Saturday, September 15, 2012

Busy Person: (Unedited): 15 May 2010:

A person who is only spiritual, mystical or merely religious without becoming righteous and holy, is just a busy body. C.J.MacKechnie  
 The end result of being on the spiritual, mystical or religious path in life without ever choosing to live your life righteously or in a holy manor. Will be an empty one. May even be considered a waste of time and that only the wind heard all of your prayers with nary a response.
From time to time I've heard an elder person say that they have prayed their entire life and have not ever experienced GOD/ALLAH/GRANDFATHER, Not experienced a miracle. Sad and left out are they. It is and will only be a sadness which will end  at their last breath and last beat of their heart. When they are reborn into the Heavens.
Prayer is you talking to GOD. Meditation is you listening to GOD. Reciting prepared prayers in which you must speak. Is only that and only have meaning for those religious authorities. When you choose to live your life in accordance to the laws of GOD/ALLAH/Grandfather. You can go directly before your Heavenly Father as any son or daughter would freely. This is OK and natural. Think about this. You do not force your own child to obtain a go between to speak to you on their behalf. Do you? 
Same thing. 
directed Meditation to GOD/ALLAH/Grandfather is respectful and considerate. This is you listening. In any complete human conversation do you not say your part and then pay attention and listen to the other. When having a conversation with your heavenly Father. Which is more important? You talking or you listening?
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