Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Worldly Christian Characters: (Unedited): 16 Aug 2016:

Worldly media people bring worldly ideas as they promote their professional christian characters.
Christian entertainment and Christian media can steer a persons mind away from the truth. False Christian leaders do further harm my teaching more deceptions. Such as how sin and the active lifestyle of all sin is permissible. Every government also seems to be outlawing Christian symbols and Christian churches. Other religions and politicians are either imprisoning, exterminating or both, Christians. So why is there such a world wide focus on the destruction of every aspect of Christianity? If Christianity was fake and phony. Why is Christianity such a real focus of it's destruction?
A professional christian character is one played by a worldly professional actor. The worldly professional actor only pretends to be a Christian in order to promote the media business within a certain market. You can see and hear them on T.V., internet and on radio. Sure some may be real Christians. But many of the professional media persons may not actually be who they say they are.
So how can you not get yourself deceived. That is after all a part of Christian prophecy. To not allow yourself to be deceived. There are things that you can do to protect yourself. Here is the list.
1). Stay in the Bible.
2). Pray always.
3). Fast.
4). Meditate on the word.
5). Contemplate on the word.
6). Reject and flee from all sin.
7). Becoming a righteous and holy person as accepted by only God. Without being/becoming raised up behind a podium, rich clothing or other materials of wealth.
Be warned though. Follow no person and every word which comes out of any person mouth should be verified in the Holy Bible. Do not remain in any church which entertains any sin. For if you do. You may be judged along with them.

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