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Prophetic Prophecies Collide+8: (Unedited): 20-21 Oct 2016:

Unheeded Prophecies:  (Unedited): 20 Oct 2016:
The unheeded warnings from all of the prophecies given to all of mankind shall mean a violent collision of all of those old prophetic words into your modern day reality. 
God always seems to use a step by step approach when dealing with people or nations. Families grow huge when they are obedient to the word of God and families end when they do not. All of this can take time and is not instantaneous. God send his chosen teachers and mentors. Then as more and more teachers and mentors are ridiculed, ignored and scoffed at. The prophets of doom arrive on the scene. Mentors are the same as prophets and can be the same person or not. I think most of the time the psychology of the mentor and prophet is not the same. But, it can be. A loving, gentle and wise mentor can be a wise, gentle and loving prophet. But a prophet who is of the fire side of psychology may not be the ideal candidate for a mentor. The same can go for the gentle mentor when a prophecy require much fire.
If you have noticed that the teachers and mentors who actually teach the purity of love, peace, harmony, law and life have disappeared. Now there seems to be an over abundance of firebrand prophets who proclaim doom and death is coming. That alone is an indication that the collective population has no repentance within them and the idea of righteousness is an alien concept. You need to know you me and we are about to die horrible deaths. It won't matter what side of the planet you are on. because, when the Holy one dressed in blood trimmed garments arrive. Everyone may think he is the devil. Because, the devil has been imagined in red. satan is a beautiful being of white light.
Prophetic Rejections Collide: (Unedited): 20 Oct 2016: 
As all of the old prophetic words to all of humanity collide. Great calamity, chaos and confusion comes to those as they suffer and die. For their rejection of the prophetic words is their judgement before they even committed their crimes/sins. 
It seems that many different traditions which have their own prophecies. Seem to have similar prophecies with other traditions. Such as the Hopi, Lakota and Christian. You guys and gals who know more than me. These puzzle pieces may be able to fit together to form a better and clearer picture of when things can happen. Are you following me on this. To be able to study all of the old prophecies and match them together. Humanity has only been able to do this until recently. You just have to make sure the prophetic information is from actual sources. The Lakota Black Snake is happening right now. Is the Hopi red Purifier the Jesus in Christian prophecy? What about the other prophets? accepted or not? yet still accurate-ish?
Prophecies Collide: (Unedited): 20 Oct 2016:
The wisdom of living a righteous life as only accepted by God is the only way to prevent and/or mitigate all of the bad and sad prophecies about to collide into the realities of all human beings. 
The purple words below. All without fears, threats or intimidation's.
Last Ditch Prophets: (Unedited): 20 Oct 2016:
From all over the world. Many peoples and traditions have their prophets. The prophets seem to have a common tone of coming calamities. For the words of the living prophets shall be your last ditch change of averting death and destruction.
A possible time line may be stitched together to form a clear event plan. For instance the black snake prophecy of the Lakota. How does that fit into the Christian timeline? How does other prophecies fit into the Hopi prophecies? How does it all fit together? How do you use this knew collective information to illuminate false teachings and reveal wrong interpretations? The big HOW!!! Indian Pun. (Stupid I know). How do you save lives? How do you prevent or mitigate all bad and sad prophecies ever spoken or written? Because, when Jesus comes again dressed in blood trimmed robes. He is coming to destroy. There will not be any negotiations or surrenders? The lamb of God is coming back as a hungry and very not happy Lion. Ever tried to deescalate a hostile lion face to face with soothing and loving words? Don't try it.
NOTE: I'm probably the only human being on this entire planet of 7.7 billion people who does not want Jesus to come back. I just don't. Not like that as stated in prophecy. I do however want Jesus to come back as a loving adopted brother of mine. A holy older, wiser adopted brother who welcomes me with open arms and a gentle smile. The other way as prophesied. Not so much. At all.
But, if the world continues on and the Lakota black snake is completed. Then the end follows in time. The DAPL in North Dakota may be just one of those obvious prophetic keys to all prophecies timings. Especially, if there is another mass killings of Native Americans by a militarized police force. Made up of various law enforcement organizations from various states. The militarized police force has air assets, armored personnel carriers against a people who pray. Which looks like mostly women. Really. This is becoming offensive to think about. But, I believe the Native Peoples will lose.
When those native peoples lose. It will force another very clear sign of prophecy. My writing does not mean I want the natives or first peoples to lose.
I want the first peoples to abide by the purple words. To pray. To conduct ceremony 24 hours a day. The shamans and holy people from around the world need to come together in that spot of Standing Rock. Stand together and become the rocks the people need. All peoples.
Repentance Last Call: (Unedited): 20 Oct 2016: 
The words of the long deceased prophets were your fore-warnings as the pleas and cries of the insane appearing living prophets are your last call for repentance and life.
 The time is at hand. When prophecies from all of the various peoples and traditions shall collide into oneness. From that oneness shall be seen the great purifier dressed in blood. He shall be followed by the hosts dressed in purity. There will only be war. No options for negotiations. satan has done his best to confuse the people with his own devil clown deceptions of dressed in red, horns and a tail. When in reality satan was the most beautiful of the angels. So when humanity sees the being dressed in blood trimmed clothing of holiness. We all will think that the purifier is the satan. For we all have been deceived to follow satan.
One Moment: (Unedited): 20 Oct 2016: 
As one is victorious in the moment another shall lose everything.
Who defines who the another shall be?  For the another is all of us.
Can you see with your eyes of reason? and a heart of love? or shall you see with disbelief and a heart of apathy? Look to Dakota and it's meaning. Look to the women and men who arm themselves with prayer as they are confronted with military men equipped with warfare. Who shall win? For I tell you the truth. As one is victorious in the moment another shall lose everything. The water protectors whose only weapon is prayer. Shall buy all of us time. Unless those prayer warriors lose against the thunderous weapons of apathetic men. Then how shall any of you drink clean water?
It seems the Lakota prophecy of the black snake leads to the Hopi prophecy of the red purifier which leads one to the return of Christ dressed in blood.
In the Dakotas. The name shall change when history of slaughter, suffering and death repeats itself. Where the prayers of the helpless. Shall be answered as the their last prayerful breath returns to the heavens. This shall guarantee a response.
Prophetic Tongue: (Unedited): 20 Oct 2016:
It is for man to predict the possibilities and probabilities of his own future or even fate. But, man can only communicate words of actual prophecy when that absolute prophetic message has been placed upon his own tongue from God.
Even the angels, do not know absolutely what is going to happen. Although, the angels are more advanced than us lowly human beings. They most likely mentally reside in the realms of absolute probability than that of possibility. Where as humanity tends to reside from the impossibility to the possible. To the most intellectually gifted of all human beings. The consideration that the angels and even the fallen angels may seem like they operate in the prophetic. But, they do not operate in the prophetic. The angels operate at an extreme higher degree of probability that seems like prophetic to us lowly human beings. Thus making us human beings that easy to deceive. Even those human beings that belong to that very exclusive club who consider MENSA an insult. I just hope that you smart people know that if your dealing with the fallen angels. They lost the war, lost badly, lost quickly, they were captured, imprisoned here and they didn't foresee it, nor could they defend themselves from any of it. So if you think your love, mercy and compassion for them is real. Well, maybe not. The fallen angels end game in regards to any human. Is humanities total extinction. Including their most devout and loyal followers.
The last part of the quote "when that absolute prophetic message has been placed upon his own tongue from God." Those angels and fallen angels which are far superior to any human being. They each can implant thoughts and memories as well as delete thoughts and memories from any human they choose. What the angels can do to our minds can go far deeper than I can explain now. I'm not even fully aware. Nor do I pretend to. The fallen angels and the good angels can alter your decision making capabilities as well as your belief systems.
Added on 20 Oct 2016@1715hrs.:
Well, Apparently the non-Christian and non religious people like to follow certain blogs that I write. So, I would suppose just by the numbers of certain groups who read these writings. May indicate a possible importance. Sometimes it is disheartening to suspect that the so called bad people are more interested than the so called good people. I find it interesting.
Over all It doesn't really matter. Because, Those persons who are the so called bad people or even the religious. They all will endure the coming wrath of God upon this world. What is worse is if those persons have no intention or care to change their own lives to become righteous and holy in the accepting eyes of God only. Which can lead a person to believe that they have already been prejudged. Just as those in the day of Noah and the time when Sodom was destroyed. Those people were living and they most likely knew not that they all had already been prejudged. I will soon be adding a section on prophecy, possibility and probability. In which you have already read.
Added on 21 Oct 2016:
Prophecies End: (Unedited): 21 Oct 2016:
All old and new prophecies end when the Holy purifier clothed in blood begins to rain fire down upon us all. 
This is for everyone who is only religious and not righteous. This is for everyone who has already been pre-judged by only God. This is for those who believe in a rapture which may not be a true teaching. Everything ends and a new thing or a new way shall also begin. All that was known and forgotten shall be erased. It will be like nothing ever existed. There shall be no escape unless it has been ordered by the Holy One dressed in a blood red robe. If you have the ability to depart this solar system. You may want to go now. It will not matter if you can go back in time or not. Because, the purification from the Holy One may even cleanse the entire time line. It will be like you never existed. Except you will either be rewarded or perpetually purified in everlasting pain and torment.
Note: I Really Really Really want the Rapture teaching to be true. Really. But, I also know that no matter how this body I reside in expires. The greater form of living life actually begins out of the prison of this very limited life form known as a human being. I also know how the prophets, saints, disciples, unknown common Christians and Jesus Christ died. I'm not as worthy or as important as any of them. Who died as Steven and Jesus had. With love and forgiveness being expressed as they fell asleep.
Unknown News in the USA: Middle Eastern Christians are dying horrible deaths and are being exterminated. Many reports state that they are dying as Jesus and Steven had. There was no rapture for any of them. So what makes us think we are more important?
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday.
To Love one another.
To live in peace with everyone.
To exist in harmony with all.
To Cherish all life.
To be obedient to the Laws of God.
To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.


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