Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blood Blindfold: (Unedited): 25 Feb 2012:

Leaving the blood red blindfold on from the abuses and tortures of your life. Will always prevent you from looking forward and ahead to the wondrous possibilities before you. C.J.MacKechnie 

 Yes, unfortunately a life time obstacle for others to overcome if they ever do. Some people seem to become to destroyed and just give up. Fully embrace apathy.
I've only met a relatively few people who have overcome the abuse and tortures of their childhood. While the overwhelming majority seem to become prisoners, mentally ill, homeless, Alcoholics, Drug addicts or pursuers of death.  
 Remove the blood red blindfold of your abuses and tortures. Begin to live a life worth living. In the here and now. The possibilities for your success in life is better than most who have never had to endure the kind of difficult hardships you have had to. You are strong. Stronger than most and like a sharp blade which must survive the fire. The strength of which cannot be understood until it is cool. You have been tempered in the fires of the life's misery and torment. Yet, you are here breathing and existing. Know that there is more. Just take off that Blood Red Blindfold. Become an inspiration to someone who is newly safe from torment and suffering. Be a hero to someone else. Stand firm and point the way out of their own self created hell. You are OK and so are they OK.
You are strong and powerful. You were to strong and to powerful for even your abusers to destroy. Your very existence is the very real evidence of their failure. Your ability to thrive in a life worth living only makes your abusers a worthless failure in all things.
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