Thursday, October 18, 2012

Great Destroyer: (Unedited): 29 Dec 2011:

The great destroyer of any peoples is personal and professional apathy. C.J.MacKechnie
I've driven all over this great land we call The United States of America. Everywhere I see apathy. people who no longer care about their jobs. Like any terrible air borne disease, Apathy spreads to everyone. Like any new disease which enters your being. It gestates, grows, multiplies and evolves. All within you. So, If a fellow employee doesn't care about doing a good job. What do you do? Work twice as hard or say and do as this apathetic person is doing? A good person will work their own job and jump in to complete the apathetic persons job. Because, most apathetic people just do not last long. Except for now, with the reward of unemployment compensation. Free money for sitting at home.
What happens if your in an entry level position and filled with pride for the company and job. Only to have an apathetic person as your boss. What do you do? Because any genuine complaint or communication of a problem, you may have will be twisted into by the apathetic boss in a negative fashion against you. While if the apathetic boss sees merit to your complaint. They will twist it for their own benefit and reward. When they take it to the supreme all knowing bosses. Then when there is a fix and you approach the apathetic boss about the idea. The apathetic person will ridicule you as they and he/she knows way more than you and this was in there awareness for some time. In other words you wasted your time. Which you didn't, But, you will never know the truth. because the apathetic boss person will erect a shield to anyone above their position. Not because they are all controlling but rather they are protecting themselves.
The same goes when you have that great wonderful idea. The apathetic boss will see your idea as an opportunity for themselves.
The word peoples can be replaced with Companies, corporations, nations, planet.

I guess a good person will walk away. While the bosses can and will fill your position. Who and what kind of person will they get. They will get people who match the psychology of the apathetic boss. Which in the end means what for the company? A never ending stream of stupid problems which no one will resolve. Why? not because of training or the lack of training. Because, of the attitude "If no one cares why should I" So, if you are a caring supreme all knowing big time boss man and your experiencing a never ending stream of stupid time and money losing problems. Look down your chain of command. Have a personal conversation with your entry level people with reassurances. Those who by record are always early and are always getting the job done above your own defined standard. Find and locate the apathetic disease within and cut it away. Cast it or them into the symbolic fire and remember them no more.
 All Notes from Facebook will be deleted. Apparently Facebook has lowered the number of notes you can have from 1500 down to 500. I just hope I can find the missing 1000. If not they are gone forever. I was using Facebook to protect my writings.
... Facebook note #1500. I'm at the end of the Facebook world. The inspiration for this is Flying J truck stop. On I-81x77, exit #77. A yellow truck was dripping diesel fuel. Not a stream but a steady drip. Hours of dripping and not a single driver who entered or exited cared enough to voice a concern. No flying J manager has even went around the property as they arrived to work. Now there is a 50-100 gallon fuel spill. The J guys were successful in preventing the fuel from actually getting into a drain pipe. No one cares anymore. People only care if you bring it to their attention. This is very real evidence of a people self destructing. C.J.MacKechnie

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