Friday, May 27, 2016

Devoured Ecstasy: (Unedited): 23-27 May 2016:

Ecstasy overtakes the demonic predator who is about to devour innocent souls.
 The demons, the spirits, the ghosts, those evil entities without physical form, The fallen angels. They all know and have kept it hidden or secret from simple human beings. They having already been judged cannot reasonably change from bad to good. They do not have the freedom to do so and are not aware of this. All they know is they have already been judged and that their time of torment and torture will have a beginning date and time. No where and anywhere in their individual thinking processes is the single thoughts of wrong doing, of guilt, of remorse, of repentance with any intention of not doing wrong ever again.
This is also how you know when a human being has already been judged by God. Because, all they know is the evil they do, the harm, the suffering they have caused and their only thinking processes is how not to get caught again.
For they are all of "The Unforgiven". This is not the case in every situation, every human being or for any one else. For God alone will do as He may and for whatever reason He may without any of my own faulty human understanding.
This is for you ghost hunters, psychics, mediums and others who dabble with the communication of those demons, ghosts, spirits and those evil entities without physical form. As they become closer to their own end of time. They will want their last party, their last time to inflict upon humanity the last  great sorrow. For they wrongly believe that all of humanity is the source for all of their woes. They do not see their final judgement as their fault. For they accuse humanity always.
They will seek their own last social justice against all of humanity.
They will as one knowing their time is very very short. They will become as excited as the young newly married couple who did everything right in the eyes of God. On their day (Subjective), their party will begin and leading up to their last party they will all become happy like in anticipation of what it is they are all about to do. This happy like attitude will be expressed in ways in which only a very sensitive person, a psychic, a ghost hunter or a medium will know and experience.
The sensitive people may even feel or think they know that all is very good in the spirit realms. The sensitive people may not even be aware that all of those who are in the spirit realms do know things in which human beings are not permitted to know.  This is on top of those secrets they have which enable them to continue on in their warfare against humanity. You should really study warfare and all of it's aspects, strategies and tactics. Especially subversion. Shooting guns or firing missiles isn't all there is in warfare. Then when you realize that humanity was shown small fragments of warfare by those fallen entities. Even those human beings who have spent their whole lives studying warfare do not know even 1% that the fallen angels know or even their capabilities. But, the fallen angels knows humanity intimately. Even how humanity thinks within the confines of their own minds or so we all think our thinking is within the confines of our own minds.
Update: Beware and be aware of those spiritual entities which do not want to leave and will want to exert more control over you. Be aware of your own self and of those things you would not do even how you would not think. By their character, by their feeling and not by their name you shall become aware of them who repeat themselves. They will not want to leave or even leave those whom work with you. Especially, if they are not true believers and are only present for the entertainment value you bring.
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