Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All That: (Unedited): 21 Oct 2012:

All that which is good is from GOD, ALLAH, Grandfather.
All that which is from GOD, ALLAH, Grandfather is eternal.
All that which is eternal cannot be altered, corrupted, or destroyed by humanity or by any other natural cause.
God speaks to the person who is willing to listen. It matters not their culture, religion, color, national origin or planet of birth. All that which is good and spoken or written by human beings is from GOD. So as long as the intelligent communication does not disagree with this partial and basic formula.


Even if you are in a disagreement with any culture, religion, color of man, national origin, even planetary birth or however else you choose to separate or isolate yourselves. It is still right, correct and true. You probably should consider to choose those words which are in agreement with the formula of LIFE. To be against the good words is to be against GOD, ALLAH Grandfather.

For you or anyone else to be upset, angry or even hateful over another destroying or burning any Holy Text is wrong for you and thus removes you from the presence of GOD, ALLAH, Grandfather by your own choice. For you to kill, murder or even wage war because any person, culture or nation has dishonored the teachings of the Holy Texts in any way, is contrary to the formula of LIFE.

Even if all of the Bibles, Qur'an or any other Holy text in which i know not, of the world are destroyed and burned. Would not GOD call upon any person of HIS choosing to re-write HIS HOLY WORDS? Of Course ALLAH would. Do not become so prideful to assume that any human could destroy The words of GOD. Even if our planet fell into our star. The HOLY WORDS OF GOD would not be destroyed.

Will be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”:
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