Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Familiar Habit (unedited). 05 Jan 2011

Creatures of habit will always prefer which is familiar to them. Even if it is misery, hardship and sadness. They may even angrily reject anything you say that is contrary to their life. C.J.MacKechnie
 You good people. Do not flee from the young ones who know not anything good. All that a young person may know may be only bad and sad, misery and chaos, hardship and difficulties, sadness and despair. So when you introduce any new concept which is absolutely alien and foreign to them. They may unknowingly reject it outright. This is a self protection mechanism which to them is a natural response. Think about it. These young people have survived and are surviving in hell. So any new content or concepts which you provide may be perceived by them as some form of an attack. In which their typical response is anger, hatred, apathy and retreat. Your dealing with a feral cat or another kind of animal. 
You good people. Earn their trust. Express love without a promise for them to repay you. In time. They may soften or they may flee forever. Either way the seeds of love in which you plant may begin to grow. You good people do not be like the religious who only does a good thing once for one person. Be like the good Samaritan. Who was there from the beginning and into the end of that mans healing process. This is the same thing. A good person who is on the path of holiness will do the good thing for the entire duration. Where as the religious person may only cut and run after the writing of a check. The healing process may be more than physical. There is the emotional healing process. The spiritual healing process. There is also the empowerment of an injured person. Enabling  a person to becoming self sufficient. 

Will be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: