Thursday, December 13, 2012

Prophecy Revisited: (Unedited) 13 Dec 2012:

It is very important to revisit all dreams and visions related to prophecy. This is needed to be done to ascertain any possible changes to the dream or vision because of simple revelation. Yes, simple revelation can alter any prophetic dream or vision. Thus potentially rendering any and all dreams or visions inaccurate. Especially as time goes by. By revisiting dreams and visions at later dates. One will begin to possibly see any changes which may have occurred to future events. Just as any decision can change an outcome in physical life so to in regards to that which is difficult to prove. By revisiting any dream or vision which is obviously bad and sad. Especially, after decisions and actions have begun. The probable prophetic outcome has logically changed, making the dream and vision invalid. So, new dreams and visions must be seen and discovered to make sure the bad and sad elements have been stopped and or mitigated.
Then when you have multiple prophets predicting similar things but with variance. The time sample of the dream or vision should be discovered. Also, If the origin date of the first dream or vision has been revealed. Then the second prophet who has a similar dream or vision after the revelation may have predicted the changes made from simple revelation. Where as the first prophet was not wrong, but rather his dream or vision was merely altered because of simple revelation. The same can be said to the other similar predictions which may follow.
It has only been in the last few years that I've come to realize that any bad and sad prophecy does not mean it absolutely have to happen. For some reason the story of Joseph and the Pharaoh became highlighted in my mind and this realization happened. In Genesis 41. (My Version). The Pharaoh tells the imprisoned slave his dream. The imprisoned slave who was sold into slavery by his own brothers said to the supreme all knowing Pharaoh who is god, that things were gonna be good and then we all are gonna die. The dream which was not revealed by any correct interpretation until Joseph was absolutely accurate until Joseph correctly interpreted it and the Pharaoh believed him. In the dream two things happened. 1) The natural event and 2) They all die. The Pharaoh did not have the technology or time to alter his local climate. So, the prevention of the 1) natural catastrophe to come could not be prevented, altered or mitigated. But, maybe, 2) They all do not have to die. So, the Pharaoh the god, knew that you cannot rule a kingdom if all of your people are dead and if your dead as well. Pharaoh the god, Put Joseph in charge of mitigation and management of the food production.
Well, They all or most of them survived.
Question. Was the Pharaohs dream 100% accurate or half accurate? or did the dream become only half right and half wrong? This is important to understand. because if the modern day prophets as listed here become only half right and half wrong or worse completely wrong. Then what really happened? Because I really want Lori Toye and Gordon Michael Scallion to be absolutely wrong in their future maps. I hope you do to if you have seen them. If today they are not wrong.
 How do we make them wrong? I mean this with respect and honor. If a credible psychic or prophet predicts any bad and sad event to come. Should we all endeavor to prevent the bad and sad event from happening?
If any credible adviser, mentor, prophet, dreamer, visionary, parent, friend or family member proclaims to you and or to the world that great and wonderful things will happen for you/us/planet. Shouldn't we all continuously work hard and smart to make a wonderful thing happen as predicted?
And if we each do not do our part in the correct order. Does that mean the credible person who spoke good and wonderful prophetic words to us was wrong? or did you fail the prophecy?

Wisdom, knowledge and understanding must also follow any prophecy. Because if a prophet tells a child that he will grow up to be a great leader and then the child just sits and waits for it to happen. That child may just discover that he is an uneducated, lazy homeless person. Who was right and who was wrong?
A prophet tells a young girl that she will grow up to be average minded, making an average wage and living an average life of average meaning of which she will be easily forgotten in her life. So the young girl hits the books and makes the effort greater than she ever had before. Sure she had to work twice as hard to keep up with the class aces. She found success in college and in a career as a leader. Who was right and who was wrong?
Now the Bible gives us all a great lesson in how to mitigate and manage a natural event which leads to a possible localized extinction. What does this mean for any other prophecies in the Bible? Especially, in regards to end time events? What if the majority of the end time disasters are created by our own human hands? If that is the case? Which I believe it is. Then all of those man made disasters can be stopped and prevented from ever happening. So, back to the future map of the USA. Do you see the somewhat square lake which envelopes the southwest and Nevada.

Each and every prophet, psychic needs to start teaching how dreamed prophetic events can be prevented, changed, mitigated and managed. That a altered prophetic event which becomes only somewhat correct. Should be backed up with provable facts if possible. Some revelations may very well be classified and as such. There will be silence from those official types. Then that psychic or prophet gets to endure ridicule. All credible psychics and sinless prophets should be able to humbly work together for the common good for the entire world. Without any expectancy of inclusion in the decision making process. Without any real gratitude or recognition.
 Lori Toye
Gordon Michael scallion
Ingo swann
:Square Symbol Meaning:
 The universe uses a round or spherical symbol in everything. Where as man or probably any intelligence will want to exist and live in accordance to squares and rectangles. So, I think in any spiritual matters the square or rectangle shapes is going to be identified corresponding to mans involvement in some way. Where as a circle is natural and in all that man does is related to squares. So, the somewhat blue square over Nevada is a non-natural event. As seen in the modern day prophets maps and naval map.

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