Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wolf Does: (Unedited): 09 Sept 2012:

There is no lie or deception of the wolf who is dressed and acts as the wolf does. 
A person cannot be surprised to realize that a snake will bite or constrict. A person who tries to walk with bears will get mauled. A person who gets trampled by large beasts can be of no great surprise either. Swimming with Alligators or crocodiles may get you eaten. Running with the lions will get you eaten. When presented with the truth do not think it is not the truth. Apes and chimps are not pets or human like. Do not be surprised when they attack. They are animals and not people. If you die and the food runs out. You pets will begin to eat you. Really.  Research YouTube videos if you believe me not. Real life truth.
  Any animal does not have to verbally tell you that they are this particular animal for you to believe they are that animal. You just know. Which may seem obvious. But, for some people they need to be reminded.
With people it can be confusing. With belief systems, Religions, political systems and cultural systems it can be confusing. A bad person who is deceiving may wear the garments of religions or the suits of a politician. From their mouths you may be deceived but from their actions you shall not be. Witness the whole action not just the parts in which was intended for your viewing. A lie or a deception can be clothed in a fabric of truth.
People of power and authority are not servants to the masses or to the people. They only serve themselves or sell themselves to the highest bidder. Which makes them prostitutes. Possibly even the prostitutes as prophesied in the End times Bible prophecy.
If you are a Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Jew or a dedicated person of any other religion which teaches righteousness and holiness. You do not need any authority over you save GOD/GRANDFATHER or however you name the divine. 
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