Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sins Monster: Sin Thief: (Unedited): 23-24 May 2016:

In adversity, persecution and in slavery. Unity can be found.
While the progressive nature of sin grows disunity 
into an out of control apathetic monster.
Just like everything we know of about life. There are living babies, then toddlers, kidlings, Pre-teens, teenagers, Young adults, adults, parents and then old people. These are the stages of life and then you die. Sin sort of works the same way. Sin always begins small and easily controllable and manageable. Then they grow into those things which must be kept secret at all costs.
As sin grows and grows. Sin becomes more important than your own flesh and blood family. Sin becomes more important than friends or career. Until, a point is reached where the sin over takes the mind of that person becomes fully in control of life itself. of course no one tells you any of this when you first begin to sin. It's like your first adult or alcoholic drink. But, your funner and cooler to be around. Unless your an anger management drunk. That usually comes later. Once your out of control and the demons begin to influence you or just take you over. Why do you think they call alcohol spirits? Really... No one say your gonna become an alcoholic. You just do. You just learn how to manage your alcoholism. Until you lose your job, your family and the good friends you once had. Now all you have is your bar friends. Who are not really your friends or are only your friends when drinking is involved. The rest of your time is working and being alone until it is time to go to the bar.
Very similar to smoking cigarettes. No one says these will become more important than the health of your children. It just does. Smoking makes you more calm and more at peace. Yes, it does. But it is in the how smoking does that. Smoking tobacco makes you care less. Smoking causes your brain to become apathetic to everything around you. To a degree and that degree of apathy grows with the duration of decades of smoking. Even when a needed thing is needed for the family and yet you buy a pack of cigarettes. Nothing is more important than you cigarettes. That is what they become. Even when your lungs are full of cancer. You still smoke. Until you die. The love from your own family cannot persuade you from smoking. So you die with a cigarette in hand.
Yes, drinking and smoking is a sin against your own physical body and mind.
There are also all kinds of sins and once a person has one sin. Other sins will be desired and developed. A multitude of sins will further push you away from the good people and good things in life. The true meaning of life will become absent from your mind. The true purpose of life will become that undesired side road not taken. You life becomes like a NASCAR track. Left turn, left turn, go fast, cheer, left turn, left turn, go fast, cheer. There is no purpose or meaning to a NASCAR life other than to go faster and faster.
But, what about the adversity, persecution and slavery. Like minded people will find their unity. Until sin is introduced and divisions are made. Such as people who have experienced the same persecution can find common understandings. These things will grow until a sin is discovered in which one or the other cannot accept. Then disunity gains a foot hold and the two who shared similar horrific experiences become divided because of sin. While the two who share the similar persecutions and the same sins. Will go off and become fast friends. Not because of the shared experiences but because of the same sin. It is always about the sin and the sin becomes the cornerstone.
While those without the sin and who focus on their shared and similar persecution. They find meaning. They find understanding. They gain wisdom. They move forward. There is comfort in wisdom and understanding that any bad and sad during a childhood. Was not ever about the child. It would not have mattered if the child was someone else. The abuses and tortures still would have happened to that other one.
This is vastly different than those who embrace sin. The sin becomes the corrupted blood which covers their growing  negativity. This corrupted blood must be poured into and onto the body daily. In order to try and forget or to make it all go away from their mind.

 A man and a woman will marry and find their unity in their children. Those new legalized relationships made from sin cannot ever find true natural unity. As their rewards are purely selfish and cannot be perpetuated naturally.
Sin Thief: (Unedited): 24 May 2016:
Sin is the thief which steals righteousness, wisdom and understanding from you.
It is not my intention to Insult NASCAR or NASCAR fans. Even though I did. I know you NASCAR types are very serious about your racing. Just painting the picture here. Especially, you fans who think that one driver is hotter than your spouse and you would have an intimate relation with them if it were presented to you. Lust is a sin and you don't even have to touch. Or that you hate that one driver for being better than your favorite driver. Hate is a sin and is as is murder. This also includes other wrongful emotions and thinking. Maybe, that e-vile driver will crash in which we will become excited over every crash. How many back in the day cheered Jr.'s crash head on into a wall and then he died. You see now you former Jr. haters keep it secret.
How much beer do you drink while watching NASCAR? Enough to cause you to walk funny or to slur your own speech? Are your children watching you and learning how to become alcoholics by your own example? But, this isn't just about NASCAR. Football, baseball or any other sporting event.
I remember my adoptive mother walking out onto the playing field of my little league baseball game and then passing out on the field. Yea, that was before I went back into Foster care for the second time of my life.
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