Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dishonorable Affairs: (Unedited): 18 Aug 2012:

Conducting your affairs deceptively and dishonestly. Simply because that is the current state of world affairs. Means you are dishonorable. C.J.MacKechnie
Being a person of honor, Means being truthful and forth coming in all necessary information. A person cannot maintain professional honor when their personal life is absent of righteousness.
Added on 08 June 2014: 
I've written much about this. Corruption in Politics is rampant worldwide.
The logical and spiritual conclusion for any country where the leaders at any level who are or have been corrupted will not be good for any common person. Corrupted leaders are like vampires. They suck the life out of their area of responsibility and if you fall under one or more corrupted leaders. You will suffer greater than a person who has fewer corrupted leaders over them.No matter who is over you. You the lowly common person. Be honorable and righteous. Even if a human has much authority over you and they take all of your worldly assets. They cannot take your honor or righteousness. Honor is what you have given to yourself and righteousness is given by GOD.

It doesn't really matter if you country is in Peace time or war time. If your leaders are without righteousness as defined by God and not by humans. Then you the common person will lose. You can be equally hungry in a peaceful nation as you can be in a waring nation. Your physical life can be at risk in a peaceful nations as it can be in a nation at war. What is the difference if a bad man kills you and a man in a uniform kills you? Your still dead.
Take a look at Russia and Ukraine. What is this all about? The future of the newly modernized Russian Navy/Air Force in the Black Sea/Mediterranean Sea regions. Crimea is a major Russian Naval port. Ukraine will most likely become stabilized as defined by Russian interests. What will this mean. Ukraine will only exist in name. Life for the common people should return back to a pseudo normalcy.
The USA has used Turkey to Move air assets into and out of a theater of warfare. Crimea can block all of that. Once Crimea has been modernized and upgraded. Wow. From a modern military stand point. Crimea is in a good physical position. mountains to the southern areas. Very defensible as well as an excellent staging place. Once modernized with military assets and infrastructures. 
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