Saturday, June 30, 2012

Future of Humanity is tied to China Vision. Earlier 2012.

By Memory. Is written down via Ink.

THE POSITIVE. China Leads "ALL" of Humanity to the now undefined edge of our solar system. The leadership of China Re-accepts the The philosophies and religion of their ancestors. There is also integration of aspects of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The path of Holiness becomes separate from the path of religion. Love, peace, harmony and Life becomes a logically acceptable goal for all.
A billion plus humans live outside of Earths atmosphere and within the confines of this solar system.
China will be remembered forever as the force which brings all of humanity together.  C.J.MacKechnie
The negative. China remains rigid in their pursuit of China's mix of communism and capitalism. China is not the triggering device that the USA has become. China becomes the explosive. Because of this. The end of humanity becomes a result.
Because the common American people have been perpetually deceived by the ruling parties and families of government. They will not see the China threat coming. The American politicians have and will dishonor all agreements with China. While at the same time guaranteeing their own freedom and their families freedom. This includes the movement of their wealth to Europe and other places.  The American Government will default on all monies owed to China. The United nations will not accept the American system of government as a recognized entity. All Lands, assets will be dispersed to those countries whom the former USA owes funds to. The common American people will bare the burden of all debts and must repay all with interest. This will become generational enslavement.
no matter how China's Military will attacks secret assets in the south western USA. They trigger the doomsday devices. Thus begins the end of humanity. No one will remember the human race and our technology. If humanity does happen to survive. They will revert back to a state of zero language and zero education. Surviving Humanity will become driven by animalistic impulses.
NOTE: When i first saw this vision. I saw one very successful attack by China against secret military assets in North America. China wins. Then the continents, mountains and water move. I saw myself writing it down. Then a new vision of a dozen different attacks against the secret military installation or installations. China wins them all. Then humanity ends. Not all at once but over time.
China's only real move militarily is a no move and hope like the hot place. That the leadership in those secret military installations do not self destruct on purpose. The self destruct is what causes the extinction of humanity.
What does this all mean? In order for humanity to survive this stage of our existence. we must war no more. We must see one another as family despite the color of skin and hair, the shape of our noses and ears,  the length and shape of each of us. The human genome project proves the logic that we all are ONE RACE OF HUMANS. We all must accept this logical truth and disavow all of those who claim a difference.
24 July 2012: Human Genome Project. Proves we are all one race of human beings.  Racism is an illusion. Racism is a tool used by leaders for their own selfish means of control. Racism is a lie and a deception.
24 July 2012: A nuclear attack upon Las Vegas, Nevada, USA could trigger the USA military dooms day weapon system which is close by. If this happens. Then that group will be responsible for the extinction of humanity.
Probably Will not be included in future volumes of "Musings of an American Truck Driver".
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