Sunday, September 9, 2012

Protected Ones: (Unedited): 09 Sept 2012:

As man (Humanity) willingly marches into the abyss of extinction. There will be the protected ones of GOD/ALLAH/GRANDFATHER. Those people who have kept the laws of YHVH  in their minds. Those who have kept ALLAH precepts of Peace. Those who have kept GODS love and compassion in practice. Those who live as Grandfather wanted. Those who Honor the Holy Spirit. Those who humble themselves as Jesus Christ had.
These common people who are the salt of the Earth. These protected ones are each an Israelite of Israel. Bound and governed not by any government or religion of man. No matter how they name the ONE. The ONE chooses and selects the protected ones as HE does. Just as the Hebrews were divinely protected during their 40 year march with Moses. So to will the protected ones be.
The protected ones are already living a righteous and a holy life. They do so without fear, intimidation or threats from any government or religious authority. The protected ones live their lives in accordance to the laws of GOD. Not because it is the laws of GOD, which it is. Not because of the promise of eternal hell fires damnation. These protected ones live a holy and righteous life simply by choice. Because, the protected ones can see the logical truth. The protected ones make the right and correct decision to live righteously. It is that simple.
If there is to be a rapture or a few raptures. These protected ones will be the chosen ones who will be raptured. If there is to be a rapture. As such, The few missing will not be seen as a missed rapture. The rapture will be deemed a non event. Especially here in the USA or soon to be former USA. Watch for the clergy of all denominations to ease their churches minds and spirits. How those were wrong in the per-tribulation rapture predictions and then the mid-tribulation rapture predictions and then the post tribulation rapture predictions.
What will likely happen. Is those selected to be the protected ones. Will have to heed the call to "go". Then they must choose to simply "go" by faith. In that unknown direction of GODS gentle whispered wind. Many of the protected ones will not choose to "go". Then they will have to endure to the end. While walking inside the breath of GOD. They will be continually tested. In which they pass on to the next test or become a pillar of salt. There will be those protected ones who will feel an incredible need to love and express great compassion to those suffering. Many will choose to exit the breath of GOD. To appear to the suffering as one who came out of nowhere. They may not be able to return into the breath. This is not a bad thing or a wrong thing. For Jesus willingly gave his life.

Church warning
Save GODS flock.
Save GODS sheep.
You must teach the whole of the laws of GOD. You must teach and stress the importance of holy and righteous living. You must teach direct connectedness to GOD. You must teach the path to holiness was made by Jesus Christ. You must teach that HE is GOD but HE is the Heavenly Father to his children. You must teach Jesus Christ is their brother. Gods flock and sheep must immediately live righteously. All without Threats, fears, intimidation or promises of woes.

The word church is all encompassing. Also, means Mosque, Temple, Synagogue, Religious school or any other place of divine worship.

No ink and no other copies exist.
I write this knowing full well. That I may not even be one of the protected ones. I can hope and pray. There will be much more of a requirement to be selected.
My use of "Pillar of Salt" is not an actual occurrence it is merely a for instance of what could happen or may happen. That is up to GOD.
An Islamic person who willingly submits to ALLAH is Israel.

Will be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”:
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