Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Great Prophet: (unedited): 01 Aug 2012

Great is the saint, messenger or prophet of GOD/ALLAH/GRANDFATHER. Who can not only deliver the messages but can also express wisdom, knowledge and understanding of those messages. C.J.MacKechnie
As just regular men. We cannot judge or compare the prophets. GOD choose the prophets, messengers or saints for HIS own reasons. These chosen men who have willingly obeyed GOD. Who went forth to deliver the messages to all of the people. Not just to a particular religion, nation, culture or Race (see note).
Just like Jonah who disobeyed GOD, still delivered the messages to Nineveh. Yet, The message still lives on. Just like every other message delivered to any specific place and specific time. The lessons learned by these still living messages from GOD is a testament to there importance over the messenger, prophet or saint.
The prophet, messenger or saint is only important when the message is still within, when other messages are still within the man (Male/Female) or when GOD still has a continued purpose or mission for the man.
Race is a lie and a deception. Thus is now proven by the completion of the Human Genome Project 11 years ago. Which factually proves that all of mankind has 99.9% identical DNA. Which logically can be stated that all of us on this planet are of one human race or of one human family. 
There is no copies or ink on this subject.
Will be included in future volumes of "Musings  of an American Truck Driver".

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