Friday, December 14, 2012

Psychological Danger: (Unedited): 13 Dec 2012:

An angry and bitter empath is a psychological danger to young ones, who are unable to mentally defend themselves.  C.J.MacKechnie

Life can be hard and rough for some people. Especially, those persons who have been abused, abandoned and forgotten in some point in their lives. An older person who is an unknowing and unaware empath can have the ability to project into other highly sensitive people their own anger, bitterness, frustrations and negativity. Causing any person or any young person to always feel these negative emotions all of the time. So much so, that the young person grows up thinking and believing all of these negative feelings are their own. When they are not, but belong to an elder who is just angry and bitter with the whole world. It is very important to protect and teach the sensitive young person that their gifts of empathy is natural and from GOD. It is important to teach the sensitive the methodologies in how they can identify their own emotions and how to ascertain those emotions which are not their own.
These kids must learn these fundamental lessons of their natural selves and to know it is not from the occult or witchcraft. The sensitive child must be taught that these gifts are not what is wrong with them but rather what is right.  How the sensitive uses these gifts can be wrong and evil. Right and wrong needs to also be taught also the wisdom associated with them.
Being an empath is not just about receiving a feeling or feelings from other people and animals. There must be a complete pathway or a complete circle for an empath to feel. There must be a sender and a receiver. It is not necessary for a person to believe or disbelieve in empathy. An empath is and will be one in association to their natural abilities. I think there is much confusion with the Bi-polar diagnosis and the mind altering medication roller coaster. Which of course will not work in a person who is a natural unknowing and unaware empath. For the Christian to be diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and then medicated. This removes their ability to use the Christs gifts as Jesus had used them during his walk.
One of the ongoing false teachings with the whole of the Christian faith is the absolute rejection of anything which could be identified with the occult. This of course needs and should be guarded against. But, to such as an extent as to prevent the Christs gift from ever manifesting? This is wrong. No matter if it is from any religion, any defined place of holiness or the medical profession. Which after, decades of being on a medical roller coaster. The medical professional may advise on the use of electro convulsive therapy. Which of course will damage those regions of the brain until the Christs gifts are burned away forever.
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