Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Discipline Cometh: (Unedited): 28 Feb 2007

God's Messengers, Prophets and saints have already delivered the messages of love, peace, harmony and life. That message has been rejected. All of humanity will suffer.
NOTE: Prophetic. All of the prophets have spoken and written the words of GOD/ALLAH/GRANDFATHER. What is next? Is completely up to all of humanity. We can heed the warnings of the Prophets and turn away from our collective evil ways. (Lesson of Nineveh).  Thus, avert all of the bad and sad prophecies ever spoken or written (Lesson of Joseph and the Pharaoh). It matters not if a particular prophet is accepted by your specific religion or not. When the prophecies match and are similar. The commonality has a greater dimensional meaning and importance. Which cannot be ignored, Unless you desire extinction. That is where we as a human species is at.

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