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Scapa Flow Plan: (Unedited): 15 Nov 2012:

To prevent the United Nations or which ever replaces it. The acquisition of the Former United States Military might. Including all of the Military manufacturing capabilities. The personnel who has direct contact with any military asset must scuttle the equipment before it is taken over by the One World Governmental Body. All Military Assets must be rendered to the point that there is no useable or recoverable parts. All the way down to every bullet and gun bore cleaner. All civilian personnel who are associated with any military parts manufacturer. Must destroy all machinery, parts, plans, buildings and materials.
This is similar to the actions by WW2 Germany Officers in and around Scapa Flow Scotland. Except those former Americans must do a better and through job. While giving their own lives. That is what is going to need to happen and will probably happen regardless of their actions. Especially, if your civilian.

To save the world from destruction and extinction as has been prophesied in the Holy Texts and by the prophets. It matters not if you accept them or not. The words from them are similar.

However the United Nations or some other world political body evolves into the One World Government led by a singular charismatic leader, who is loved by all. His military acquisition must be delayed and or prevented. This can only be done by the self sacrifice of those persons associated with the former USA military apparatus. To give your life to save the world. Even if it is to be a Chinese one. Really.

I've thought and written about China. The future of China is difficult. They can either be the evil dominant empire which is the trigger finger who destroys and causes the extinction of all of humanity or they can become the savior of the world. If China becomes connected to the first Future leader of the world. We are all doomed. If China becomes the enemy to the One World Government and the One World leader. Then we are all doomed. If China goes to war with the Current and existing USA. Humanities end result is still the same. Human Extinction. I think this is why China is difficult to see, is because it is so easy for China to be either or. China can be that leader which leads all of humanity towards the stars. If China does nothing. Then we all die. If China embraces more of Communistic thought and doctrine. Then we all die. If China acts out with anger because of some unknown action in the future. Then we all die. If China reaches out to the world with compassion and mercy. Then maybe, we can survive. I think that is the key. China needs to step forward in a world leadership role with compassion and mercy. The absence of any world leader may just bring about a New World Order. From Chaos comes the bringer of organization. It will be no surprise that the bringer of Organization was also a participant to the creation of chaos which will come. It can only come with an absence of the United States of America. A plan which has been implemented since before I was born.

The best option for China is to protect the USA From insanity. It matters not if the insanity is from within the white house or from some other country. Meaning a simple EMP bomb or several aboard balloons rising into the atmosphere and detonated in various locations. Meaning a million Islamic men going in a million different directions to wage warfare similar to the Tet Offensive. In the Countries of the USA, Canada, Great Britain and the rest of the European Union. The Asian Countries will not be immune. A Tet Offensive for around the world. Conducted by men who are willing to die and will continue their attacks until they each are killed.

Another option to the Scapa Flow plan is for the former American Military assets to be sailed or flown into China ports. The secret bases within the USA should be surrendered to China.  This maybe the only option for the DOOMSDAY WEAPON not to be used. What China does and how they evolve is crucial. On one hand trust the One World Government or trust China? Prophecy dictates not the One World Government or even China.

 For the common person to survive. We each must become a holy people in the eyes of God. Then to not become involved in any war fighting. This little part is key. No person who practices any religion can be involved in any warfare at any level. If this begins to happen amongst the common people of the world. Then humanity may survive. Humanity survives because there will be no real fighting force. No Christian can be a part of any military organization. This also includes Islam, Hindus, Buddhists. Love, peace and harmony must be outwardly expressed by all religious persons. Which will equate in Life for all. 

China may be Humanities only hope. Go figure. Probably not.

Sometimes people can surprise you, even after you can easily predict their likely outcome from knowing their past history. Most of the time you will be correct in your prediction. But, Sometimes. We all must look forward to the sometimes. Even with China. China as a whole can be everyone's end result including their own. The leadership of China must turn away from a mindset of conquest and towards a protectionist and exploratory mindset.

The protectionist mindset is that mindset which protects everyone and everything. China will become the sole super power of the world. That is until the New World Order led by the beloved and Charismatic World leader. Then we all die or become extinct. Except those selected remnant saved by God. The word remnant may be just DNA samples.

If China begins to be the protector of the world. There intentions will be seen by the American Officers. Thus, If and when the time arises. Where the USA ends. The officers may have an opportunity to have a choice. The One World Government or China. Who to choose? Right now, It would be best to find a deep trench and sink it all. This may be the preferred delaying method and may extend the life of all of humanity. Except, for the Doomsday device which creates a square lake in most of the South West USA. Which then destroys humanity. So as Long as the USA has that Insane Doomsday Device. Don't go underground to deep. Because, every plan China develops, Even if they had not developed them yet. Kills us all. I've already suggested a possible solution here in this blog. It's the only one, so far. 

I think the USA was the worlds last hope. But, Maybe China can or will take up that mantle. By giving their people more rights and freedoms. By going forth into the world and rendering aid and comfort. By becoming an active world leader and not like what the USA has become in the last 30 or so years. World leader does not mean global military actions or global intimidation. Leading means leading and others just willingly follow out of your outwardly seen honor and respect.
:The Israel Option:
During the time when the USA ends and it's military assets are given to the the United Nations or whoever the world body will be. The military and space assets must not be given to that One World Order form of Government. This will bring about all of the prophecies of the end of time prophets. The military and space assets may not even be given to China. Especially if a fundamental change has not occurred. Because, China becomes a part of the prophetic problem to humanities extinction. 
The Israeli Option is to surrender all military and space assets to Israel. 
1). Those persons who have access codes for all space based assets are to give all access and authority codes to Israel. Then physically destroy your own computers and those others who can gain access. Because of your knowledge and experience, ask to become a citizen of Israel. 
2). Those persons who have control of US Naval warships and Boats (Submarines). In accordance to the laws of the waterways. Surrender and abandon your ships and boats to the Israeli defense Forces. Then ask to become an Israeli citizen. 
3). All other air and land assets needs to get to Israel by the best means possible and do as suggested as above. 

There will be personal drawbacks and sacrifices for each person. But, you may just save humanity by doing so. Yes, this is that serious. Israel cannot protect and save your family. USA homeland worst case is over 100 million dead in the first year. Massive Latino exodus back south across the borders. No law. No civilization and No Country.

If you the American military officer follow your orders or take your equipment to an unrepentant China. Humanity becomes extinct. Yep, That serious as prophesied by pretty much everyone who is or was a prophet. If you take your equipment to the One World government. They will guarantee the safety of your family and guarantee your future. The cost is the extinction of humanity. Either way you die and your family dies. What is the most honorable thing for you to do? I want the prophecies to be a warning that never happens. 
Are you a Bible man/woman. Read the story of Joseph and Pharaoh. Pharaoh dream was absolutely true. The meaning of which was, (Paraphrase) "they all were going to die". Then Joseph was placed in a position to mange it all. The technology at that time could not stop the natural event, But, they could mitigate the effects and save human lives.  I believe that the extinction of humanity is the fault of all of  (Humanity)us. All bad and sad prophecies is not meant to be a thing to be expected and looked forward to.  They are not to be celebrated and prayed for to come. They are to be prevented and if not, then mitigated. 
You Military officers are way smarter than me. Logically put the puzzle pieces together to see the best picture for all of us (Humanity). Create the best plan and implement it. You may not have time. You may not have the speed or the distance. Then your only option is to sink your great ships, planes and other equipment. Where no one can use them, ever. You may have less than two years or another forty years. The signs you will see. Strategy and tactics you are not blind to. Remember, political miracles never happen. Miracles are only from GOD.
Do your personal part. Repent and flee from all sin. Become the Holy warrior of great honor. Even if the saving of humanity means your at the helm as your machine of war goes to the bottom.

 17 Sept 2013. 
 There is always an origin to things. Even those which were successful in implementation. How can a Vietnam event work for a coordinated attack around the world? Easy. Technology of today can guarantee instant communications around the whole world. Thus, a world wide coordinated attack can be implemented very easily. Just look at how Flash mobs are planned.  Once an Islamic leader proclaims that all Muslims should go forth an attack that which they can easily do. Then those who are the most devout to anti-peace and anti-Allah. Will go to kill and destroy all they can. Then move forward for the second, third and more attacks. There will be those who will only attack once and remain to kill law enforcement and to be killed by them. 
To be anti-peace is to be anti-Allah.
I did have news that began with this new content. But, It did not pan out. So, I shall not include it. I do feel like there will be a beginning coordinated attack within the west or USA. A handful of Jihadist men in different areas will coordinate a attack just like the 9/11 event. They will be the beginning and evolution into the American Tet.
 Prophecy is only probable, when a simple revelation can alter everything. Which must be followed with good and righteous works of prevention.
 This is not like those Theological Doomsday Preachers who preach in order to cause fear amongst their congregation in order to bring in more people and more money. These events which will be coming do not care about churches or money. The only thing which will prevent any and all of the bad and sad prophecies is the change within your own heart and mind. It doesn't matter what religion you practice. It only matters the over all condition of your Being/soul.
Love One Another
Live In Peace
Exist In Harmony
So that we all may have a life worth living. 
All life is worth it.
And pray that the GOD of our understanding averts all of the trials and tribulations.
Life = Love + Peace + Harmony
All prophecies as written and spoken, are only events of probability. Bad and sad Prophecies are meant as warnings. In which we are all supposed to work in preventing there occurrence. The good prophecies are supposed to be worked on individually and collectively. To make them happen at all levels of organization. 
Added on 27 May 2014:  
The American Tet Offensive may be beyond the planning stage and into the implementing stage.  Where financial resources are planned for use. Weapons of every sort will be assigned and people paid for their participation. The American Government knows and is going to allow it to happen. Those person who are in the know. Know that the one world government must replace the USA and the USA must end forever with zero hope for a re-start. This is prophetically correct in accordance to some ancient prophets like the Hopi. The USA is absent from Biblical Prophecy in the end times.
It seems the vision of this day includes the involvement of many nations. Including Russia, China and central American Countries.  Islamic peoples will also join in the attack on innocent American lives. 
Wanna guess how it was all paid for? All from the sins of the American people. Here are just a few sins. Illegal drug use. Purchased porn of every sort. Conducting business transactions with those persons who are directly related to the enemies of the USA. Your sins and rejection of God is what has moved you out from under the protections of the Holy Spirit. So much so, that when the Tet attacks come. There will be nothing and no one to come to your aid. 
Added on 21 June 2014: Jonathan Kleck video 

Added on 04 Aug 2014: 
 If  Abu_Bakr_al-Baghdadi is able to take land and cause much problems for Israel. Then his victories will solidify him as a genuine Caliph. 
Do not become confused with my term of god's. There is only one supreme being. But, there are many other beings who pretend to be our god's and in actuality are so superior to us lowly greatly inferior humans that they can enforce their will upon any human. They each can be that powerful. These gods, fallen angels or even aliens have always been with us and were defeated in a great war within this solar system. The remnants of that great war is everywhere. Mars, Earth's moon and in other places yet to be discovered. I just know this and yet somehow these fallen angels have buried/secreted themselves within the Earth. This is just a little out there even for me as I type this. 

  A spirit of Horus is at work within ISIS of today. Is Horus the Father of terror?
 Added on 26 Aug 2014: 
There have been news on how American civilians are fighting with ISIS and ISIL. 
This may in fact be one of the origins for the Tet offensive in the USA and Europe. 
Then there was the Palestinian American teenager who was beaten by Israeli soldiers.  There is a pattern forming.
Added on 01 Sept 2014: 
It seems that Islamic civilians all across the western world are in active war. They have traveled from their adopted homes and into harms way. In order to murder all of those who have not agreed with them. This is the futuristic Tet Offensive which may occur with in the USA, Canada and all over Europe. If the resolve of these Islamic peoples causes them to go into active warfare. With no regard for their own lives and to anyone else. This is a huge threat to anyone who disagrees with them within their own adopted country. If they can go to another country to make war. Then they can make war within their adopted countries. Had to use the entire article as it appears the story is getting scrubbed from the internet.

Western Governments Step Up Efforts to Block ISIS Recruits

ABC News
Alarmed by the attempt by a 16-year-old French girl to travel to Turkey this weekend allegedly to join the Islamic militant army of ISIS, the French government is urging parents to call a toll-free hotline if they know of anyone they believe may be considering joining the terror group.
It was the latest attempt by Western governments to prevent their citizens from joining the jihadist group where they could be trained in terror tactics and bring those lethal strategies back home.
The French teenager was arrested Saturday in the Nice airport in the south of France as she tried to board a plane to Turkey with the alleged intention of joining ISIS in Syria. Authorities announced that several hours later, they caught a 20-year-old man who had allegedly recruited her and paid for her plane ticket. The girl's parents reportedly had no idea about their daughter's plans and the statement said that airport police were responsible for her arrest.
In a statement released Sunday, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve called on the parents of young people to use the hotline if their children exhibit "a disturbing trend of violent radicalization."

View photo

The hotline was established just over four months ago -- well before the threat posed by ISIS was fully understood by the American public -- and the Interior Ministry reports they have received almost 300 calls. A quarter of those calls were about children who were suspected of getting involved with the terrorist group and 45 percent were about suspicious women and girls. It is unclear how many of those calls led to arrests.
France is the Western country with the most citizens who have joined ISIS and militant fighters in Syria and Iraq. An estimated 700 French citizens have joined the cause, followed by 500 citizens of the United Kingdom who have come under similar suspicion.
Prime Minister David Cameron spoke at Parliament today calling for greater anti-terror legislation, including giving police the ability to seize passports at airports. He said that the measures will help address "specific gaps in our armory."

The proposed changes come three days after the British government increased their national terror threat level from "substantial" to "severe" for the first time in three years. The “severe” threat level is the second highest in the U.K.’s threat level system, topped only by “critical” which is used to indicate that an attack is “expected imminently.”
U.S. security forces took a different approach when they realized there was a 19-year-old woman in Denver who was planning on traveling to Turkey to join a jihadist group after connecting with a 32-year-old Tunisian man.
The woman, Shannon Maureen Conley, had eight interviews with police and FBI agents over the course of the six months leading up to her arrest at Denver’s international airport on April 8 – and the charging document reveals that she repeatedly spoke about her support of jihad and how she wanted to associate with terrorists in the hope of helping them. The Justice Department confirmed on Aug. 11 that a plea deal had been reached in the case but they did not release any information about what the deal entailed.
The British push to have police take passports away from suspected jihadist fighters comes nearly two months after the Australian government began doing so.
“I’ve canceled a number of passports on the advice of intelligence agencies,” Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said June 16.
An estimated 150 Australians are believed to have joined the fighting in Syria.
“We are concerned that Australians are working with them [ISIS], becoming radicalized, learning the terrorist trade, and if they come back to Australia, of course it poses a security threat,” Bishop said.

American authorities have not announced specific steps they have taken to prevent citizens from joining ISIS or other Islamic groups, though they have reported an estimated 100 or so cases of U.S. citizens leaving the country to train and fight with ISIS. Special attention is being paid to Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota as nearly a dozen of the suspects have ties to the city.
The White House confirmed the death in Syria of Minnesotan Douglas McAuthur McCain, who records show was born in Chicago but was schooled in Minneapolis. An opposition group in Syria, the Free Syrian Army, claimed McCain was fighting with ISIS. The FSA also claimed another American ISIS member had been killed in recent fighting.
FBI officers have been aware of disaffected Muslim youths traveling abroad to join radical groups for years, as many Minnesotans went to fight in Somalia starting in 2007.
“In Somalia, it started as a nationalistic call… [but] we’ve now seen where some individuals perhaps are not interested or not inclined to travel to Somalia, [they] start to branch out to other hot spots around the globe, obviously Syria being among them,” Kyle Loven, the FBI’s Chief Division Counsel in Minneapolis, told ABC News.
Added on 05 Sept 2014: 
Apparently ISIS is in El Paso, Texas.  Where else are they. Can you begin to see the Coming Tet Offensive forming. Working with the drug cartels. Is the source of ISIS wealth the USA drug trade?
Added on 20 Sept 2014: As we all get closer to these style of events in which the possibility becomes very probable if not certain. More and more peoples will have more and more visions and dreams.

Added on 05 Dec 2014: Very Interesting.
Evangelist Anita Fuentes
Added on 08 Jan 2015: France Terrorist attack. Muslims attacking Hindus. Muslim Boy in Maine allegedly burned down 4 apartments. To be set free. This is a ramp up. People do not understand that the Muslims are at war with everyone. Is this the Tet Offensive against western societies? NO. When it begins, you will know and will not question. Here in the USA and in Europe. There is a common flaw. The law Enforcement agencies seem to all show up in the place of the attack. France Law Enforcement also mobilized their forces in various areas of the Country. Of course when the Tet Offensive begins. The attacks will just happen in those places where there is no or minimal forces in protection. A witness saw a highly trained male. Walk up to an injured police person and shot him in the head. Then calmly left. 
The only true protective option is for the civilian population to arm themselves at places of employment.
Added on 09 Jan 2015: Evolution Seen:
A two man Islamic team attacks Charlie Hebdo in France. The two men indicate an evolution in attacks. They did not wait around for their own deaths. They were mission orientated. They were focused on the mission and completed their mission. Then the two men escaped. The two men were masked. It seems obvious that the two men had been trained in western style of military thought and military action. Their execution of the attack looked very western. It seems that this new wave of Islamic fighters have benefited from American led military training and all of that training is being used or will be against the civilian populations.

France also showed an evolution of defensive posturing. Most likely because of the actions of the two masked men. France deployed security forces throughout France. Whether or not these security forces would have been effective is in question. This is because of the two New York policemen assassinated while sitting in their patrol car all unaware of the approaching threat.

Right now the only way to prevent the effectiveness of any future Islamic attack is for the citizenry to be armed and trained in defensive tactics. Which within the USA. That won't be possible as the politicians want the American people to be dependent upon the police forces and local swat teams. There will be confusion. If ISIS fighters are wearing all black and the swat teams are wearing all black. How do you really know who is who? Westerners are traveling to ISIS controlled areas to receive military training and war fighting experience. Then are they going to go back to their so called home country to kill civilians in everyday life??? 
I'm very hesitant to even mention any potential targets which continue today mostly unarmed and untrained. Because, by the time a Swat Team arrives. Dozens will have already been killed. Then if the enemy combatants practice shoot and scoot in their own local areas. All of the Swat members are at the first place of attack. Thus, the rest of the local area shall be undefended by trained personnel. Only the civilians can deter attacks. Especially, if the civilians are those unknown quantities to any attacking force. Which at one time was used as a cold war thought against the USSR from the USA. 
In the time of the cold war of the USA and the USSR. The USSR had plans of occupying the USA. In Alaska, Florida and throughout the western states. Florida and the Gulf coast had a threat of a million man multinational force led by Cuba. At that time the civilians were self reliant and self dependent. Any attacking force will be met with a fire fight from every direction. It would have been worse than Afghanistan. I still think the threat is still similar today as it was back then. But, the civilian mindset has changed. To that of dependency and "ME". Which makes isolation and killing of civilian persons by any invading force possible.
Added on 10 Jan 2015: Janes comments.
Added on 15 Jan 2015:
It is most likely that at this very moment. Your schools are being or shall be surveiled. By those who are new members or low ranking members of a terrorist organization. They will be just sitting along your schools outside perimeter and taking video with their cell phones. After all, It's not against the law to just sit in public and to take pictures. The Beslan School attack may be the last of it's kind as the evolution of Islamic attacks is very notable in the recent France killings. Most notably amongst a very helpless and defenseless population of France. If more attacks are being planned as we speak. They may begin or end within a school or a close by day care center. There may even be a sniper involved. I'm using the word sniper very loosely. In other words. A certain amount of time will only be spent in each location of attack. Then the terrorists will move on. Much like those bank robbery shows on the movies. The bad guys have their clocks. So that they may escape. The success of the France shooting will become a training manual for all future attacks. Until, the next evolution takes place. 
I have been reading the news about this and how some people want students to throw soup cans or throw desks at the terrorists with guns. These plans will not work and will only create dead heroes. I do believe what will work is this coupled with what the professionals will modify. 
I do believe that every teacher who is capable and not receiving any mental type of treatment or medications. Should have at least a revolver of any caliber. Where they have proven accuracy and reliability. Even if it is the lowly .22 caliber.  Additional communications should be planned out with passwords for those who have cell phones. So that there is no friendly fire.

For teachers only. Additional defensive training should be made with only the teachers on what can happen and how to quickly and quietly create defensive positions within the classroom environment. The teacher and administrators are not to reveal who has weapons and who has been trained. You will want any terrorist or any psychotic shooter to believe the Police officer stationed at the school has the most visible weapon. While an undetermined number of teachers will have had training. Creating a very unsurvivable circumstance. With embarrassment to the terrorist attackers. 
It should be noted that as with the Chechen school attack. Those who are of any kind of leadership position or of any physical threat. Most likely will be the terrorist first targets for killing. Remember the helpless cop in France. Wounded, unarmed and executed.

My writings are not to create any kind of panic. It is meant for those to plan their defenses in order to save many lives.
Added on 21 March 2015: Is this the origin of the coming American Tet offensive. Of course the event may be called another name. If it happens. Hopefully the USA can prevent it. Here is today's news.
Added on 14 April 2015: News: ISIS sets up camp 8 miles from the USA in Mexico. Only one real news source. This may still be very early in reporting.
Added on 13 Nov 2015: France attacked: Is this one of the first coordinated attacks to be a precursor for a future American, Canadian, Australian and European Tet offensive attack at a singular date and time?
Added on 14 Nov 2015: 10,000 Syrian refugees enter USA. From unverified eyewitness. These Syrian refugees are all men. No women or children. I say again unverified. 
Yes, I'm posting these unverified sources. I have much (HUGE) doubts. So you should to until they are reasonably verified. 
This are the standard source which used to be true, honest and dependable. But, Not any more. You be the Judge. Notice how every story begins with how the US is not doing enough. Do you feel guilty after the France attack? Did you feel guilty in Oct and early Nov 2015? After reading those stories. 
This has evolved and yet is still related. One of the other. The later causing the former. Time. 
The Tet offensive seems to be in the quiet invasion stage. 10,000 hardened war fighters enter into the USA with governmental permission. These 10,000 lead and form up into millions of attackers. All doing their own will and making their own individual war plans. Thus, on the day given by the one most respected and honored ?Grand? ?Imam?. The unstoppable American Tet offensive begins and through this national emergency. A president remains in office forever. 
The 10,000 will receive a flood of wealth from their stated enemies as well as from all Muslims. 
The ease to which transportation is made throughout the USA and the delivery of illegal drugs. So, to shall weapons, bombs, armor piercing and anti-aircraft weapons of every sort shall be delivered without any suspicion. 
The Tet offensive may begin in remote places and with freedom loving people. You know the religious gun hugging folks and those American militia types and those doomsday preppers people.
The Bible belt is disappearing and those Bible thumper's now live in more remote places. This is a war on the devout Christian. They shall be hunted and killed. All without any news reports to specify the Christians. Will this American Tet offensive begin in the Spring of 2016? 
This Islamic styled Tet Offensive will also spread into Canada, Europe, Australia and other places.  
AND There is nothing anyone can do but "Kill them all". All Islamic men, women and children. This is a very harsh truth. Because, I believe they are raised by God to exact Judgement upon His Disobedient people. Remember the purple words above? The true nature of war is absolute destruction, absolute death. When their is absolute destruction and death. There shall be absolute peace. This is also very harsh. Yet, these Islamic enemies are do exactly this and destroying any contradictory history. That my friends has been in the news. For these Islamic enemies are right now killing every single Christian they can find. It matters not if they are women or children. They are as of right now destroying every Christian place of worship. This to is also in the news. The Islamic led destruction of the USA and of every person is their goal. This wholesale extermination of every American will transcend all race, social, religious and cultural boundaries. 
NOTE: I used the term Race. If you have read any of my writings. You know that I believe the usage of race is an absolute lie and deception.  Read my proofs that I have put forward. They are absolute and cannot be effectively argued against. Yes, that we there is only one race of people on this planet and they are all human beings.
Added on 28 Dec 2015: The term "Tet Offensive" used for the first time I have ever heard. I think this radio show is to be considered "Paranoid Radio" I'm listening to the whole show right now. 3 hours. The researcher seems real. I have never heard of him. But, I find it interesting how he has made the same connections to the Vietnam Tet Offensive. 
Dave Hodges. 
This is not all inclusive of my writings.
Added on 30 Dec 2015: Ted Nugent and pigs. Not sure of the facts behind his claims. 
Added on 31 Dec 2015: Islamic Intentions as reported: 
Added on 17 Jan 2016: Apparently people are starting to figure out how the American and European Tet Offensive may pan out. Just a few pieces of this puzzle.
Added on 30 April 2016:
Yes, These are important: John Guandolo. YouTube search term with less than 1 year. To find more info. It is important to match his Quran verses with what he is saying. Get the facts and actually verify them.
To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish/respect life. 

To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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