Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Thy Will Be Done +2: (Edited): 28 March 2017:

If righteousness and holiness are not a part of your spiritual or religious path, are you really sure you want to sing or pray "Thy will be done"?
If righteousness and holiness be in your heart, then the spirit rejoices in "Thy will be done".
If your heart and mind are filled with the religious understanding of men, your spirit shall weep at "Thy will be done".
It is interesting that everyone wants "Thy Will Be Done" so as long as it always benefits them in some way. Yet we always seem to be always disobedient to His commands on how we all should live our lives as was originally intended from the beginning. Even those stories in the Holy Bible which reveal a host of continual bad behaviors and bad decisions are all stories about how not to live your life of continual free choices.
The 1.5 hour-a-week Christian sings their praise and worship songs to the God who shall be their judge, not knowing or understanding that all of His actions are absolutely true, absolutely good, absolutely correct, absolutely righteous, absolutely holy and absolutely the right action in the exact time of its occurrence. It doesn't matter if you're aware of it, believe it or are even against it. God does not need your permission or acceptance for His will to be done at any time.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.
To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
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