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Ecstasy of Destruction: (Unedited): 05 Oct 2016:

Victory, Celebration and ecstasy awaits the evil hordes. When the permission is finally given unto them to go forth to kill all Christians and (Americans)westerners. What ever remains of anything which is truly good and historical in the western world. Shall to be destroyed.
 I see the use of hordes as a racist word. Similar to the use of the term evil barbarians. Habakkuk is a book in the Bible you should read as with the book of Amos. They are very short reads. If you want to know more look for my writings specifically on Habakkuk. There is much in depth information and links to study materials.
A friend of mine watches worldly movies and is a Christian. He told me about one movie called "The Purge". I do not know anything about it. His description of the movie to me was a little scary. I have no intention of learning more about this movie.
But can you imagine. That in one hour and in one day the great Babylon shall be destroyed. There is only one country in this modern world which can be identified as Babylon and that is the USA. If you read what I have written previously about modern day Babylon. Then you know. If not then read my older writings about Babylon and the USA.
The United States is full of gangs, bad people, Islamic fighters and a host of other pre positioned military personnel from other Nations. Just basic strategy. All of these people know something will happen and they all know it to be their sign to go forth and to do as they will it. Once these people figure out the three strikes has occurred. 1). Power outage 2). All technology dead/fried 3). No working modern day transportation or infrastructure. These people will know it is their time as soon as the planes stop falling out of the sky.
In that first day, which will be less than 72 hours after the third strike. All of these groups or persons will go out and do as they feel they must. Millions will die. Fires everywhere. Those who are not hunkered down in that first year may very well perish. Those who remain underground for even a longer period of time may improve their chances of over all survival. Assuming good health and sanity can be maintained.
The US Federal Government will survive. Although the Federal Government will be at war with their own people. One of the tenants of the American Government is to protect the people. It will become common knowledge that the US Government sold them out, started the war and wars. All in secret. It may even become known that the US Government manipulated Russia and China to attack first and swiftly against an unknowing and unaware American population. How many of you have eaten in mindless peace and enjoyed a wonderful meal in a Chinese restaurant? Did you wonder if that Chinese person was going to kill you at any moment? of course not. What about those Russian neighbors or friends? have you ever wondered about when they were going to kill you as you did or conducted some form of business with them? NO.
So if the USA, Russia and China are in a state of an approaching hot war? how have you prepared to survive it all? Or have you thought that the coming Chaldean's is all in the old testament of the Bible?
Not a story and not a prophecy for today?
The Lord God must discipline New JerUSAlem for all of their sins which they put forth into every nation of the world. For New JerUSAlem has evolved into the last Babylon. Even erecting alters and statues of satan and the god baal. All over the nation. All without argument or action. The new marriage laws which is absolutely contrary to Jehovah. The gay rights parades and celebrations in which the Christian body does nothing. For God must act if God does not act then God will become a liar. The time is at hand. Just as those devout Christian souls are being tortured and killed all without any hope for a rapture. They are dying for their faith and are dying like Steven and Jesus.
Now is your time to become righteous and holy in the accepting eyes of God only. Now is the time to pray and fast. Now is the time to stay in the Holy Bible.
Be certain of this. The coming disciplines from God shall be felt by the Christian body first and most. For it is they who were entrusted with this Country of God. It is the Christian who has allowed it to become a godless and evil entity. So everything which happens to America is the fault of the Christian.
So go and vote or not at all. For your vote of one of the greater evils or for one of the lesser evils shall still be a vote for evil. Your vote and non vote shall be one against God Jehovah.
The term use of "third strike" is a reference to baseball. That a singular event can cause all three strikes or realizations of an occurrence.
The use of the word "Chinese" is also a racist term in this particular blog. Not intended as an insult. Just more about American ignorance.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday.

To Love one another.
To live in peace with everyone.
To exist in harmony with all.
To Cherish all life.
To be obedient to the Laws of God.
To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
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