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Edgar Cayce. A part of his future map explained. Around march 2012,+: (Unedited):

A question burned into my mind. A basic question. The symbol of man? Not the symbol of a man. Maybe more accurately what symbol best identifies man? What is the most common Geometric symbol used by man? 
There is a thought process in the explanation. 
Most everything that man has made in the last few thousand years is made up of squares. Yes, there have been a few cultures who have used triangles or circles. Mostly the square identifies the building practices of all of mankind.
Ive only heard about this psychic Edgar Cayce from the paranoid radio show "Coast to Coast, with Art Bell and now George Noory". Every now and then I would be on Home time as an Over the road truck driver. Get online to further entertain myself on the internet. The future and prophecy has always been an interest of mine. 
I noticed something when I did a Google search on "Future Maps". I saw something odd in Edgar Cayces future map of the USA. A rough square shape lake. It troubled me. Not really sure why. In the last few months. I think I understand it or somewhat understand it.
In the universe. The square is unnatural. The most common shape in the universe is the circle or sphere shape. 
I think the rough shape of the square and its location in the USA is a multidimensional or multipurpose message. This is what I think it means. I'm not sure if it has already been spoken of or written about. 
The REIKI symbol HON SHA ZE SHO NEN which incorporates the use of a square also, helped with the man symbol. This is the Reiki symbol for distance and connection. It is also timeless. The aspect of distance. You must have an origin and a destination. I believe the square is the origin. In some drawings of the symbol. You can intuitively make out the solar system. (07 July 2012 update).
28 July 2012: Just discovered information about a square symbol on a location called Hopi prophecy rock. Possibly about pathways of human origins and human conclusion. A path of a good life and the path of death (Extinction). This is not about a singular human beings life or death. It is about the life and death of the whole human family upon this family. We are all one humanity or one race or one family.
The completion of the Human Genome Project is factual evidence that all of humanity is one. One race. One Family. One people. That which is common in all of humanity is of a  great percentage (99.9%). The differences of all of humanity is of a very small percentage (.1%).  All of humanity should not be divided or separated over such a small percentage. 
The square represents man. The position of the square lake and its time relationship is the pin point of blame for the near extinction of all of humanity. Accident or on purpose. Not sure as prophecy is like a fluid or water. The country of cause is the USA. The more exact location is near the fabled secret military bases. 
So, What I think this means is that the USA may be at fault for all of the future changes of land masses around the world. Not even the worlds deep underground bunkers will be safe havens.  
The purpose of any and all prophecies is to prevent or mitigate all undesirable seen or unseen future events. Assuming the level of technology is present.
The purpose of any and all prophecies is to manifest into a future reality any desirable and positive vision, dream or plan. Especially, if it benefits all.
Any human person is and can be a prophet.
:Added on 02 July 2013:

Prophecy is only probable, when a simple revelation can alter everything. Which must be followed with good and righteous works of prevention.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.
To Love one another.
To live in peace with everyone.  
To exist in harmony with all.  
To Cherish all life.  
To be obedient to the Laws of God.  
To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.  
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