Friday, October 19, 2012

Truth Offends: (Unedited): 29 Dec 2011:

Truth will always offend people who believe in the lies and deceptions of their lives. C.J.MacKechnie 
Santa Claus, The Tooth fairy, The Easter Bunny and etc. These fun lies and deceptions in our lives only confuses our children who trust the adults in their lives to not lie or deceive them. What happens when a child intensely believes in the Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and the Tooth fairy. Only to discover that it was their own parents who no other people on this planet is as important. Lied and deceived them for most of their child hood lives.  Then those parents or other adults want these very same children to believe in an unseen GOD, Angels, Holy Spirit and a person named Jesus? Not very likely. The entire Christian faith should not celebrate any fictitious Character with magical powers. While at the same time preaching and teaching against the evils of witch craft or anything of the occult. This truth will always offend those who want to continue to celebrate a lie. These also offended adults will also be the ones to witness the destruction of their child when they realize that it was them who lied and knew they were lying.
Racism is another one of those lies and deceptions that the overwhelming majority on this planet believes as a factual truth. When a person who believes the racial lie and deception as a truth. That person will get angry and will actually accuse you of a falsehood. All any sane and reasonable person can do is research all of the duties of the human skin and the small percentage of the overall function of melanoma. Ask the question of what is the skin? The skin is only an organ and not an indicator of any specific race. Ask the question. If the skin is only an organ which defines race? why do we not use the spleen, liver or tonsils and other indicators for race? I belong to the non-tonsil race of humans.
The ancient stories of our individual cultures tell us the oral stories that we originated from a single human woman and a single human man (Adam and Eve). Just from our common oral traditions we know that we all are a single family of human beings.  Now from the completion of the Human genome project. Then President Bill Clinton on 26 June 2000 Declares that all of our DNA is more than 99.9% identical.
 This is inspired from watching target on Facebook tonight. This is one bad company. They attack customers or ignore them. Then apologize and repeat the same thing over again. C.J.MacKechnie
Did you know that your social class is a race? Really a social class as a race? or is the term race an inaccurate word for some general classification, which only keeps the masses or common people separate and isolated? Think logically about all of this. Because I most certainly offended when I accidentally stumbled upon all of the facts. Especially when the human genome project was completed in 2000. More than 12 years ago. Did you know? Do your kids know and are they being taught this or these facts?
If you cannot separate yourself from the lies and deceptions of the separation and division of the races. Then you, your family and your entire church will/may not be one of the elect, protected, saved or raptured. You must begin to know and believe that we are a single race of beings called humans. We are all brother and sister to one another.  
The DNA fingerprinting was established in 1984. Read it well. Believe the truth and reject the lies you have only known as truth.
The history of humanity told by many different traditions.
From about 8 minutes and 50 seconds to the introduction of the European leader. Listen good. This was in 26 June 2000.
Research for yourself the Human skin. learn how it is the largest organ of the human body. Learn about all of the primary functions of the human skin. Then learn about the minor function of the coloring of the skin. Learn how if you lose a primary function of the skin. You can die. Where as if you lose your skin coloring. You will just be uncomfortable, but still living with possible social ridicule. Now, after you have learned all about your human skin. Ask yourself this. Why do we not compare other organs of the body with other people such as the liver, kidneys, gall bladder and etc. How come there isn't racial stereo types for those who can drink much alcohol and those who cannot drink? Why? Race or the coloring of the skin is illogical and without actual fact.

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