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Three Trillion Dollars Prophecy: (Unedited): 06 July 2016:

NOTE FORM: Published on 31 July 2016:
Red word responses below are from 11 Nov 2016.
If you have the means to leave the USA with all of your liquidated assets. You should do so now. If you love your family.
Those poor supporters of the leftest liberal progressives. Shall be left behind forgotten to suffer and endure. For even the heroes of those whom they follow had already defined them as "useful idiots". When the Useful idiot is no longer of use. Then they are just forgotten like any trash thrown away because they are not worth keeping or celebrating. This is where social racism comes into play.
The USA is about to end?
Yes, it still is.
The non family of three point two shall become the first with a trillion each.
The hopes are with the daughter now.
Not about him:
Those who support the three point two and have become to expensive. no matter the promises. Shall die. Even a former president.
If the soon to be former president does not act upon a wild plan. All shall be lost for him. To act upon the wild plan shall kill millions upon millions in time.
This can still happen. Clinton and Obama may put forth their wild plans in which Obama shall retain office. It is not 20 January 2017 yet.
War of 1812. Second child birth. Clinton election.
The silent connection of England.
How? Sometimes I even confuse myself.
What will happen if Hillary Clinton is elected?
She lost. But what about daughter? Already owns property in New York and will mostly likely run for a senate seat by a retiring senator.
In order for President Obama to save himself, his career and to profit much. He will have to hold onto American power in which he will be the first one with a trillion dollars. Multi-trillion dollars. President Obama will learn how the Clinton's do it.
It's not yet 20 January 2017
No matter what happens. The American people will suffer and die. More than a hundred million is President Obama goes with the wild plan. President Obama will hold onto his office beyond his time and with Martial Law. A vote for Mrs. Clinton will cause a severe economic collapse. Even to the point that entire sections of the USA are sold off and the people are forced into indentured servitude.
This election was that important. With Mr. Trump as President Elect. What will this mean? We will soon find out. Remember we had four primary people running for President. 2 Greater evils and 2 minor evils. Trump and Clinton were the two greater evils and Trump was elected. When everyone forgets about Clinton and all of the investigations stop. When all of the corruption accusations and investigations stop. We all will know that Trump is one of them and he suckered all of the Christians to go out and vote. Trump is a man of priorities and he may want to try and fix the USA first and then go after corruption next. But, I do not think so. 
We all will find out when all of those corrupted men and women are investigated, prosecuted and jailed. That will be the big sign on how we all know if President elect Trump is who we want him to be. But, still a dictator who may think of himself as a walking god. May only do those things in order to clean house and clear out all threats. I'm not sold on President Elect Donald Trump. 
Lessons of Hugo Chavez: And the result for the Venezuela people.
The political lessons of Chavez teaches every politician around the world how to profit when in office. Even to the point that the entire country is destroyed. 
Added on 31 July 2016: 
The American election is no longer an election. The votes of the common people no longer matter. The polls are just a lie. The polls are used to offer a benefit of a doubt to the elected numbers between those persons. So if one wins. The polls were close and thus no one argues.
What or who is 3.2? Yes, yes, I wrote it. How is the Clinton's 3.2?
What is the wild plan? Some kind of nationalized emergency. Which affects everyone. A Russian preemptive strike on North America (USA)?
So if the American Presidential election are already predetermined as is evidenced with all of the former Clinton haters now supporting Hillary Clinton and how so many few people know the Trump family has always been close to the Clinton's. So would this mean that the old and scrubbed prophecy that president Obama is the last fairly elected President of the USA?
With a President Hillary Clinton, The people of the USA will see hyper inflation due to her pay to play. No one will eventually be able to do business in the USA until they pay President Hillary Clinton. Also, expect new laws which causes all politicians, their families and select friends to be above all laws. BUT, Family and select friends will only be above or outside of the law if the actual politician says so.
Apparently when the Christians actually go out and vote. Change happens. After all everyone knew and prophesied that Clinton would win the presidency. To alter and change all bad and sad prophecies. The Christian must not go back to sleep thinking all is OK now. The Christians were deceived by Trump. The devout praying and fasting who are righteous in the accepting eyes of God only now must begin to obtain all political offices and appoint only those who are of the Christian faith. This may be the last chance to save the USA. This must be done at all levels of Government. After all, All of those who are against Christianity has been doing this for a long time now. If the Christians do not do this they all will be criminalized and go to jail. Oh wait, that is already happening. The Christians will be treated just as the native tribes are being treated at Standing Rock for the last 7+ months. (11 Nov 2016).    
Added on 31 July 2016 @ 0924.
There are Russian prophecies which shed some light that the leader and the people become a saving force of humanity as well as bringing the Americans back into the good graces of God. But, at this point in time. That all seems to be just hopeful pipe dreams. I do not think President Putin ever wanted any hostilities with anyone. I think he is a reasoned person who is dealing with insane leaders without reason or morality. Sort of like the old insane communist mindset of expecting to kill about 10%+/- of a population when taking them over.
If President Obama provokes President Putin into a preemptive strike. That will prevent a Hillary Clinton Presidency. In which a Hillary Clinton Presidency will just cost to much to do business within the USA. By that time the Clinton family will have their trillions of dollars/assets. The Americans and soon to be former Americans will have paid it all. All wealth will leave and or be diverted towards other developments. A severe economic hardship will happen to those nations which depend on the USA for their own economies.
It is not 20 January 2017 yet. A lot can still happen. Emergencies can still happen which can guarantee a long duration Obama Presidency.
Added on 04 Aug 2016:
This may be very important to the  Revelation Head wound prophecies.
Having seizures is a damaged brain. Seizures can kill a person in a singular event or in a series of events over time. What is the actual word for the "male" related words. The barking and other just plain odd response are just odd. To odd to discount. But, then again Donald Trump's odd response are just arrogant.
There is a level of growing insanity and a loss of person when any person has been taken over. yes, I'm referring to demonic possession. I'm not saying she is or hasn't been.
Added on 05 Aug 2016:
It is really more than $3 trillion. About two weeks ago I was thinking $5 trillion and now Most likely closer to $6 Trillion for the Clinton Family.
This may have been a long duration prophecy. Where the daughter shall lead the elder Clinton's. She must not attain any elected office. A person who having lived elsewhere for decades and then running for office after only applying for residency. That just sounds insane.
Do not be deceived. Politics is like a performance in a drama show. You pretend to hate each other when the cameras are on. Then when the parities are in full swing your all friends again. While the common peoples think you all hate each other. Your children are close friends and only pretend to distance from each other because it is the deception they all must show. If you hate an evil person so much why would you allow your children to be friends with their evil children? YOU WOULD NOT. This is the deception that we were all made to believe. That the republicans and democrats are mortal enemies and in truth they are close friends.
Would the death of former President Bill Clinton guarantee a Hillary Clinton presidency? Toooo Late now.
Would the death of soon to be former President Barack Obama guarantee that Hillary Clinton remains in office indefinitely? To late now.
Added on 11 Nov 2016:
The USA now has a President Elect Mr. Donald Trump. The left liberal progressive who followed Hillary Clinton are all very upset and seems to have taken to the streets in protest and trying to figure out how to move to Canada. While shouting obscene curses and profanities.
I do think that the election was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. I do think the entire news media was in favor of Clinton except for the Fox network. I do think the Democratic Party used dead people to vote and bused people from polling station to polling station. I do think they altered voting machines just enough so as not to be suspicious. Yet, all of these activities was not enough to overcome the Christian vote for Donald Trump. Does that mean that Donald Trump didn't do all of those things as the Democrats are known for doing. Of course not.

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