. The people who had the free choice to know the truth shall not. Even if that which is truthful and factual is presented before them. They may even agree with the facts. But believe they won't. For they are already judged. Just as it was in the time of Noah. Where the people saw a man build a 500+ foot long wooden ship and did not believe until the waters came down. But, they only believed it was raining and wanted to save themselves. Their was no intention in them to change the way they were living their lives. For they all were corrupted and contaminated. Even their own perceived innocent children. For no child was saved in that day. For even the children were corrupted at birth through their corrupted parentage.
Genetic Corruption: (Unedited): 10 May 2016:
Willful sin corrupts your own genetic code and that corruption or genetic defect is passed along to your own children. This is why no children survived along with Noah and so to may it be the same in the coming fires of purification.
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