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Peace People: +15: (Unedited): 28 Oct 2016:

People of peace will always desire to de-escalate any potential violent occurrence. While those who thirst for conflict and war will continually stoke and add fuel to the already lit fire. 
Free people Containment: (Unedited): 02 Nov 2016:
Military containment of helpless free people is illegal detainment without any lawful arrest issuance.
Enslaved Society Police: (Unedited): 02 Nov 2016:
Any Law enforcement person in a free society who uses the same equipment and tactics as a military person is the same as any military person in an enslaved society. 
Added on 06 Nov 2016:
Heroic Hearts of Ash: (Unedited): 06 Nov 2016:
Men and women who know not they have lost their heroic hearts of great honor. Shall find them turn to ash from those fiery atrocities in which they freely participated in.
Where have you lost your heart and soul? When did you lose your heroic heart and honor? Are you even aware that they are gone? I tell you the truth. For all of those men and women who found themselves on the wrong side of history. Knew not that they lost their hearts or honor. They had lost their humanity to such a degree that they knew not even that they lost their own humanity. This is the same as those which protect the oil pipeline near Cannonball, North Dakota or Standing Rock. Those men and women who stand against the helpless people who only want to protect drinking water through prayer, song and dance. Know not even their souls could even be lost as they may already become one of the living judged. A living judged person is one who is like those during the days of Noah. For when Noah struck down the first tree in that moment all of the remaining humanity, All of the Nephilim and the fallen angels who could not escape were judged and were drowned. Being pre-judged by only God means that no matter what. Your "will" in regards to fundamental change in your own life has been taken away from you and you will know not. Even though you will still have "free will" in every other area in life.
Added on 12 Nov 2016: This should have been yesterday and had to wake up and write it to have peace. Sorry. My sin. I allowed the boob tube (TV) to be more important than writing.
Dishonorable Living: (Unedited): 11 Nov 2016: 
Men and women of great honor who willing follow unjust and unrighteous leaders. Shall endure their dishonorable actions through memories, dreams and vision for the rest of their lives.  
Men and women who have great honor are heroes in all that they do. They are the warriors and protectors of the world. It matters not which people they assign themselves to. They are all brothers and sisters to each other no matter what side of the line they are on.
When you allow yourself to blindly follow orders of a superior officer and you know that those actions would cause you to harm a defenseless, helpless and harmless people. Then it is you who have willingly given your own honor, reputation and self respect away for money or some other worldly reward. Your honor, Your reputation and your self respect are those things of value you give to yourself and when you have a spouse, children and relatives they share in your honor, reputation and respect. Who are your relatives in need of your protection because you were born to be a warrior hero. Look to the defenseless, the helpless, the harmless and the innocent. They are the reason of why who you are.
Added on 23 Nov 2016:
Wrong Side: (Unedited): 23 Nov 2016:
Those people who smile and laugh while doing evil deeds. Never seem to ever realize that they will be on the wrong side of history. 
Massacred Tears: (Unedited): 25 Nov 2016:
 Massacred tears of innocence.
Massacred blood of the prayerful.
Shall become as dry and forgotten as the dried up bones in which they were also shed.
This may truly be the flashpoint in which all of USA may fall upon towards oblivion.
Fallen Rock: (Unedited): 25 Nov 2016: 
 The USA falls upon the rock in which they were brought to. The shiny hill which becomes dripping with the blood of the innocent. 
Unwavering Mountains: (Unedited): 25 Nov 2016:
The one sacred stone can become as great as a single righteous standing rock. Holy Mountains of many sacred stones and righteous rocks become such as innocent blood is spilled upon their unwavering resolve. 
Righteous Mountain: (Unedited): 25 Nov 2016: 
Those who have fallen from grace and who have given away their honor shall not have enough clubs, bullets, tasers or gas to crack the sacred and holy mountain of righteous resolve. 
Righteous Prophecy Victims: (Unedited): 27 Nov 2016:
Those people who only know the worldly ways of life as is under the control of god baal or god satan or even god apollo. They all will become the victims to the Holy and Righteous prophecies of God.
World Full Prophecy: (Unedited): 27 Nov 2016:
Those persons who are so full of the world within them are also very full of the god of this world ways of believing, thinking and doing. When the holy and righteous signs of prophecy are manifest in their own time. All of those who are full of satan. Shall not know and shall be angrily confused at events shown. Even in disbelief shall their ridicule be known of their possible living judgement applied upon their true being from The One True God Himself.
Note: When ever I write anywhere in regards to other gods who is not Jehovah, The One True God of all Creation. I use all lower case letters. I do not desire to lift up any importance or any appearance of equality to the God Jehovah.
This may even be the point in which all of the nations of the worth consider the USA a cause not worth any value.
This may even be the place where God smells the blood of the last innocent blood which flows into the sacred grounds as he or she cries up in prayer. Then begins the woes for everyone.
There is a rumor of genuine soldier and warriors arrival on or near 04 Dec 2017: If they have hate and anger. Then act upon it. If those warriors who are destined to fight and die in honor of what is right. Then all blood will flow. Those men and women who continue to wear badges. May have already been prevented to turn away from their evil ways. Only God will know. These men who wear badges have already decided to use life saving equipment from the Fire Department to cause harm and injury. Without any remorse or compassion. They are oblivious to what they do. Which are signs of divine Judgement against their own souls. They are so stuck stuck they shall not change from their evil ways. As such deescalation isn't even considered.
So where is Standing Rock in regards to possibility and probability? In this moment in time possibility is fading into probability of a coming massacre. This massacre will end up harming and killing many law enforcement officers even if they have deep rooted honor and integrity.
I just did a study of the local police. They are oblivious of the moral wrong they are committing. They are beyond criminal. Which means once the water protectors engage in violence. They all will be gunned down without any mercy or compassion. They police, media and politicians will lay all blame upon those who they murdered. This is what abusive people do. They lay all of the blame for their unbridled anger and wrath upon their victims.
This will spread. Extreme violence shall become the answer for all perceived all wrongs. Peaceful protests everywhere shall become little massacres. Again all blame will be laid upon any protestor like a white sheet upon the deceased. Who dare to stand against the authority or corporate authority.
Many Black Snakes: (Unedited): 27 Nov 2016: 
Through this one black snake which is just one of many. The venom of all of these black snakes shall shake and poison you with intense randomness until the shaking becomes to numerous and the venom not only poisons you but the land as well. There will be no where to rest because all of the snakes are there to devour all life.
Without a Fight: (Unedited: 29 Nov 2016:
Indigenous tribes from around the world peacefully fight against their own black snake prophecy at Standing Rock. While the Christian body as a whole has freely given away their nation, given unto them from God. Without a fight. 
Yes, I'm aware this will be insulting to many peoples of the tribes. Yet, I write what I must write.
And yet, I wonder how many of those cops went to church on a regular basis and profess to be Christian. Where does love one another come into play when a cop sprays praying and kneeling people with pepper spray? Yet, the truth is not so easily seen. For it was not the people who were the threat. It was the prayers which were being violently attacked. The violence by the cops (Citizens of Peace) was all just a distraction to keep the people from effectively praying. Remember the sweat lodge attack. Are you getting it yet? I seriously doubt that even the militarized cops were/are even aware of who and why they attack people in prayer. It is called being demonically led.
  The whole Christian body will suffer greatly. More so than the indigenous tribes whom their ancestors made to suffer and murder. For simply being savage. I wonder who actually was the savage? This reminds me of a comparison to the story of Balaam, donkey and the prophet. Who was the ass? and who were the savages? when the Christians did what they did? Without love, kindness, compassion and mercy in their hearts. They left the savages in Europe and encountered what they believed were savages only never to realize that it was they who were the savages. Just as Balaam never realized the truth of his own nature. Neither will the professed social religious Christian when the Holy Spirit and all of the protections and gifts from gifts are removed. These professed social Christians may even become one of the living judged peoples as they will not have the freedom of choice to turn away from their sins, false beliefs/teachings and apostasy.
Snake Pits Revealed: (Unedited): 11 Dec 2016:
While seeking for the black snake in the winter. You will discover more than you bargained for when all of the black snakes reveal themselves from deep within their dark earthly pits. 
I first learned of the Black Snake prophecy. From the event at Standing Rock, North Dakota many many months ago.  I started to make the loose and still assumptive connections of a spiritual confluence of prophecies regarding many different traditions. Which seems to paint a very bleak picture for all of humanity. Which is a singular species and not of many races. That prophetic painted picture is still very blurry. But, details are revealing themselves. Such as the majority of undesirable events against the whole of humanity seems to be based on decision and indecision, the heart and the heartless, the spiritual and the spiritless, the mindful and the careless.
One other Lakota prophecy has been revealed of the spider webs which ensnares us all. It looks like that has happened with all of the power distribution lines all over this land and planet. Possibly making us all sick and altering the magnetic identity of this Earth. Maybe, even to the degree of altering the magnetic relationship with our central star. I almost want to search out any indigenous prophecies regarding CERN.
The Black Snake Prophecy, Is just a sign of the times. Possibly a too late sign. I believe the purpose of this one Blake Snake prophecy is to cause the revelation of the whole pit or Rumba of black and gaseous/spirit snakes. 
Added on 26 Nov 2016:
Note: Any and all of my writings is for the saving of all life. No matter which side or non side your on.  All of you need to know this: What is the end result when many different peoples with varied thinking and emotional process all come together. Those with the most fears and least disciplines will strike first. Then those with the guns, gas and bombs will obliterate those who threw the single stone. Creating the worst massacre since 09/11 or would that be Waco, Texas? or which Native tribe extermination by the US Government. This has become probable since the Army Corp of engineers has made their final date of trespass. The layers of razor wires have been laid down today. On high ground for observation of the coming massacre. The men at the top of the hill have also been wetting down the dirt. In order to freeze the hill from climbers.
 Those people will not leave and more are coming. Especially, those who thirst to fight and kill over Government abuses and atrocities. They will be there as rumored on 04 Dec 2016. The blood shed may not be confined to the encamped area as many of those have deep military training. Assuming their words are more than air spoken into the winds. DAPL, The police, Sheriffs and their deputies as well as the North Dakota National Guard may not have enough bullets. It is easy for someone on the DAPL side to become enraged with pride as they plan for more men, more bullets and more bombs. Maybe even the automatic .50 caliber machines guns will be used and the automatic grenade launchers as well. Where will all of this end? Blood and death. The hard fall of America. How do you save lives when so many are at odds? it is easy. read the purple words below.
I will tell you the truth. When those state leaders of North Dakota implement their war like plans against these people. All of the citizens of the United States of America will be watching. They will then become fearful of all of Law Enforcement. To the point that any cop who pulls over any driver for a simple safety violation will end in someones death. All of the coming deaths outside of North Dakota if this coming massacre is allowed to happen will be the fault of the leaders at every level in North Dakota. Being on the wrong side of history has never ever been realized by evil people. Even if they wear a badge or are elected to their office of great honor.
The Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux is absolutely correct in his words.
If the last innocent one loved by God is present at any one of the camp sites and their blood is spilled upon the water and mud. Then only those who have been spiritually touched will ever know that Dakota was the place when God gave up on all of us in the USA. Then begins the extinction process for all of humanity. All of the old prophecies are tied together to form a singular portrait of a great darkness of the coming doom, despair and death. Which shall come for us all. Only the select shall be saved. In which no human decides or can proclaim who is to be one of the remnant select chosen.  
I wonder how many go to church in North Dakota? I wonder how many preachers have been lying to their congregations in regards to Standing Rock? Is this another sign of apostasy and of falling away from God. Or is this another Cain and Able. brother against brother. A human failure based in the lie of the races of humanity. There is only one thing left for the true peoples who see themselves as brothers and sisters to each other. Prayer, worship, singing and dancing unto the God of all. If those who are at Standing Rock must die. Then my hope for all of you is to be in prayerful song. Remember those purple words below. they are of supreme importance. The purple words are logical.
Note: I really do not want to write this: 25 Nov 2016: The purpose of all of my writing is to prevent all death and to save all lives.
Preparation of the innocents who are committed to shedding their own blood upon the turtle island as a sacrifice for those children who shall come after them. They must be purified in spirit and ceremony. They must maintain prayer and purity of spirit, mind and body. Those who are not prayerful, repentful and righteous cannot have any contact with those souls who are willing to give their entirety.  All others must evacuate the camps.
Note: I really do not want to write this:  25 Nov 2016: The purpose of all of my writing is to prevent all death and to save all lives.
More technologies will arrive. Which will benefit the police. Which will jam and prevent all communications. All of the protestors and water protectors technologies will be taken. So You need to have runners who will take media cards so that they can be shared with the world. When total black out occurs. Then it shall begin soon. Always remember, Just because something becomes very probable does not mean it will happen.
When denial of exit and entry into the camps begins. The starvation war shall begin upon you. You must have the runners who can escape and tell the whole world. If they fail. They will disappear.
Think about it. Where do you think this is going to end? When the hearts of men have become so hard. Only blood will flow. This shall be the unspoken intent of those law enforcement officers who actually stay and have given away their own honor and integrity. For they are like frozen statues who must do the will of those who have absolute control over their thinking. Their free will is gone and they even lie to themselves thinking they choose to be present. Waiting for the blood lust upon their own needing tongues. Like war dogs who thirst for war. They only wait for their orders to attack and they will. They will smile and laugh. They will curse and ridicule. They will blame and accuse you the victim for their actions of blood lust.
As your own honored innocent blood flows into sacred ground. Know that theirs will only know an unquenchable fire.
Pray and pray fervently that this does not have to happen. Repent and flee from all sin. Become righteous in spirit, mind, heart and body.
The water protectors are struggling with their prayers and intentions of peace. Yet, they still remain compliant to the orders of the overly militarized police forces. Men and women who are armed with military weapons against a people who are only armed with prayer and dance.
The police or sheriffs departments are typically trained to de-escalate potential violent occurrences. Which means everyone gets to go home or jail unharmed.
Police De-escalation skills and training
These are just four videos and the skills are similar to what can be used for any situation. So why are those Law enforcement officers from 5-7 states, Mercenaries or corporate militarized security forces and national Guard troops not de-escalating the situation and actually provoking a violent response? Abuses and atrocities are being documented. The entire American media has blacked out the news of this ongoing horrific event. This should be greater importance than what is being reported right now. This is direct evidence of a corporate oligarchy in action within this country as the pay to play is being exercised.
The continuous psychological warfare perpetuated upon the people of prayer will cause stress upon them all. In which once a formerly calm and peaceful person breaks down. Violence will ensue.
When the men and women from those 250 tribes witness the atrocities upon their own peoples and become fed up. Many will travel and take their own military style actions. This is just psychology and not that I know anything directly or indirectly. When the common person believes that they have no justice, rights or freedoms. They will act out in violence. All it takes is for one death to be caught on video and war begins. Why do you think and alleged hospital tent has been set up on the police side of the police line in their own safe area? You do not do that if you are not planning to take action and begin killing people who pray. You do not do that if you don't already have permission to shoot the water protectors whom you already call criminals. So the American Government is going to allow the shooting of people in prayer who are blocking some empty farm road with Buffalo and nothing else. Really!!!
Added on 29 Oct 2016:
For the Chiefs, leaders or the chosen representatives of all of the tribes gathered who are given permission to speak on their behalf. The purpose is safety and de-escalation.
1). Serious consideration of asking the United Nations for UN observers to be present with the Native
2). Since the tribes are supposed to be sovereign nations. Each tribe should consider making
      application to becoming members of the United Nations. To become real and legal peoples as
      defined by the United Nations Laws. Deserving of human rights.
3). Direct invitation to those media outlets which have been reporting to be present. Allow them to
     view and record everything.
4). Make yourselves ready and worthy for the possible coming of a new song and dance in ceremony.
      A). The foundation of the Purple words below. Very Important. You have your own wisdom's in
             this regard.
      B). The Shamans and those who have been spiritually touched. Allow them and require them to
            sing, dance and pray to exhaustion. Assign protectors for each them. To ensure they maintain
            the required agreed upon fasting and to maintain health.  Read #6.
5). Make no more verbal accusations at your defined front lines. Those who have the military
     weapons. Already know why they are there. The term "Front Lines" No longer should be used as
     this is a military term. Only military's use this term when at war. Are the tribes at war or at peace?
     That question alone should be the basis of all of your decisions and actions. Which also no
     aggressive stances or movements should be made.  As they are non peaceful. Barricades, fire and
     smoke are also non-peaceful actions.
6). Make an inquiry and invitation for the Sheriff to move the hospital tents closer to your tribal
      peoples and even within your campsites. After, all they proclaim that they do not want any one to
      get hurt. This shall be for the elderly and for those children who may have been shot at while
      riding horses.  There should also be an inquiry of veterinary tents. This is important because it
      allows the Sheriff to appear to be a caring human being and it gives him more eyes into what you
     are doing. There should already be open invitations for any officer. They should all befriended as
7). Defined purpose of the Horse riders is what? Are the horse riders being used for aggressive
      purposes? or for the safety, coordination and direction of the tribes? Invite and allow outside
      observers to travel alongside your own horse riders in a non involved manor. It should be
      preferred if they have medical and or veterinary training. This would be seen in a positive light
      for the Sheriff as well.
The Tribes who are already on the front lines need to watch out for one another. Those who begin to show signs of psychological stresses needs to be removed from the situation. because, all it takes is for one elder to come with a gun and fire one bullet and then all of the cops begin shooting or at least the mercenaries or corporate militarized security forces. Then all of the cameras will be taken and no one will ever know.
No one should accuse in any raised verbal tone of voice against any person across from. They have already made their decisions. They do not need to be reminded with your anger.
No one should be threatening or provoking anyone.
All of you should only be in prayer and/or in dance.
You cannot expect peace if you yourselves are not in peace.
You cannot expect love if you yourselves are not loving.
If you show aggression then those who are against you shall be aggressive and escalation occurs. until the flashpoint. Then it won't matter.
Even if the sign of the black snake is prophetic and does happen. Then you shall know it is time to prepare your spirits and the spirits of your people. Since you are the first peoples then it is you who must be first to teach those who have forgotten their ways. For the forgotten ones are just lost in the fog of worldly lies and worldly deceptions. They are not evil if they know not. they just know not. if they have no desire to know. Then wish them peace as they go their own way. Then for the true evil doers who continually do evil and care not for the harm and suffering they cause. It is they who has already been judged and no longer have the ability to change for good. That free choice has been taken away.
When all of you and your shamans are in prayer continuously and in ceremony and in dance even beyond exhaustion and hunger. Something will happen. Which is beyond me. All of the shamans must gather together in one place and be in one mutual agreement. Then in the time of "their" choosing a thing may happen. This also means those who are not of love, peace, harmony and life. You should expect those angry souls to leave. For they will block the possible coming miracle.
(I just do not know, Which means it is not for me to know) and that is OK.
I do feel the impression of a thing happening if the shamans of the world do their part and the chiefs do theirs. They all must be in North Dakota right now. Purple words please. Purple words I'm stressing over. AHO. Amen.
Added on 29 Oct 2016: The official funding sites. Just because the funding sites have hit their proclaimed maximum values does not mean they projected correctly. Especially the legal defense one. How much does it take to support thousands of people daily. I have heard the camp sites were up to 7000 people and now those numbers are down. It will cost more during the winter months. Which is quickly approaching. The red warrior funding numbers seem to be very low.
Below is a mess I'm trying to fix. I copied and pasted it from Yabberz. Well, none of the YouTube followed it and ugh.  I'm thinking of deleting all of the black.
(Adding New Content as I find them).

There is literally no real news of the atrocities against the native peoples in North Dakota.
I see provoking attacks from the police against the helpless and defenseless water protectors.
Watch the videos very close. It is gonna get worse and no one is gonna know about it. All of this news will continue to be suppressed. This is only the beginning for me or you. Especially, if this information is new to you.
Even though I do include some very entertaining videos. They are not for you to smile or to be entertained by.

=====New Content added====
Every video below should be investigated by you in order to ascertain the truthful validity of all comments and assertions.
Honest Government Advert Very offensive language at the beginning. Entire video Meant as humor but truthful. I think. Trumpesque offensive female sexual assault comment of body part.
------Buried News-------
4 minutes ago @ 2018 Hours 23 Oct 2016:
So it begins.
Video response to the CNN story.
---------Buried News-------
I think if I go any further I will just be repeating news bobble heads.
When news is buried. It means the people do not care, to distracted or the media buries the story so that they can claim we reported and your the viewer/reader didn't care enough to seek it out.
This first video is awful at the end.
Added on 26 Oct 2016:
Added on 27 Oct 2016: Listen and fell his passion. The video source seems to be incredibly racists. I have no idea where the Buffalo Child source is.
The source speaker Buffalo Child:
The below video. You can hear the sound weapon being used against the defenseless people. Really.
This is how the Government is acting against people who are only protecting water rights and treaty lands r...
--------------Major American news sources-------
news video black out on my end.
Added on 28 Oct 2016:
It seems like the DOJ is aware of what is transpiring in North Dakota and may soon approve the use of force.
Police personnel from 5 to 7 states involved. National Guard Units involved to some degree.
How does a poor county obtain and re-badge and paint obvious military equipment? Some not even repainted just decals added.
There are reports that the police or whomever is at the front of the police lines are shooting people in the face with tasers and beanbag shotguns. When this is done in the face or head area permanent injury or death can result. This can be evidence of psychological breakdown within the police forces or the intentions and leadership of the sherifff to cause as much harm and or death as possible. There are also reports of police persons firing on the horse riders who in which ones was a kid and his horse received what appears grazing injuries. I think I have the video of it here and the kid was still in shock and had to be instructed to care for his horse.
29 Oct 2016:
-------------------------United Nations Human Rights----------
This is most likely the most important part of this entire reporting.
It is very important for the tribes, maybe even each tribal and group of indigenous peoples to receive acknowledgment of being a legal and lawful people deserving of human rights By the United Nations. I have no clue in this regard. It is up to each individual tribe to pursue this legal matter.
Added on 01 Nov 2016:
The shooting of an 11 year old girl is wrong. The only being which died was a horse which was brutally attacked by the police and had to be put down. A kid was riding the horse and he and other horse riders were causing the buffalo to stampede, possibly to run down the police. Those Buffalo could have also turned and run down the protesters as well.
I myself could not find any news on any human getting shot. This time I believe Snopes. You gotta fact check Snopes as well because they have done misguided or slanted reporting.
Yes, I'm leaving this video up for as long as it remains. The passion of this human being is important even though his reporting of what he believes about the murder 11 year old girl is in error. As far as everything else is true in his passion.
A first person report of missing people, killing of horses and murdered 11 year old girl.
Passionate foul language warning occasionally. In below video.
Added on 30 Oct 2016:
The US Government establishes a professed no fly zone by the water protectors over the DAPL Protestors /protectors. Which in fact is a Temporary Flight Restriction from
Oct 26, 2016 thru Nov 05,2016 @1700 Hours UTC. For Hazardous reasons.
Here is the official link:
Defined TFR:
Here is another interesting TFR Official Link:
From Oct 30 thru Nov 06 2016 @ 0459 UTC
This is for the for Security reasons and may have actual zero involvement with DAPL.,...
Personal Opinion:
The US Government has already been accused of blocking GPS and cell phone transmissions. The US Government and those relate corporate entities have successfully instituted a new absolute blackout of all American News Media Sources. The hazard statement is most likely based on the local Law enforcement agencies use of the sky for their brutal operations. The hazard cannot be blamed on the protestors. If the blame is aimed at the protestors it is just like the police person who declares they do not want anyone hurt and then the officers fire bean bags and tasers in close proximity into the faces of the protestors. As well as breaking a woman's arm. Any person or group no matter their belief system. Who declares they do not want to cause harm and then does. Is a lying evil doer who does not care about life. After, all they have snipers in many places who are always in the ready to shoot and have done so against children riding horses.
This So called No Fly Zone or TFR For a military base and the Cannonball Protestors. May indicate three things.
1). That portion of the "DAPL" pipeline will be complete as well as the complete destruction of all sacred artifacts.
2). The Entire Protest will/may end in some manor and the majority of the American population will not even be aware of the truth. Nor do they care to know. Even if it becomes an atrocity against humanity.
3). The Grand Forks Airbase is using a security blanket as a guise for some kind unknown involvement against the tribes of the protestors. Such as removing the civilian bodies and using the readily heavy equipment to remove all evidence that anything ever happened. (Crazy Train Thinking).
(Prophecy) Christians will not even know that this process will be used for a future manor to secretly exterminate anyone who is against government oligarchical authority. This is how Corporate Oligarchy functions. What the corporations have gotten away with in countries outside of the USA can now be done within the USA.
News Dated 08 Oct 2016:
Probably not related but if the Grand Forks airbase is involved. This could be a sign on the wall. Just as the Buffalo run through is a sign. This should be ascertained by someone(s) more than I.
Interesting news of diversity at Grand Forks Air Force Base.

------------TV Show---------
Added on 30 Oct 2016:
The USA should be reported for human rights violations and abuses with the United Nations. Any United Nations member Nation in the world should do so immediately or before Nov 05 2016: Time is running out.
====30 Oct 2016 Oil and Gas Pipeline Explosions=======
Search terms: Oil Pipeline explosions, Oil Pipeline ruptures, Gas Pipeline explosions and Gas pipeline ruptures.
Added on 31 Oct 2016: (This website has objectionable advertising) You are warned.
Added on 01 Nov 2016:
Historical notes because of the FAA TFR expiration date of 05 Nov:
I was thinking of any important dates in regards to any Native American tribe as recognized through Wikipedia.​         (1757)​                                (1780)​            (1862)(Dakota Reference)
Do you know what November is?
From the time lines of history
1653        Nov 5, The Iroquois League signed a peace treaty with the French, vowing not to wage war with other tribes under French protection.
1768        Nov 5, William Johnson, the northern Indian Commissioner, signed a treaty with the Iroquois Indians to acquire much of the land between the Tennessee and Ohio rivers for future settlement.
1775        Nov 5, In southern California Indians infuriated by Spanish soldier rapes of native women attacked the mission at San Diego bludgeoning a priest to death and killing two other church workers.
Date of birth:
Joseph "Bud" Sahmaunt 05 Nov 1938:
NON Native History:
Important day for RIGHTS:​                        (1831)'s_suffrage_i...​     (1872)​              (1916)
Native Astrology:
October 23 - November 22
a time of frost
Animal Totem
mysterious, ambitious, determined, intensive, impulsive
imaginative, purposeful, sharp-sighted
spiritual unification
resentful, mysterious, distrustful, stubborn
Needs to Work On
creativity, tolerance, adaptability
west wind
totem: grizzly
Best  With Other...
woodpecker, wolf
Try to Avoid
egocentric, envy, despair
water with earth
Best Times
best day: Tuesday
best time of the day: between 5 and 7 am, between 5 and 7 pm
Interesting Notes:
Lakota Snake Prophecy, Water with earth, Introspection, Spiritual Unification,
02 Nov 2016: The US Government is beginning to receive world wide embarrassment for their lies, deceptions and media controlled secrecy over the events in Cannonball North Dakota. Including unwanted United Nations attention and investigations.   NEWS:
03 Nov 2016: Here is possible evidence that the government were causing the stampede of the Bison/buffalo. In which if they were successful. Much loss of life would have resulted. Intent to kill is evident to me.
Added on 29 Nov 2016: The Army Corp of engineers and the North Dakota Governor have both sent No trespass warnings for the Standing Rock Water protectors.
No me I see the Governors executive order like an abusive relative. Sending all blame to the ones he willing abuse and/or torture.
 "It is all your fault why I do what I do to you or what I'm about to do to you."
This is what abusive people sound like and that executive order sounds very similar.
I have written above about the coming massacre at Standing Rock. I still see it as more probable now than a few days ago. Apparently thousands of veterans are arriving at the Turtle Hill camps any day now for their 04 Dec 2016 final stand and Standing Rock. DAPL have already placed basic defenses  of razor wire along their established perimeters. Then will most likely call in additional assets for a 05 Dec 2016 assault just past 04 Dec 2016 midnight.
Things to look out for is all cell and GPS signals blocked. All entrances and exits denied or blocked.
Once the killings begin and it can from just one rock thrown or from one person or veteran to begin shooting cops. Then the blood lust begins as the cops and security people will just mow everyone down. This may even include those protestors who are in the cities.
As the Standing Rock Massacre of 2016 begins???  
You must give everyone the opportunity to leave. Before military containment begins. The Elders and Children should be caused to leave all camps.
Evil Soul Ecstasy: (Unedited): 29 Nov 2016: 
"It is an evil soul who places all blame of their evil actions upon those innocent ones who they are about to greatly harm and murder, as they laugh and smile in ecstasy ."
I'm having a flash back. In a foster home. The foster father would beat me and his own blood son with a ping pong paddle. He tried to make a game of it. Then as he was beating us he would go into an uncontrolled laughter. This would be similar to those cops who are just plain evil. Yes, they are their for the money but they are their to commit murder simply because they will enjoy it and get away with freely murdering people with no weapons. Just as that North Carolina cop shot that black man as he fled. They to will all of the evil cops drop guns next to those whom they murder. Mainstream Media (MSM) will report on the large numbers of weapons found among the deceased water protectors. And yet no one will make the connections of how no police or DAPL security people were harmed, injured or killed as a direct result of actual combat or police actions.
Added on 04 Dec 2016: Massacre averted for now.
Added on 10 Dec 2016: I'm calling it. It's done and over. What do we learn from here and where do we go?
We as a singular race of human beings cannot collectively live as we have been. To simply stop will not be enough. A fundamental change in thinking and doing processes must occur. A change of heart must occur. A change of spirit must occur.
We as a singular human species are now in a time when prophecies from many different origins begin to merge into a oneness.
Where do we go from here? All of the tribes which have befriended their brothers and enemies of old. Must re-unite and become the one people they once were and maintain that brotherhood/sisterhood.
The old teachings must begin with those peoples who have become alien and have forgotten to the old ways. They are the disconnected. Which is evident by those wise persons who are actually present at Standing Rock.
From here where do we go? Learn, reconnect and live as we all should. Because, it is evident that this one black snake has revealed to the whole world that the Earth has become a pit full of black snakes. Then if anyone decides to read all of the other Native Indigenous prophecies. You will discover the spiderwebs and all kinds of other prophetic visual aids which leads us to the Hopi Prophecies and the Hopi prophecies and other indigenous prophecies lead to the Christian End of days and the purification of the world by fire. At that time, Being native, religious, righteous or a doomsday prepper won't matter. The whole of this Earth shall be reborn out of an all consuming fire. Which at this point in time. Seems like a logical conclusion when the one called Christ returns as a Lion. In which a time comes. The whole of the world will be for the evil ones and against Christ. So the whole of the world including the Christians will war against their Christ. All will die, save the select.
This leads to the next point. How do you survive? You don't unless you become one of the select and if you become one of the select you will be punished and killed by the world. Have you read those purple words below yet? There you go.
The confluence occurs and is a sign? It is not just about water even though water is life. This is important to understand. I'm not there yet. 
Personal Note: I'm struggling with those purple words. Just being honest. It is easy to write those purple words. But to live by them while having the nature that I have. Is very difficult for me. So do not think of me as some holier than thou. I'm less than dirt and below the worms which lifts up the water on high and allows the water to flow through as it must.
A group of snakes can be referred to as a den, bed, pit, or nest. The exception to this is a group of rattlesnakes, which is called a rhumba.
The purpose of all of my writing is to prevent all death and to save all lives.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday.

To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.


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