Monday, November 28, 2016

Suddenly Caring: (Unedited): 27 Nov 2016:

Suddenly caring, also means living with all of the destruction in your life created by your own apathy.
It is simple and the reasons no longer really matter. Your beginning to care about one thing, a few things, many things or everything. no matter which degree of caring. know that you are returning to your natural human state. If you have gone from not caring about anyone or anything and now you care about everyone and every thing. Then you have become a fully realized human being. The next step once your comfortable and/or empowered by this new thing of caring. You just choose to flow within the everlasting state of love, compassion and mercy.
Every time and every single time you are reminded or confronted with the atrocities of your apathetic past. Humbly apologize. Until, the person states it is OK now or in some other accepting manor.
Because, certain atrocities are to hard or extremely difficult to handle for those whom you have harmed. It may be necessary for them to come to you - if ever they do. Then you apologize directly and do not wait for privacy. Apologize for all that you remember and all that you do not remember. This is because when your living in that robotic apathetic state of being.
Hurting people is just not worth remembering.
This is how you realize and know just how bad of an animal you were. Because, a full human being knows the goodness in love, compassion and mercy. Because, a full human being desires peace and harmony within their presence. Because a full human being has no desire to inflict harm, sadness or suffering in any living being.
NOTE: Yes, I know the quote can be taken out of context very easily. Sometimes it is necessary to dig deeper into something which appears distasteful as that quote appears largely alone among the little words (Prideful hint).  "Hurting people is just not worth remembering". Every word written should be judged with the template of Love, Peace, Harmony, Law and Life. If any statement is in agreement with those five purple words. Then it is a pure thought. The quote "Hurting people is just not worth remembering" is not a pure thought and is just what happens to evil people who are deep within their own apathy. Once your apathy becomes dead and you embrace love. The onslaught of memories will flood back into your heart and then your conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind. Your Christ like moment upon your symbolic cross begins in Ernest. Your Christ like comparison ends there.

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