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American Main Battle Tank: (Unedited): 04 June 2016:

Well, me brain is fried. But, I am now thoroughly convinced of one thing. The next generation of Main Battle Tanks(MBT) will be in excess of 100+ Tons. The commonly known shape of the MBT will be very typical but incorporate more angular designs. Except for being much larger. All of the technology humanity has today. You just cannot fit all of it inside of today's typical MBT body. Nor can you make enough electrical power for new systems which has yet to be created or proven reliable. That is really two things space and power generation. So I figure the engineering process may be similar to the A-10 Thunderbolt2. Here is a gun and build a plane around it. Here is all of the toys I want, Now build be a tank body to put it all in and 0 to 60+ MPH would be a yes. A tracked vehicle in excess of 100 Tons capable of 60 MPH. Mobility and range needs to be effectively increased.
New Defensive and Offensive capabilities is also something that everyone is putting into place within their own very antiquated MBT's such as the T-72 and M60 Patton.

The thinking of multi-dimensional war space. (My term, I think). Shall become an everyday thinking process. The next generation of MBT will have to be effective at combating enemy armor, Helicopters, air craft, shoulder fired missiles as well as artillery support.

The big gun will have to get larger to the tune of around 155mm. The ammunition options will have to evolve to have a much greater kinetic impact characteristics. Also ammunition integration possibilities as well as fully automated selection and loading. Think about this. Once a round is fired in artillery mode support. The rocket propelled artillery round up-links to command and control in order to be re-directed or path fine tuned if needed. Because, Enemy units will shoot and scoot. These units if they can be tracked and maintain target acquisition. The incoming artillery round can alter course to where their target has moved to. I think Raytheon might be looking into that and trying to figure out how to overcome the huge G forces.

You gotta keep your humans noggins inside. So the additional stuff on top of the MBT turret should be wired and wireless controlled from inside the crew stations. The reactive armor placed on the outside of the MBT is just to dangerous for anyone to be in close proximity.  By adding the now commonly seen extra guns and other devices to the turret. Such as automated grenade launchers, 50 cal. and 7.62 cal. You do not really need a human noggin above any hatch anymore. And any open hatch can introduce NBC. So the internal compartment must be comfortable and clean. Well clean-ish.
Also any introduction of phased array RADAR systems onto the MBT for air defensive measures will also give the human noggin a very fried brain from spurious radiation. Ooops classified deleted.
The communications gear and electronic components will make a lot of noise and heat from within the MBT. So noise and heat management will be necessary.

The new generation of MBT will be able to communicate directly with anyone within the network. I can already imagine the tankers emails to one another and to mom after proper screening and management of data. I will bet some tanker crew member will place a selfie stick on the leading edge of their tank.
The tanker crew will be able to access real time tactical information from other tanks, satellites, and a variety of surveillance aircraft. The Tank crew will be able to immediately see exactly what their chain of command is telling them to kill. Even if their enemy is about to move or is moving. The absolute necessity in situational awareness in the next generation of tank warfare. They can on their own plan and attack. This is essential for maintaining the "C's" in warfare. Clear concise communications from and to the chain of command. 

The tank treads are already not wide enough for today's modern tank. This will have to be corrected from the engineering process.
Possible ignorant thoughts here. You know I'm a janitor? right...
I was just thinking of a diesel to electric type of set up. Like in trains. Instead of having a single engine make mechanical motive force and then secondary electrical power. The secondary aspect of electrical power creation will steal horsepower and torque from the engine. Why not just design the engine to only make electrical power. Utilize modern high speed rail technology and incorporate it into a new generation of MBT. Use 4 primary electrical motors for the gear portions of the track system. Use four for big power and two for speed.
By studying the upgrades going on right now on every tank owned by every country today. (Read the Janes links). You can see what is going on in development. The new technologies and the problems of adding new to old. Which is space, power and weight. There is also the high tech internal comms in which most new cheerful things don't play nice with the old grumpy things.
Crew safety needs to be considered especially when adding and mixing those high freq things with those lower freq things. Spurious power of deadly danger can develop over time. This is about human noggins and other human tissue. Such as leaving a door open or positioning a chair a certain way can cause a signal reflection into the human body. Just saying. Yea, just stick your head out of the hatch and hold onto an antenna when the tank boss is keying the mic.
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