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New Battleship Vision. Earlier 2012

A new type of Naval warship will take to the seas. The post WW2 theory that the Battleships usefulness is in error. Almost as long as an American Aircraft Carrier. Nuclear powered. New engines and capabilities. Duties as perimeter security in fleet operations as well as wolf packs.
One battleship can penetrate into the heart of any Aircraft Carrier Battle Group and end it. Independent targeting ability at speed.
More than one Keel and possibly 8 keels.  This ship can roll over and right itself.
75+ knot top speed. Electric motors. Stacked Water jets? 6 over 5, 5 over 4, 4 over 3,
Odd ducting for directional bow thruster's. To be used at speed for enhanced maneuvering. More, Larger and more powerful than is militarily typical. The hull would also need to be enhanced to handle this kind of high speed maneuvering ability.
6+ Nuclear power plants. Isolated power outputs for independent systems as well as combined.
30-50 120+ MM or larger EM Guns on each side of ship. Low side of ship. Automated. Capable of  destroying satellites as they rise across the horizon.
10-30 self contained Gatling gun automated systems for incoming air defense and surface threats. Per side. A number on Rear decks and forward.
10-30 Self contained short range anti air missile systems. Per side. A number on Rear decks.
10-30 Self contained medium range anti air missile systems. Per side. A number on Rear Decks.
30-50 mid deck 8-12 inch EM Guns on each side of ship. Possibly capable of destroying Satellites.
Mid Deck Platform to hold and secure Main Battle Tanks. Which can network with the Ships computers for target acquisitions and release permissions. May not have been actual tracked vehicles.
Upper deck Platforms which can hold and secure MLRS. Which can network with the ships computers for target acquisitions and release permissions. May not have been actual tracked vehicles.
3 to 4 rows of Cruise missile launchers. With automated loading and reloading systems. 400 Launch tubes??? 3000 cruise missiles at the ready. ??? How many Nuclear tipped???
30+ Torpedo tubes per side. Oddly aimed or pointed.
4 Torpedo tubes aft.
Rear Helicopter deck and service area. This is the weakest area Defensively speaking.They will have several flights of Attack helicopters. Not sure why. Unless it is an expanded or modular capability of a future.
There must be a way to load and off load tracked vehicles. Not sure how.If There is tracked vehicles.
Some kind of launch or torpedo system in the Bow of ship. Weapon system for ramming ???
The electric water jet engines are easily removed for replacement and upgrades. The rear of the ship extends out wide for an additional two more engines. Each engine has its own trust steering nozzle. Multiple pathways for steering controls and isolation's in case of damage.
Each EM gun systems is self contained and heavily armored. So if a EM gun gets damaged or destroyed. It does not affect the others nor risk spreading fires or flooding water.
All systems have independent isolation to prevent the spread of damage.
The command war center is deep inside mid ship. The non battle stations command center is open and glassed.
It will not be common for men and women to be outside. Won't be safe.
The EM Guns power systems with have a 3 tiered system. In other words. The guns can fire 3-6 rounds fast. Then wait for Re-Charge. The next generation inductor/capacitor combination decreases recharge time. Increases ships weight and slows down top speed. Until the new engines are created. The hull should be engineered for 100+ knots.
What happens to the weapons when used at 100+ Knots? Including Torpedoes?
The bow and whole ship is designed to survive ramming. If it cant free itself from the rammed ship. It may go down with it. But, it still survives. Sort of? or is that mostly, when raised?
Most of the ships contents will be off the shelf.
Is this a new American warship or a new Israeli Naval ship in the next 20-40 years? Russian kirov 2?
===================      (Will be a new bottom up design and not just another additional improvement or capability.) 
==================   (Not what I'm thinking)        (Not sure what this means).
02 Feb 2013:

Is this the ship in my vision? Kind of weird since it has been in existence since around 1980.  Seems older version. Something newer comes soon. Guess I'm kind of late. I think some of my interpretations of the vision is incorrect. Just my best guesses. Since I'm not a naval war expert by any means. I've never even been out further than 10 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico. I did not know of the battle-cruisers of Russia until about a month ago.

Added On: 21 July 2013:
Updated Information Kirov-Class battle-cruiser.  Could this be the precursor to the next battleship/battle-cruiser?
There is current news of the Kirov. Which when these 4 Ships complete modernization. They together will become the four most power naval surface ships of the world. With most of the capabilities listed above in my vision.  When these four ships surround two or more aircraft carrier battle groups joined together. The survivability of the protected battle group is heightened.
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UPDATED ON: 31 July 2012: 19 Aug 2012: 18 Sept 2012: 02 Feb 2013: 21 July 2013:
Added on 26 Dec 2013:
1,111 foot long battleship? From a new Naval factory?
Energy weapons. This is new additional weapons systems. Multiple frequency or wave lengths. In other words. Instead of a singular wavelength laser weapon. Multiple wave length lasers can be fired at a singular target. Contained in a singular housing.
Added on 03 April 2014: Multiple dimensions of warfare.
The capabilities of this new battleship shall be able to do the following things simultaneously. 
1). Attack and defend itself against submarine weapons systems.
2). Attack and defend itself against surface ships.
3). Attack and defend itself against weapons and planes in the air. This also, includes energy based weapons
4). Attack and defend itself against weapons platforms in orbit, possibly sub-orbital in the beginning. From ship to
5). Be able to coordinate the defense and attack of multiple targets from the multiple dimensions of warfare.

A new vision of this new battle ship is the length just grew 200 feet or so. Into the largest surface war ship.
Added on 04 April 2014:
This may possibly become a new practice for  warfare in general.
This new Battleship will also have with it. A dedicated satellite. Which will grow into several satellite systems for varying design purposes.
The spy satellite, This satellite will gather all sorts of intelligence.

 The observational satellite, which will peer into everything on the surface. Which will be able to also look orbital as well as outside of earths orbit

communications satellite, which will be obvious.

 the warfare systems satellite, Which will actively defend the battleship as will as hunt down other satellites and destroy them. Will have the ability to not only look down but also look outside of Earths orbit.

Just as WW2 saw the emergence of the Aircraft carrier so to when and if WW3 begins. The country who can place weapons systems into orbit. Will command any theater of warfare. 
Intelligent target acquisition for efficient elimination of any perceived threats. This means when hundreds of attacks are coming onto one side of the ship. The defensive targeting computer will ascertain the greatest threat as well as selecting the best weapon for threat elimination. So a weapon can be selected to fire upon a lesser threat simply because of weapon orientation and efficiency.
This particular vision entails an attack by hundreds of planes as well as their individual missiles. The insane commander simply defends the first attacking strike. Then he attacks. He wins as fire erupts from all weapons platforms. The battle has ended twice. The first wall of fire and smoke is defensive and the second wall of fire and smoke is offensive. The most efficient method for the commander was to do both defend and attack simultaneously. Which is a capability. His action was more of a statement. 
During weapon exhaustion. The commander will need to keep the ship orientated so that the weapons systems which need to be replenished/repaired can be in relative safety to his crews.  
Added on 13 April: American new warship: Is this the ship in my vision? Naw. To lil', wrong engines and to slow. Oh yea, not enough guns.
Added on 07 Feb 2015: Naval Rail-gun vision:
The EM Rail Gun needs to have an effective speed greater than mach 10. Faster the better. In the public news it has been stated that the newest US Navy rail gun has achieved mach 6. This speed should only be minimally acceptable. Especially, if that is the best you can do. The US navy wants a launching capability of about 20 rounds per minute. Greater rounds per minute can be achieved in other very heavy additions.
I think the addition of heavy weight can be eliminated if each rail gun had it's own dedicated nuclear power source. With always on power generation. There should be no need for storage systems. Which are incredibly heavy and take up huge amounts of space.
Back to mach 6 EM Rail Gun. This speed is way to low. The US Navy really needs to deny any one from getting within 100+ miles of a standing fleet. Mach 10 plus is really mandatory.
Staggered tri-mount system.
1). The top left or top right Rail gun is longer then the other top mounted Rail-gun tube. The single bottom tube appears longer than the other three tubes. All three weapons tubes are equal in actual length. All three tubes are enclosed within a triangular box. The triangular box is the primary stabilizing support for the weapons tubes. Looks odd but appears to be better defend-able than having a portion of the Rail gun mechanism above the ships deck.  The top flat surface of the rail gun box lays flat on to the surface deck of the ship. I don't really care what the business end looks like if it is potent.
2). All three guns form a close quarter  joining together into a triangle. All three weapons tubes appear to be equal in length. The triangular boxing seeps to be smaller in comparison to the above staggered system. In the shape of a circular sphere is the housing mechanism for the rail guns. It sticks up above the decking. From within this circular sphere is all three rail gun mechanisms.
3). There should be an auto-loading system for the projectiles. Unknown. Did not see any.
4). There should also be a caliber down sizing. Only saw one.
A standard thinking EM Rail Gun Battleship. May consist of 4 primary EM Rail Gun weapons systems. Each with it's own primary nuclear power source. 8 medium sized EM Rail Gun weapons systems. Plus the addition of a variety of standard defensive/offensive weapons platforms.
In the modern world. You really have to think and act dimension-ally. You have to be able to track a variety of threats in real time and target launch each threat in accordance to threat levels. You have to do so very quickly and accurately.
The new modern day battleship needs to be able to track orbital assets and target them in accordance to threat assessment. Because, There is an evolution to all things in warfare. Everyone knows this. The next emerging threat environment is sub-orbital. This is the aircraft carrier theory of pre-WW2. So in order to promote any naval ship longevity. They each must be able to track, target and launch weapons against any sub-orbital threat. Space is a really big place and so to are the orbits around this planet Earth. The orbits of the Earth will be the place for new military assets. Access and denial of orbit is going to be tantamount in any future warfare success/victory.
Added on 16 Feb 2016: Japan? Time is running out. 2025ish.
President Abe is the warrior. I think the big question is who will build the ships in my vision and in this vision do I really describe a new class of war ships with offensive capabilities as not seen before. Sometimes my visions are blurry not because of some defect within my capabilities but because the visions can be layered. Meaning not only have I seen the new great Battleships, but also destroyers and cruisers. All at once. What if a new generation of  landing craft has also been created. Where the tanks or armor are placed within the ship so to offer their own networked fire power solutions. So how many ships are in this one vision? Ask the question about these floating targets which has very minimal defense or zero offensive capabilities? Which in a new modern war. Your assets go to the bottom, without ever firing a shot.
Anyway back to the warrior President Abe. He is wanting to build his military and is now legally able to put forth a military. Just like every other nation. Japan needs a stand off weapon against China's Island aircraft carriers. Japan could build their own Island helicopter Aircraft Carriers. I have a whole set of visions for those as well. Which would greatly limit China, North Korea and Russia. I have had many visions in regards to Japan the Island. I see it with no people. I've researched others who have spoken prophetically as well as those who claims the space aliens say it will be OK in Japan. Yea. I do not see it. I see the whole of the Japanese people. Leaving their Island and building great city sized domes. I only want for peace and no one building any weapons of any kind. No matter how small the apparent probability is at this time.
Back to President Abe. I think he no longer has the freedom to choose peace. Just as every other world leader no longer can choose peace. It matters not who is holding office or not. Every nation is actively preparing for war. All of them who are capable. Go and research it for yourself. Then go and research how many nations are active in a war situation? Then look to see how small their military capabilities are and their ability to project sustained power for a long time. Most cannot as the civilian populations in each western country does not have the will to do so.
Can Japan be the ones who build these advanced ships. All with their own dedicated satellite warfare system. They do have the technical know how and the ability to build warships. The only big question is the man power or person power. Will Japan survive their negative growth rates? Will Japan citizens become as they were during WW2? or at the very least similar to Israel population. Where every person must serve in the military. Even the USA is talking women to be drafted.
What does Japan need for their Navy? I have stated this in other places in regards to Israel.
Japan can acquire the retiring fleets of American ships and boats. No more stated on this. While at the same time building these new warships. The only big issue is no one knows how to build the new types of electric motors yet. Deleted generator comment. Note to self. Do not speak about these new motors in any detail.
17 Feb 2016:
Japan Helicopter Aircraft Carriers. To be used with the current prototype Sikorsky S-97 Raider concept. I have seen in a vision. Flights of helicopters leaving one of the soon to be built islands. The launching of numerous Long Range Air defense missiles which can be re-assigned targets in flight. The launching of numerous cruise missiles which seem to scatter in their own perspective packs. While at the same time flights of fighters and bombers follow their assigned cruise missiles to target locations.
On each of the Islands. I see continuous above ground hardened buildings. Within each oddly shaped building. Has dedicated launching containers for a variety of missiles. The most prevalent and easily seen system is the CWS phalanx systems. Except it had a different appearance. Maybe additional radar wavelength, missile battery capabilities or in their placement. These units surrounded each facility in a overlapping 360 degree field. Areas of thought were shore protection, anti ship defense, helicopter defense and incoming missile threats. Each Island can have as many as 50-100 units. Nothing will get close.
I also see a dozen phased array radars. Plus numerous other radar systems per island. Then all of this data overlay-ed into one usable sourced information display. A complete outer engagement bubble of 200Km @ 360 degrees.
For instance. If one radar frequency can ?see? a questionable target. The other radar systems can be assigned to target the questionable moving target. The flood of radar energy into that particular space may cause damage to the object or just cook the hapless birds. Either way possible end of unknown problem. So much for bird stealth.
I also have seen in a cross pattern extending out from the central main building. These are long buildings. Which contain the new naval advanced gun systems. I could see maybe a dozen pods on top. For a total number of 36.
I see blurry places all around also. These may be Ballistic/rocket launch denial/defense. Lasers and/or Rail guns. Multiple Power generation. Offensive anti-satellite weapons systems.
The biggest weakness is in the networked radar systems. If they are disabled then the whole system is offline. How many small islands are there? I see at least 25.
If Japan can militarize these islands. This will change everything in the region. All Japan will have to do is solve their baby making problems.
I hope Japan does not build up their military and that China puts hotels and condos on those new beach resort islands.
Added on 22 April 2017:
Added on 12 May 2018:
Go and sin no more.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.
To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
All without any pride, ego, arrogance, supremacy and entitlements.
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