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Slave Speak: (Unedited): 19 April 2010:

When you begin to cheapen the language of your Country. You begin to speak and sing as uneducated slaves. Don't become surprised when you and your children become a different name that will have the same meaning as slave with a smile on it. 
The demise of your language. The refusal of your young to seek education.The basic difference between a freeman and a slave is education. An educated person cannot be a slave. The owners and masters will always fear the educated slave. Research the American slave born on 02 Oct. Nat Turner.
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-----------------begin copy------------------ When Douglass was about twelve years old, Hugh Auld's wife Sophia started teaching him the alphabet despite the fact that it was against the law to teach slaves to read. Douglass described her as a kind and tender-hearted woman, who treated Douglass like one human being ought to treat another. When Hugh Auld discovered her activity, he strongly disapproved, saying that if a slave learned to read, he would become dissatisfied with his condition and desire freedom. Douglass later referred to this statement as the "first decidedly antislavery lecture" he had ever heard.[15] As told in his autobiography, Douglass succeeded in learning to read from white children in the neighborhood and by observing the writings of men with whom he worked. Mrs. Auld one day saw Douglass reading a newspaper; she ran over to him and snatched it from him, with a face that said education and slavery were incompatible with each other.
He continued, secretly, to teach himself how to read and write. Douglass is noted as saying that "knowledge is the pathway from slavery to freedom."[16] As Douglass began to read newspapers, political materials, and books of every description, he was exposed to a new realm of thought that led him to question and condemn the institution of slavery. In later years, Douglass credited The Columbian Orator, which he discovered at about age twelve, with clarifying and defining his views on freedom and human rights. -------------------------End copy--------------------

The seemingly typical young American student today is more interested in social activities than in their own education.  Which is the sole guarantee of their own freedom from slavery. GOD guarantees freedom as well, But a person must live in accordance to HIS laws by choice.
The American Student seem to also believe that cheating is an acceptable practice. Cheating is proof of the loss of nationalistic honor and righteousness.
Laws passed outlawing education to a slave.  Only the uneducated can be enslaved.

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