Saturday, June 4, 2016

Disabled Inspiration: (Unedited): 04 June 2016:

The permanently disabled person/warrior automatically becomes the forever source of perpetual inspiration for the entire world with no voluntary off switch.
Need to rework:
Think about this. A disabled person who is out in the public everyday is most likely proving that they are more courageous than you normal people. Everyday, the disabled person goes out into the world. They are the instant source of attention by everyone. Even those who have the bad day and look upon them and they rudely think to themselves. I'm glad I 'm not you. Some people are even so callous as to actually say it out loud. The truth of the matter is that the disabled person is always fighting with their own bodies every single day and night. With no days off, no vacations. The disabled person is by far the bravest people on this planet.
I know a young lady full of love and always wants hugs. She has to use a squeaky roller cage like think in order to stay upright while walking. Everyone in the school can hear her coming and going. And yes, the squeaking is necessary for her medical device. Can you imagine everyone knowing and everyone looking at you always. To have a trashed body and yet have a wonderful mind and an amazing heart full of love. She always smiles. Could you do that? or would you just hide yourself in some nursing home. This young lady is a genuine warrior spirit. But, so to everyone else who is capable to go out into the public.
I know of an older woman who is confined to a motorized chair. Her physical problems were extensive. With a bag clearly visible to everyone she zipped by.  She just loved being outside. Her chair is worn out and the government agency who is to care for her. Declined a new battery as well as any other repairs needed for her chair. She will now most likely remain bed ridden or confined to her care center. The last time I saw her. I had to push her chair out of the parking lot under the hot Florida sun. They had to come and get her. That was most likely the end of that. Can you even imagine being imprisoned within your own body with a good brain and then lose your freedom because the government cannot afford to by you a battery or make repairs. What was her crime and does she now feel like she is being punished in some way? Where is the fairness in her life? Social Justice shall forget all about the disabled.
I do know she isn't the only one. A disabled woman some time ago. Got caught in her dead motorized chair in an intersection. I heard her experience wasn't very pleasant as cars just whizzed by her. She experienced the lack of compassion on that day on hwy 54, here in New Port Richey, Pasco County Florida.

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