Friday, May 27, 2016

Blind Armata Vision: 27 May 2016:

The American, Canadian and European have made their places up on high. Unseen they are, to the Russian invaders which are full of pride in their technological advancement in Armour. Their prized and very amazing T-14  Armata is advancing with all available speed. Russian aircraft and Russian helicopters own the skies. They are making their way towards those unknown mountains to me.
They wait for their orders. Hidden and secluded under much debris. I can see everyone and there are to many to count. Rockets erupt from everywhere on the mountain side. Then flashes of lights from many points all over the mountain. The targets of the high powered Armour piercing sniper rounds were the sensor boxes on the great Russian tanks. All at once. The tanks are blinded and it was the American, Canadian and European sniper teams which stopped the advance. Hundreds of men stop the might of Russian air-forces, Armour units. The Russian infantry units take a holding position. The allies have a chance to fortify and begin an offensive before Russian Armour can attain eyesight.
President Putin's great Russian takeover comes to a halt.
As with any vision or dream which could be prophetic in nature. Once the revelation is made all aspects of it can change. Because, those who desire a desirable event to happen. Will want to make it so. Those who do not want an undesirable event not to happen will want to prevent it.
Will it be President Putin who still will rule over Russia in 2024 or longer. Mr. Putin will be in his 70's. Or will there be another who will suddenly have a military which has never been more powerful than it shall be after 2024. Will the possible new president of Russia. Stretch forth his hand and declare that they will retake all of their old lands and then extract a bloody revenge on those in the west?
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