Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ridiculous Reflection: (Unedited): 20 Oct 2012:

In the reflection of any lie and deception, can be seen the ridiculousness of  logic.
Version 2: 21 Oct 2012:
 In the reflection of any lie and deception, can be seen the ridiculousness of subjective logic.
I've been thinking about the lie of racism and the psychological effects of groupings of people in one thing or another. I would suppose that humans who decide to belong to any group based on the color of their skin or their ethnic origins. Would become offended and very protective of that particular group in which they have decided to be a part of.  Even if they think they did not have a choice in any particular racial grouping simply because of their skin tone, body shape or place of birth. The facts presented may even be absolutely rejected as heresy.
Think about it, at one time all of humanity was a singular race of humanity. Then for whatever reason GOD held back humanity by only confusing our single language of one into many. Thus, humanity was then divided by only language.
The races of humanity began to occur. I believe this is a lie and deception of those who wanted to be leaders, royals and dictators. By language the new human groupings began to separate and isolate themselves from one another.  Then the human leaders, royals and dictators began to develop more ways to separate and isolate themselves from other human groupings. I believe all of these new human groupings were based upon some old leaders selfish desires to rule, to control, to have power and to have authority. The essential fact is, the power and authority of any leader is their ability to exert their desired control over any willing population. All of the common people is the only source of real power for any man/woman who can collect it. As history is told by the victors, some leader has lied and deceived their population into blindly following. Research Nazi Germany of WW2.  The common people of each human grouping assumed wrongly that those old and today's new leaders have the correct answers. They do not now and did not then. The leaders, royals and dictators only expanded and expounded on the lies of old for their own benefit, expansion and profit. Thus, over the millennium it is assumed that the term race as it is defined in Wikipedia is true without question. What happens when the teachers and professors of higher learning believe in a lie and a deception as truth? It is still a lie.  
Here is the evidence of a lie. Within Wikipedia is a illogical reflection of the lie told and a lie which has been expanded. The lie that their are many races of humanity also includes "Culture";
Which would mean that those persons who are christian are a different race than those who are Islamic. Those who are religious are a different race than those who are not religious. A belief system is a racial difference. The farmer is a different race than the city person. The tribes and clans of family units or organization is a different race from one another. Even if they live only a few miles or Km's apart. How can this be factually true and correct?
Here is the evidence of a lie. "Language". Ive already covered that lie. A person who learns more than one language is now multiracial and thus impure by the definition of certain racial groups.
Here is the evidence of a lie. "Social Status". That's right look it up. Your social status is a race. Which means you can evolve into a better race of human or devolve into a worse race of humanity. Get mad at my wording if you like. If your fortunate enough to uprate your lifestyle into a bigger, richer and better neighborhood. You change your race as defined by those people way smarter than me. If an unfortunate circumstance occurs to you and your family. You change your race yet again into something lower and worser. (Yep, Worser is a word for someone who is uneducated, like me.).
Here is the evidence of a lie.  "Skin tone or skin color". Research this organ. That's right, your skin is only an organ. Just as is your spleen, Gall bladder and tonsils. So, why is it we do not judge the race of a man based on their ability to drink alcohol as defined by their own liver? Or a race based on any other organ in the body. For deeper research done by you. Find the percentage of importance of the color of the skin in over all importance of all of the duties of the skin organ.
Today and right now those persons who have involved themselves in the definition of human classification. Did not with absolute certainty define the human race or races. They only confused this definition with subjective and illogical thinking. A human persons belief system, cultural lifestyle, language is not factual evidence of a race. A person who has multiple ethnic parentage, who knows many languages, who has become educated, who is financially well off and who believes in a GOD is not multiracial. They are merely more human.
The human genome project was completed in 2000. Watch and listen to the Former president Bill Clinton. From about 8 minutes and 50 seconds all the way to the introduction of the European leader.
More than 99.9% of all of our DNA is identical from one another.
The absolute and logical fact is that we are all of a singular family of human beings. The Adam and Eve origin story as orally told by many cultures and peoples.
The subjective thinking as has been applied to the modern day thinking of what race and racism means is just that subjective and not based in any way on facts, logic or even systematic reason.
Morgan Freemans Through the Wormhole- " Is there a superior race?"