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Florida Sinks Vision. earlier 2012. Similar to William Branham

In the night time. I saw people coming and going without a care in the world. The water was slowly rising until the water began to slowly cross the coastal streets. No major waves. Just a slow steady rise of the waters. Weird. Thus is only the calm beginning. Until the screaming torrents flow.
Since, I live in Florida. I assume it is about Florida.
There will be events which precede the sinking. The water springs all around the South eastern USA. Will begin to over flow. Loud noises deep and with no direction to source will happen.
Even in the Gulf of Mexico close to Pinellas County Florida. An underwater spring will be easily seen. Weeki Wachee Florida will see more water in their springs. Enough to flood. Water pumps will have to much water pressure.
A line which crosses just south of Abbeville Alabama USA (Henry County) going East and west will become southern safe zones. In which governments will organize and administer to the surviving northward refugees.
The Red Cross, Salvation Army, Goodwill, YMCA and etc. All need to make a large presence in Abbeville, Alabama and any other place of high elevation on a North/South Highway. Macon, Ga. Tifton, Ga.
Their buildings had large kitchens and meeting rooms. They also had large football/soccer fields and indoor basketball courts. Which were easily converted for emergency uses.
The national Guard needs to expand their post/base in that area.
Need to focus on helicopter operations.
I saw large bridges crossing over 431 from Hwy 10 and 27. These bridges were large enough to land helicopters and were pretty. Although they do not exist today.
The federal government built a safe building on high ground to house their necessary agencies as well as local government agencies.
What is the cause? Have no Idea.
William Branham prophecies believe it to be simple global warming. I don't think so.
I think it would take global warming to sink Florida decades or centuries. The sinking of Florida took a day or more. With a gradual acceleration of sinking.
07 July 2012
Elevation controls from Airports will be off on their elevations. Causing landing problems.
Odd visible Piezoelectric occurrences. Along perimeters. Where ever those are. Maybe fracturing.
Added On 03 May 2013: 
This precedes the sinking. I had a vision some time ago about a wave possibility 20-40+ feet tall. It was as if I was watching the television as the views changed from helicopter to helicopter. I saw a person standing on a bridge which now appears to be the bridge which joins Clearwater and Clearwater Beach. He was the only one. I saw no vehicles on the Causeway. The Beach may have been evacuated prior to the approach of the wave. The wave was coming from the west and traveling east- Of course it would have to. I think the wave is not a primary wave but one which have had to already impacted elsewhere.  Hence the time which was taken to evacuate all of the beaches. The wave comes into Clearwater and then I woke up. I do know it was an absolutely beautiful day.

This vision has become something I'm remembering lately because of my new job taking me into Dunedin, Fl. often. Along the coast. The new bridges of Clearwater Beach, Florida. Is the location of the visions.
All of Florida and parts of Georgia, Alabama will have to be completely evacuated forever, many thousands of years.
:Update 08 July 2013: Do the research yourself and become self educated. This guy seems to be very knowledgeable in his profession of reporting. He does not dumb down his reporting. So keep a piece of pen and a paper on hand to write down those fancy words of his. Then re-watch his videos. I liked it. Especially where he shows possible factual evidence of slow fall/rise of sea floor. In which I have no direct knowledge of this science. But, It does correlate with my vision of sea floor falling or the entire peninsula of Florida sinking at a slow rate.
Under the About Tap within this video, select it. It will reveal source information websites. I really like this.All of the links are from Suspicious0bservers.

The REAL Climate Changer:
Ice Age Soon?
An Unlikely but Relevant Risk - The Solar Killshot:


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Tropical Storms:
HurricaneZone Satellite Images:
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TORCON: [Tornado Forecast for the day]

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MISC Links:
JAPAN Radiation Map:
RSOE: [That cool alert map I use]

If the North and south poles are now moving as declared by the we are all going to die conspiracy websites.  Then what is not considered is the Earths Equator will also move. From this movement the land will also re-distribute via random in appearance rise and fall of land. Not just what is above the water but also below. As the equator moves so will the fatness of the earth. 

Also did some minor editing  and added some minor content. 
:Added on 09 July 2013:
 Very interesting to think about
:Added on 30 Aug 2013:
This video is dated back to 2012. Title : Florida underwater soon.

This is sea level rise on the gulf coast: This is similar to what I saw as an end result. Except it happened in a day or so. Not many hundreds of years.
Added on 10 Sept 2013: News. As Local/State and Federal governments become godless and anti-righteous. This is the spiritually moving away from the safety and protections of the Holy spirit. As the elected leaders move the USA into a godless society. Everyone will suffer the effects from those godless actions. Those elected officials are our leaders and it doesn't matter if you didn't vote for them or not. You will still either be blessed or cursed by the actions of your elected officials. It is not GOD who curses, it is us who curses ourselves.
11 Sept 2013: Added content: Interesting discovery about the meaning of Florida.

I'm not really sure what this means.
Also, Just found out the daughter had a dream about aliens who told us to leave. This is the short of her dream. Also,  neighbors across the street was leaving as well. Interesting. Probably nothing. I don't know.
 Added on 18 Oct 2013: Interesting news. High Tides. They blame global warming.

Earthquakes in the Caribbean should be of interest for study.
Added on 21 May 2015: update. Some content older.
There seems to be some other people having new dreams and visions of the sinking of Florida.
Added on 09 Dec 2015:
Fracking in Florida is now news and since Florida is an Oligarchy just as is the USA Federal Government. The measure will most likely pass. I hope it doesn't. There will be Scientific declarations that the fracking process is safe. It won't be.
This may be the event which the acidic elements used in the fracking fluid. Actually causes the free flow demise of the Limestone in which all of or most of Florida sits on. Once Florida's lime foundation liquefies all of it may come crashing down when the deep high pressure water finds new pathways to the surface. The process won't happen over night. But, once it begins it cannot be stopped. Water contamination may be a concern and the politicians area of focus. The entire loss of the water tables will mean the sinking of Florida.

Added on 17 May 2016: 
There is a lot of news about the Gulf of Mexico in the last week on Paranoid Media type of sites. They are talking about unknown and recently discovered underwater types of volcanoes. They are talking about the rise in the temperatures of the Gulf of Mexico. This is not about surface temperatures. If the water temperatures were as high as they say at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Then we would already be dead as the high temperatures alone. Would release methane into the air displacing all of the oxygen we breathe. Thus, everyone in the southeast USA would just suffocate and everyone else as the invisible and odorless methane journeyed in the direction of the winds or current weather patterns towards the northeast. 
If the Gulf waters are truly that warm. Then the storms coming to Florida and the southeast are going to be frequent and severe. Because, It is the storms which cools the Gulf temperature. The higher the water temperature the more severe the storms. That is just the way it works. Tropical storms and hurricanes which form well within the Gulf of Mexico. May become more common until the Gulf temperatures are normalized.
Also the weather will change for Europe in relation to the warmer than normal Gulf stream temperatures.
Is this the thing which begins this old vision of mine. I do not know. I just watched many videos on this and read many things. It all just seems like natural occurrences of this planet which were only discovered in 2003. Which most likely means these Earth processes are as ancient as the meteor impact many many many thousands of years ago or is that millions of years ago. Which killed off the dinosaurs and formed what we now know as the Gulf of Mexico and Florida. What was surprising is I didn't find any alien involvement in the paranoid types of videos I had to endure. (LOL).
That is my dime.
Also, to note: I have moved closer to the Gulf of Mexico. As a matter of fact my back yard is a river which has direct access to the Gulf. I live in a 100 year old wood framed house. The sea wall is mostly destroyed. The back yard soils has gone into the river and the house is losing it's foundation. Pretty sad that the landlord won't invest any money. But, we are poor and this was the only place which accepted my family of 7 people. We do not complain at the non working A/C or the incomplete kitchen. Were thankful for not being homeless. 
Here is something of importance to consider. 
I had this vision and yet. We are still not several hundred miles west of the Mississippi river or above 700 feet in elevation. We are now closer to the Gulf of Mexico than ever before. As a matter of fact. The Gulf of Mexico is nearly my back yard. There are seawalls which are a hundred years old and yet they are very much above the waters. So this global warming sea level rise may not be what it is. Also, In parts of this vision which I still remember. I used to think it was the Dunedin area of road (Alt19) travel along the coast. But, now, I think my visions entailed images to driving along Grand Ave. In New Port Richey, Florida. We have zero plans of moving anywhere. Not that we have the ability to move anywhere. Much like the folks during Katrina. Without becoming homeless, job's-less and food-less and all of the other less-ness.  
Updated on 04 July 2016: Florida Fracking news.
What is really interesting about this news. Is that Oklahoma with all of it's Fracking related earthquakes has been approved for the Gulf of Mexico. No Major or even minor news services is reporting on this at all.  
Added on 29 Sept 2016: Mosaic Sink Hole. 
I work commercially with fertilizer regularly. I know that if you do not properly clean your equipment. Your equipment will corrode. Yes, that means steal will be eaten away by the fertilizer. 
The big question for me is. To what degree is the 215 million gallons of waste water radioactive? It was in an open air pit. To what degree is the acidity of the waste waste when it was in the pen air pit? How will the acidic and radioactive water react to the lime structure of Florida? 
I saw the videos. That sink hole had been there for a while as it had stabilized. The drain flow also seems older than stated. 
The coloring of the soil also does not seem to be the correct coloring all the way down the sink hole. So does that mean the water was so hot that it burned the soil as it goes down? 
The dilution rates should take care of the problem over time. But, will PH Balance be maintained so as not to cause additional sink holes? 
I think this might be a puzzle piece. I think the water loss @215 million gallons may be in error on the low side.
Added on 22 Feb 2018:
Yesterday The Great Reverend Billy Graham has passed away. I have written about Billy Graham passing away and what it would mean prophetically.
I just woke up from this dream and audible vision.
I saw great destruction in most places of the USA. All over the USA. Then I heard "Seven point O earthquake in North Florida." Then nothing. I asked how can that be? There isn't a fault line anywhere up there. No Answer.
Note: 55 minutes of writing just gone.
What became missing?
The direction on how to save yourself. For in any bad and sad prophecy given. One must include the hope of mitigation and prevention.
The direction is always with Jesus Christ. The direction is for you to become holy and righteous in the accepting eyes of God your Heavenly Father. By your own free choice. All without any threats, fears, intimidation's. Just as Nineveh was sparred with the words of Jonah and the actions of a repentant people. So can be all of our prophetic fate. Which is extinction without the involvement of God. So at the very least become a remnant and one of those souls to be saved. While knowing that once saved always saved may be just another delusion. How long did it take for Lots wife to mentally and emotionally sin and look back? Go and test how much time it takes to look back. Lots wife was saved and then she wasn't. So to shall it be for the selected chosen by God.
The sign of a great delusion given from God. This is a sign for only the righteous and holy as defined by God only. Those who are in delusion will easily be seen by those who are actually righteous and holy. Seeing the evil doers they will go elsewhere. For they are hidden to the world even within the entire Christian Faith. So much so that when and if the rapture occurs.
They the clean remnant will be taken while the vast majority of the soiled cloth will remain.
They the religious leaders will have a great meeting and declare the missing as just those troubled souls who just move around. Many times rudely not saying farewell.
Something for you to think about. How small or large can a remnant be? Who decides how big or small a remnant is? Only God and no one else. The purple words below will help you. Now go and sin no more.
Added on 02 March 2018:
Florida threatened by Russia:
 To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.
To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
All without any pride, ego, arrogance, supremacy and entitlements.
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