Monday, July 30, 2012

Family Secret: (unedited): 30 July 2008

It is easier for a family to expel and forget one of their own than it is to accept and/or forgive them.
This is also prevalent amongst many Christians. Who abandon old families and children to raise new ones. It is easy to move to a new area. Start a new family and completely abandon your former children. This evil activity is not just within the Christian Faith. It is all across American society. It is but a single reason of many for the end of the USA to come. 
Most of the time Children who are abandoned by their own fathers. Feel that it is their fault. That some how the child did something to cause the father to abandon them. As this child grows and begins to mentally suffer. It is absolutely the fault of the father. Including the fathers of children who commit suicide. 
Evil is the person who claims and pretends to be a righteous man. While having started a new family within the church. Never telling any of their new friends about his family he left behind.
For the pastor. It is better for the Christian religion to have church in your own home. Then it is to have a large church filled with thousands of people just like what has been described.
Will be included in future volumes of "Musings of an American Truck Driver".

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