Friday, November 16, 2012

Opportunistic Situation: (Unedited): 16 Nov 2012: 2 Quotes:

During any desperate need. The opportunistic bad person will take advantage of the undesirable situation for their own personal glory and gratification. Especially, when the good people refuse to take the necessary action for the benefit of the whole.  C.J.MacKechnie
:Villain Hero:
The good people who wait for a hero to save them all. Will discover the charismatic villain who appears to be the hero for them all.  C.J.MacKechnie
This is a take on the wolf in sheep's clothing. What is the wolf interested in when amongst the sheep of his sole control? His thirst for blood and his need to feed himself. The wolf or villain is not interested in the rights or freedoms of sheeple. To lie and deceive the sheeple to do his bidding. Is the thirst for power. 
Such as Adolf Hitler was to pre-WW2 Germany. The wiki people below is a list a partial list of the world's foremost evil villains of all time. Be wary of those who consider these men and others like them as heroes. Because, They are murderers at heart even if they had not killed any people.
History is not my strong suit. But, Here is a question. Is it known if any of these men actually killed anyone by their own physical hands? or did they influence their blind followers to murder the numbers of innocence which has been recorded or estimated?
Although, the modern political leader is mainly interested in the accumulation of personal wealth which can be hidden after being laundered.  Such as Hugo Chavez whose net worth is estimated to be greater than 1 Billion dollars. This is the new way of thinking in the Communist world. What Hugo Chavez has done and is doing is the reason why he is the hero in the communist world. The few who accumulates a vast wealth off shores of their home country while causing their blind followers to pursue a lifestyle of total dedication and a lifestyle absent of any real wealth. Such is the dog who desperately finds the scraps which falls off of the masters table.
The world as we know it. Is due to good people with leadership qualities refusing to take action for the benefit of all.
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