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Prelude to War as not typically known: (Unedited): 28 July 2016:

You may not be aware.
Though the signs will be there but the digital imaginations will only ensnare.
The media has become a state controlled thing in which you can only mindlessly stare.
The truth is hidden from you in which there is no care.
When the angry Lion comes all will only know despair.
Those who have embraced chaos, hate, warfare, lawlessness and death shall exhale their last vile swears.
While the selected righteous remnant who know prayer shall breathe in a new free air.
This has no title: Weird, I do not write like this.
12-13 Feb 2017: Just read this again. I just don't typically write like this. May be more or less important than I am thinking. That which is red was added.
In my mind WW3 has already happened. The entire planet already has been purified by fire. The stench of what has become of humanity has been cleansed. To a degree that the entire has been renewed. This is what those whom have come before and who have been here desperately want. The complete extinction of humanity is not enough. The entire memory of what humanity was, is and what they/us should have become. Shall be as we/humans never were.
The moon is gone. Mars becomes not as it was or as it is now. All of those gods or fallen angels who freely roamed shall be retained in one of two hell's. The God of all and with His angels all are angry. For this is how they have arrived. To discipline their chosen children and to imprison their fallen brethren. Even the selected remnant Shall be dealt with in a more adult fashion. Such as was done with Lots wife.
 The prelude to war as humanity has known. The evil force is at the gates and we all must martial our forces to repel the evil barbarian hordes. For they are inhuman or even subhuman and they are not like us. They have done awful and terrible things to innocent people and nations. And off to war the good guys we go with honor and victory to come.

Not so anymore. In this age where all media is controlled by the political and corporate elites. For they all point to those far away people and declare them all as the enemy of us good people. Those evil doers over there are the ones who bring us suffering and death. For it is they who has taken away from all of us. The finger is pointed to those evil them and they.
Now every nation and every people who is capable is preparing for war. They all are. Their war machines are being modernized, created and tested. Strategies and tactics also tested. This last and final war shall be against all of humanity. A humanity which has been lied to and deceived for thousands of years. In this final world conflict. No one who is in the political, religious and social elites shall fear for their own safety and security. Even their own selected family and friends shall be safe. They shall not be in any kind of risk. While the entire general population of humanity will become sickly, suffer, starve and die. But, fear not if your one of the general population of the Earth. For even the political, religious and social elites. Will all perish along with everyone else. Their pride, ego, supremacy and arrogance is what built their own government created doomsday bunkers, (COG) Continuation Of Government and in them they will all die. All off of the backs of those common people whom they already decided will die in any disaster of their own creation.
 In those last moments they will all discover that their gods/fallen angels or other worldly beings has led all of them to their dying place as well as the rest of humanity. Even then they all who have secreted themselves in those places of safety and security. They won't think of anyone else but their own physical demise. Then follows judgement.
Before it all begins. You will be distracted by civil disobedience all over the world. As what you see now is only the beginning. You will not see the maneuvering of the military's and wonder how they got that or get there. Then it shall begin and you won't even know of it.
All of the distractions of the worldly systems shall blind and deafen you to the truth of what is real and true. No matter how much education and natural intelligence you have. The more immersed you become in your digital games, in your sports in what ever dominates your life. You will not see the what and how of your destruction. Let alone the why. For all of those distractions have become your idols and gods. Think about that when you reside in your man-cave, game room, poker room, theater room or in your own liquor bar. Because, just like the very week Russia threatened war with the USA everyone decided to play the new App called Pokemon Go. The actual day of your destruction may be like that day.  
Not in any specific order.
1) You will see much more secret satellite launches. Assuming they are reported by your local media. National Media will not report anything like that.
The so called (ROG) Rod's of God or Kinetic energy weapons. Any Nation must have hundreds or thousands of these in orbit. The higher the orbit the safer the weapons platform. There is as of this writing. No publicly made military asset in which to defend against these types of Kinetic energy weapons. Which means every naval asset is an easy target, every military base, every city, every fault line and (DUB, DUCC) Deep Underground Bunker is at risk. Assuming those are real and if they are would be very classified.
2) You would begin to see orbital assets fall from the sky day or night. You may even see high altitude high energy flashes in which you may disregard. Satellite communications and Satellite televisions will begin to fail. The mess that is created will cause much more damage to every other non targeted satellites and space stations. The debris field's expands from impacts and explosions will cause more and more. It will expand and all will eventually fall back to earth. This is what it will look like.
3) Power outages and (EMP) Electromagnetic Pulses will/should prelude any other form of military attack.
 Military installations depend on commercial power. Yes, many do have power backups. But, these problems are only for attrition and to diminish capacities and capabilities. Any EMP attack near any nuclear power station. Will cause uncontrolled meltdowns and explosions. How many nuclear power plants are in your country? This does not have to happen because of a launched rocket from North Korea. In which all North Korea has to do is achieve a easterly (LEO) low earth orbit and then send a command or pre-programmed to detonate over anywhere Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa or Missouri. Once that classified altitude is achieved. Any EMP attack in the USA will affect Russia and China and North Korea eventually. Any EMP attack on Europe, Russia and China will have an effect on the USA and South America eventually.
Once power is knocked out and all technology eliminated. This begins the other forms of attacks. Especially on the eyes and ears of the targeted enemy nation. This is where drone threats become a possible severe nuisance. Opening a window for blindside attacks. This is assuming the From possible locations near any Ballistic Missile installation comes the drones. Their only purpose is to cause damage of the actual RADAR itself.
4) What will the people know? Not very much. All power will be out. All news and information stops. All technology will be unusable. No water, no food, no tools and no skills to survive as humans once did in the 1700's. 100+ million American deaths.
5) Many enemies will rise up and march forth. The war of wars begins. When all become enemy to each other. The last ditch military action is when the nuclear war heads fly and detonate. The extinction process has begun. It may take a hundred years or less. It is really that bad. I believe it is now to late. The purple words below is our only collective hope.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad. We each must decide to do the following everyday.
To Love one another.
To live in peace with everyone.
To exist in harmony with all.
To Cherish all life.
To be obedient to the Laws of God.
To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
 To want to obey those purple words because it is the right thing to do and not because you have to because of any threats, fears and intimidation's. Yet, That is all I have provided in this particular writing is threats and fears. This is the purple word grocery list.
What do you want to hear? That you can do whatever you want? harm whoever you want? destroy whatever desire for fun and comfort? There is a cost in all things. The deaths and destruction's in your own heart are played out in the digital games you play. There is no difference in the digital deaths you cause as there is hatred in your own heart and murder in your own mind. For it is all sin against God Jehovah.
When the stench of humanities evil deeds becomes to much for God and to thrilling for satan. There will be judgement and discipline. It will be right, true and just. Even if your (I'm) on the receiving end of it all. This includes me as well. Because, I do want a rapture to happen before all of this. I think the rapture is a lie in order to maximize the sufferings and deaths of Christians. If there is a rapture. You will not be the one who decides if you go or not. God will either judge you/me worthy or not worthy before the rapture if it occurs and his judgement will be absolutely right, true and just. This goes for even the selected holy remnant. If you are selected or not. That decision only belongs to God. The judgement of God will absolutely be right and true and just. Even if you and me both are left behind. If we are left behind. The only one to blame is you for you and me for me. Both yours and my sins, faults and failures were just to much for God. That is my cold hard dime of truth.
So how much have you prayed and fasted? Which sins have you accepted into your life and which ones have you rejected? How much time have you spent reading the Holy Bible? Why do you think it is called the Holy Bible? Will you hold onto your secret sins that you naively believe are secret or will you flee from them and make them known to all. After all that is the path to maintaining righteousness as only accepted by God.
If you do not know that Jesus fella. Go find him. He is in any and every page of the Holy Bible. It is my personal opinion. The best Holy Bibles are those which have been discarded and even marked as such. For Jesus received marks all over his body as the Jewish people rejected him. All for you and me. Start in the New Testament.
Additional note:
For even the remnant shall be continually tested even after being selected. There will be no negotiations. If you choose to even deviate in thought or in heart. You shall be released from the angelic protection. There will be no recourse, no argument, no debate. It will be you were saved and now your not. That fast. I write all of this knowing that I may not even be one of the saved or protected. For if all of this writing I do is all I'm supposed to do. After all, I'm apparently a writer who cannot write, right.
I may not share this with the whole world. Those who find it find it. Yes, Sharing everywhere.
Added on 07 Oct 2016:
Secret War: (Unedited): 29 Sept 2016: 
Everyone will suddenly become aware of the lies and deceptions of their government, when the surprise secret war begins. 
 No one wants to know. No one cares to know. The Government has been stoking the fires of war and it is about to spread unto your own front porch. Do you really think that Russia or China are just going to fight a war in their own backyards or front yards and not bring doom to you as well? Your sadly mistaken if you think that. For they know that yes, The United States ability to project war elsewhere is superior to each of them alone. But, they also know that the lands of the USA is absolutely helpless (Because of MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction). You should really read that evil book called the "ART of War". In which every military leader worth their salt knows as their own bible. One of the themes is deception. feign an attack and go elsewhere. Avoid the strengths and attack the weaknesses. When fighting a superior foe conduct acts of continual attrition against them. Where are our weaknesses in the USA? Zero actual air defense. Zero border controls on land, air and on water. A police force which is not capable of defending itself against a tactically trained person. On one hand this is a good thing but on the other hand not so good when the federal government is stoking the fires of wars with nations which will have no problem in attacking the American homeland.
Think about this. The American common people are friends with those of eastern Europe and frequent Chinese restaurants. If the American people actually hated any group of people. It would be very difficult for that hated group to peacefully exist within the USA. Let alone be successful in business.
To this day right now. The American people are friendly to any Asian person as well as any Russian person. The American people do not know war is being made on their behalf by the entire Federal government of the USA. But, they will know soon enough when Russia and China become fed up with all of the secret shenanigans.
Added on 07 Oct 2016:
Extinction Victory: (Unedited):  29 Sept 2016:
Victory declared does not guarantee the absence of misery, suffering or the beginning of the human extinction process.
Once any society attains a level of technological development. They can easily become extinct by their own hands. Yes, one military organization, or government entity will proclaim victory in that very last war. The end of conflict does not mean the end of misery, suffering or the beginning of the extinction process.
Even though a nuclear exchange may be limited for each side or just one side. The fall out clouds will slowly kill all possibilities for food and clean air. The now offline and melting of the nuclear power plants will radioactively contaminate all drinking water. So what does it matter if your in your private underground publicly funded mega doomsday bunker? They shall become your own concrete coffins. Your only hope is the Purple words above. Implemented by all of humanity right now.
Added on 12-13 Feb 2017:
 We are already at war. World War Three has already begun.
Who will be against the USA? Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba's old allies and all of Islam.
Russia will take Alaska. Defensive arc across Japan. Russian subs conduct EMP attacks on the USA. Low altitude at first.
China will take out all military assets in the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean. Hawaii will be a stepping stone and one of their first jewels. Chinese subs conduct EMP attacks on the USA. Low altitude at first.
All of Islam. Will begin their assaults on USA, Israel, Christianity and Europe. The sacrifice of the Pope on his own alter. An American and European Tet Offensive shall occur on a specific day and hour. Imagine hundreds of thousands of Islamic teams conducting simultaneous attacks in each country. The Islamic Tet shall not end at one attack. Each Islamic team shall continue to move and attack until they each are martyred. Islam will eventually turn against China and Russia. The complete erasure and absolute destruction of all Non Islamic history will begin and it already has.
North Korea. Will over take South Korea. Failures and successes. Will North Korea be able to launch into Low earth orbit (LEO) a nuclear bomb? Declared as a scientific instrument of some sort. To be detonated at a specific altitude over central USA? Can North Korea get their ancient ballistic Missile submarines into the Gulf of Alaska, Gulf of California and the Gulf of Mexico? To launch their EMP missiles vertically.
The first goals of the coalition against the USA. Is to cause the USA to divide their forces.
To the protection of Europe and NATO against a Russian threat.
To the protection of allies like Japan and Taiwan in the Pacific.
To the protection of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Severe and total losses will occur in Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Not from the outside but from the actual leadership of Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The complete loss of nuclear weapons from Turkey as well as those security codes and technical manuals.
To the on going war with Islam in the Middle east.
To the threats in Syria.
These are 5 divisions in which will weaken the strength of the US military forces.
Cause the military buildup into those areas of threat. To the degree that the USA becomes nearly defenseless. The USA is already mostly defenseless because of the MAD deals with Russia.
How the USA can defend itself. It is all about the purple words. The return to God by the vast majority of American citizens who abide by the purple words of their own free will. To freely decide to sin no more. To become a righteous and holy people as only accepted by God only. All without pride, ego, arrogance and supremacy.
-------------Above is righteous and below worldly-------------------
1). Islamic persons and gang members need to be wholly neutralized. Criminals need to be finally and permanently punished.
2). A complete and layered network of air defense systems around the entire USA and Canada. Which will include Low/Medium Earth Orbit (LEO)(MEO).
3). The wall all along the Mexican border. With automated military weapons.
4). All military bases and posts. Must become entirely self sustaining and hardened. With all manor of automated defensive weapons systems. All family members need/should/must to be housed on every military site.
5). The Coast Guard heavily weaponized. Numbers increased.
6). National Guard modernized and weaponized. Numbers Increased.
7). A renewed US Militia as governed by each city, county and state. A nationalized militia with numbers greater than 5 million total. All with their own specific weapons, uniform, hair and beard. As it was in the old days of early freedoms.
8). Generalized civilians should all become self sustaining as a doomsday prepper would. Just without all of the mental illnesses and criminality associated with many of those on the old T.V. show.
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