Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Become It: (Unedited): 09 Dec 2012:

When what you think and believe about yourself is in agreement. Even if it is a current falsehood. You will become it.  C.J.MacKechnie
Young people tend to become that which they are being continuously accused of being. This is psychological abuse and psychological warfare upon an individual. It is within us to want to believe that what we are taught is the truth. So, a young person who always hears from their parents that they are dumb, stupid and retarded. Will begin to believe he or she is as they say. After, all why would someone who loves their own child lie and deceive them? (Yes, Include Santa Clause, tooth fairy and the Easter bunny in your words of fun and simulated happy abuse). Even if it is fun fun?
Even professional people like school teachers and law enforcement personnel can also be abusive. When confronted with any young person who is only acting out what they have been taught from their elders. That they are bad, crazy, insane. That they are just like that bad uncle or aunt who is always drunk or drugged up. So, the young ones who grow up hearing that they are most like the bad family members, will believe they are exactly that which comparisons are made. Even if that strange aunt or uncle is immoral and living a alternatively lifestyle.
Within the young one the false accusations and comparisons take a foot hold into them and they slowly begin to act just like they have been accused and compared to. Their decision capacity to become any other kind of person has been taken away from them. Over a period of years and decades the option of becoming a civilized  good citizen is gone.
Such is the life of a foster kid. With no real mentors to teach them right from wrong. With no real guardian to instruct them on the importance of education and hard work. The former foster kid becomes as they have been created and treated. The unwanted and unloved ones who become what has been statistically decided for them.

Did you become upset with my claims of how your Using Santa Claus is a form of abuse? It is. Any time you lie and deceive your own child. How is it they are supposed to believe you when you want them to learn about GOD? Same thing. Today, Santa Clause, Tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny are super natural beings and false gods to children. Think about the god like abilities of Santa Claus. He knows who is naughty and nice. He can travel to the homes of 7 Billion people in a few hours. The tooth fairy automatically knows when a tooth is under a pillow. The Easter Bunny who leaves sweets in hidden places. Isn't this all the gentle and fun way to teach the occult?
The same with the celebration of Halloween. We teach our young ones how it is fun to do evil to a person if they are not given a treat. This teaches a child to only be good when bribed.  This teaches a child that it is OK to take without earning it.
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