Thursday, October 18, 2012

Controling Emotions: (Unedited): 25 Dec 2011:

As long as you believe  you are helpless in controlling your own emotions, you will be. C.J.MacKechnie
From this negativity which may seem true in your life. Search for that which is positive and empowering. Go forth in your life towards self improvement and betterment.
Empower yourself and conquer your own mind. This quote is a self realization for you if you falsely believe that you cannot control your own thoughts or emotions. If you are empathic in any way. The controlling of your own thoughts and emotions is mandatory if you wish to have a sane life, non medicated life. Because, If you do not know your own thoughts and emotions. Then how can you know if someone Else thoughts and emotions which you naturally pick up on is actually yours or some unknown person.
Controlling your logical thinking is the very first step in controlling your emotions. This can happen over time through the continual effective practice of meditation. Just the act of meditation fundamentally teaches you how to control your thought processes.
Just so you know. Meditative time build up is essential an is defined by you. So, do not feel guilty if you do not meditate for many hours a day as those who are way smarter an wiser than you or me. What you do, do and for that amount of time dedicated, You should be satisfied. If you are not satisfied. Then search within your own self as to why. Upon discovery, no matter what it may be, Know that it is still OK.
 I have heard and read from many with PhD's. That it is impossible for any person to control their own thoughts and emotions. Even, those with the PhD's may very well believe what they say as truth or they may not. I do not know. It is a lie and a deception in order to sell legal drugs and to keep and maintain patients forever. Especially, When in our (USA) state of technology their is no absolute provable evidence of any brain defect or brain damage or brain trauma. The absence of evidence is in itself evidence of possible normalcy.  With the lack of any conclusive evidence. Normalcy must be assumed and the teaching of self empowerment begins as the primary treatment. Which means the professional PHD will have a revolving door of new sick patients and departing healed patients. As opposed to the patients that never leave as is the current state of practice in all of psychology today.
It is this state of current psychology which contributed to the death of my mother.
Which also contributes to the death of anyone who has a history of taking these powerful mind altering medications for any time. Which is interesting because every psychological professional can easily lay blame solely on their patients suicide on the patient. How odd but convenient.

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